The Best Toys And Games For Babies

Baby toys for girls and boys make for the best gifts for an infant or a toddler. These little products keep them happy and entertained while subtly enabling their holistic development. The intensity of thought that goes into making these toys ensures that the child's needs are cared for.

People searching for the best gifts for babies or getting one for their child have a wide range of options. They can explore the collection of popular eco-friendly crochet or wooden toys for babies at the best prices on Amala Earth.

The following sections explore the features that fascinate babies and the bestselling products in this category.

Which type of toys attracts babies?

Before purchasing a toy or game for babies, their age must be considered. The toys must be bought depending on the child's stage of development. Listed below are the best toys for babies based on their age.

  • 0 to 2 months: In the first two months of their lives, babies gradually try to understand the people around them. They discover their hands by the time they are around two months old. During this stage, they interact with people by smiling, crying, and making eye contact. Instead of interacting with them through toys, parents must talk, read, or sing to them at this age.
  • 2 to 4 months: As babies start to grab, hold, and shake hands at this stage, their motor skills begin developing. This is when they understand and enjoy toys. When they are 2 to 6 months old, they start learning that their actions can change their environment. For instance, a toy makes noise on being touched. The best toys for kids this age are those with no detachable parts, are lightweight, and make sounds.
  • 4 to 6 months: Babies start exploring in this stage of development. Their minds crave objects with sensory appeal. They discover shapes, textures, and colours through games and toys. As they are in the phase of scrutinising everything, they bang things on the floor and throw, lick, or rub them as they like. Parents must get toys like wooden toys, lightweight balls, rattles, etc., for their 4 to 6 months-old-kids.

  • 6 months to 1 year: Babies learn to crawl and understand the relationship between cause and effect at this stage. Parents can either introduce educational toys or cater to the growing curiosity of the little minds. While they are 6 to 12 months old, babies test the response of adults around them for everything they do. The best type of toys for kids at this age are push and pull toys, spinning tops, activity tables, safe musical instruments, and shape sorters.

While these are the general stages of development, every child grows depending on their comfort and rate. People must know more about the child and the stage they are at, to get the right present for them.

Why should people buy eco-friendly toys?

Toys and games are the only sources of learning and entertainment for kids. Plastic and chemically-made toys take years to decompose. They fill the air with harmful chemicals and make the environment unsuitable for enabling a healthy lifestyle for children. Crochet and wooden toys like wooden blocks and crochet rattle easily decompose in the environment. They instil the value of sustainable living in the child and encourage them to pursue a healthy lifestyle.

Bestselling eco-friendly toys for babies

Baby toys for boys and girls must be colourful and noisy and appeal to the kids' senses through touch and sight. The bestselling eco-friendly toys for babies are listed below. These products can be found at the best prices on Amala Earth.

  1. Crochet baby soft toy

Crochet toys appeal to children's senses through touch. Children understand the meaning of texture while playing with these toys. This blue crochet baby elephant soft toy is made using the Amigurumi technique. With this Japanese technique, the toy offers hundreds of knots that the child can explore. Parents who wish to get a toy that lasts for several months must get this soft toy. It helps a baby in realising symmetry as they grow in age.


    1. Crochet cuddle soft toy

      The intricate delicateness of crochet toys makes them unique and interesting for kids. Created with high-quality cotton yarn, the bunny crochet cuddle toy has all the adorableness needed to become a child's bedtime friend. The soft and textured patterns of the toy will bring comfort and peace to a child's fingers as they brush through them while falling asleep.


      1. Wooden rattle

      Rattles are the child's best friend during the initial months. They stimulate their minds with sound and encourage them to follow. Any child that can crawl would love playing the game of discovery. Parents can take the rattle away from the baby's sight and shake it. Let the child follow the sound to get a hold of the rattle. This will help the child in learning to grab and hold.


      1. Wooden animal toys

        Wooden animal toys present the best educational and entertaining features for kids. They can learn to identify different animals, their habitat and eating habits. This set of wooden polar animals will expose the kids to the atmosphere and living conditions of the animals in the cold polar areas.

        To sum it up

        Wooden blocks, rattles, and animal sets painted with eco-friendly and non-toxic colours help kids enjoy their infancy safely. Amala Earth presents a wide range of eco-friendly toys and games for babies at the best possible prices. Give an environmentally-conscious start to your child's life to keep them healthy and safe.