Summer Special: A Quick Guide to Non-toxic Perfumes

When it comes to beauty and skincare products, the all-things-natural trend has significantly taken off over the past few years. However, when it comes to perfumes, people still settle for chemical-based or synthetic notes and scents. It may not be because of ignorance, but a lack of awareness that natural scents are better and gentler on your skin and, most importantly, long-lasting!

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        What are Natural Fragrances? 

        Natural fragrances are derived from natural aromatics extracted directly from flowers, trees, and plants. These fragrances are exclusively extracted from 100% natural-origin raw materials and are mixed with other natural ingredients such as essential oils, distillates, oleoresins, fractions, and isolates to form fragrances. Attars are natural scents that are devoid of alcohol and synthetic substances.

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        Why are Natural Perfumes or Attars Better? 

        Health-conscious folks, who worry about the harmful effects of synthetic additives on their bodies as well as the planet, are progressively opting for natural fragrances. 

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        Here are some strong reasons why natural perfumes outperform their synthetic cousins: 

        #1 They’re safe on skin 

        As natural perfumes are free of chemicals and alcohol, they are safe on the skin. They are made out of natural components such as essential oils. These fragrances tend to moisturise the skin first, which helps in improving skin texture. 

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          #2 They offer unadulterated scent 

          Chemical-based perfumes are manufactured in the lab and are no match for natural perfumes. 

          Natural attars, which release their natural pheromones, give people the ultimate fragrance experience. A person who is accustomed to smelling natural floral fragrances will never like the artificial floral scent of commercial perfumes.

          #3 They’re soothing to the senses

          Natural and organic fragrances have aromatherapy benefits that may be used for self-care purposes. The essential oils present in natural fragrances can uplift your senses and help you feel relaxed and calm. These scents are also known to help significantly bring down people's stress levels.

            #4 They’re better for the planet

            According to a study from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), perfumes and other scented products such as hair sprays and air fresheners emit the same amount of VOCs, or “volatile organic compounds,” as the burning of petroleum.  

            These compounds in perfumes are said to pollute the air on par with fossil fuels, even though the latter is burnt 15-times more. Yikes.

            Mainstream fragrances are made using synthetic chemicals such as formaldehyde, which can pollute the environment. Switching to eco-friendly fragrances promotes sustainability as they are composed of natural ingredients and do not harm the environment.

            #5 They’re hypoallergenic

            Quite contrary to chemical fragrances, natural perfumes are far less likely to cause irritation and allergic reactions. Although a patch test is recommended, you’re still much safer with the natural fragrances. 

            #6 They last longer

            High-quality natural perfumes like attars are often less concentrated than the chemical-based ones. That is why you will find most synthetic eau de toilettes or colognes lasting for only 3-4 hours, while the most concentrated natural perfumes lasting for 6-8 hours. There may be synthetic fragrances that'll last you all day. But then again, they're synthetic!

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              How to Use Natural Perfumes? 

              Using natural perfumes on the skin is not very different from using regular commercial perfumes. Nevertheless, the following tips can help in making the fragrance last longer:

              Moisturise first 

              Hydrate your skin by using an unscented body oil or oil-based moisturiser. Upon absorption of the oil into the skin, apply the organic perfume of your choice.

              Did you know? Moisturised skin can hold a fragrance up to 30% longer than dry skin. 

              Layer on the fragrance

              "Layering the fragrance" is the technique of combining several fragrant products or perfumes at the same time. Although it’s a traditional way to enhance the fragrance, it does work. 

              Use a bath soap or body wash in the same or complementing fragrance family and then follow the shower with a body oil of the same scent. And finally, apply the natural perfume.

              Don’t limit yourself to just the pulse points 

              Pulse points are great activators for organic scents, and they do emit a stronger waft of fragrance as they tend to be warmer. But applying them to just the pulse points may result in a faster breakdown of the fragrance. Applying the perfume to unusual places, such as the folds of your elbows, back of the knees, is highly recommended. 

              Store/keep them in darker places 

              Sunlight and heat can cause the delicate notes of the perfume to disintegrate and disappear sooner. It’s always advised to keep the perfumes far away from direct sunlight and heat. Perfumes, when kept in a darker place, tend to have an increased shelf life.

              Pat perfume after applying

              Rubbing fragrances on the skin after applying them will lead to the breakdown of the notes sooner than expected. As a result, the fragrance will disappear quickly. Instead of rubbing, one should pat the perfume on the skin once it is applied. 

              Natural Perfume Recommendations 

              For those who wish to be earth-friendly by opting for the best natural perfumes or best vegan deodorants, here are a few suggestions: 

              In floral scents 

              1. 1. Sarawak Mazzo Floral Natural Perfume

                This carries the botanical fragrance of fresh and zesty Mandarins and lemons, fused with the ever fresh and romantic rose, and is one of the best floral perfumes of all time


                1. 2. Rose And Jasmine Perfume
                Capturing the essence of classic romance, this has undertones of rose, jasmine, and peach. It's the perfect fragrance for women!

                  In natural deodorants

                  1. 1. Rose Roll-On Deo | Long-Lasting Freshness

                    For those looking for the best organic deodorant, this Roll On Deodorant is a very good option.


                    1. 2. Natural Deodorant 

                    This is one of the best herbal natural deodorants that helps in tackling body odour.


                    1. 3. Spice Infusion Natural Deodorant 

                    This is the best zero waste deodorant and is also a safe deodorant with all organic ingredients. 


                    Apart from these, you can find a variety of other best eco-friendly deodorants and best fragrance-free deodorants from a wide-range of organic and natural brands on Amala Earth. Opt for organic perfumes and enjoy the unadulterated freshness!