The Best Housewarming Gifts for Every Budget

Shifting to a new house is an exciting adventure, filled with possibilities and new beginnings. Housewarming events are either small or large, depending upon the gatherings organised to celebrate the new venture. There is no better way to celebrate your loved ones’ special occasion than by offering them a housewarming gift. But sometimes, choosing a perfect gift under budget can be challenging but not impossible.

We have curated a list of gifts for every budget to make the new homeowners feel welcomed and loved. So, whether it is for your close friend, neighbour, or family member, our list has something for everyone.

  1. Under Rs.499 (Candles, Cushions, Vases)

If you are looking for great affordable housewarming gifts under Rs. 499, here is more than you thought. You can buy anything in this category, from aromatic candles and comfortable cushions to attractive vases and more. Scented candles are the perfect gift that can transform any place by creating an atmosphere of comfort and warmth.

You can opt for cotton or linen cushions for optimum comfort and decorative flair. You can find them in various designs, styles, and patterns and match them with any home decor. Vases, on the other hand, are elegant, graceful and they have the ability to light up any nook and corner of the home. Go for a ceramic vase that will add a touch of beauty and modernisation.

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  1. Under Rs.999 (planters, home decor, wellness/tea hampers, cups/mugs)

When looking for budget-friendly housewarming gifts under Rs. 999, there is an array of gifts to choose from beyond the traditional. For instance, you can buy an upcycled planter or gardening kits for nature enthusiasts or those who love greenery. You can also find inexpensive home decor for housewarming under Rs. 999, such as a beautiful natural handmade magazine holder. 

Even better, you can create a wellness hamper for your loved ones with different beverages and wellness products for a soothing and indulging experience. You can even include herbal drinks and malts in this healthy hamper. And when giving them a tea hamper, don’t forget to add unique and beautiful handcrafted stoneware cups and mugs.

  1. Under Rs.1999 (Crockery, Wall Decor, Healthy Hampers, Storage Organisers)

If considering unique housewarming gift ideas under Rs. 1999, it’s always a good idea to choose something functional and aesthetic. You can choose from affordable crockery for housewarming under Rs. 1999, such as brass glasses and handcrafted stoneware plates. If you are searching for the best housewarming gifts within Rs. 1999, look for storage organisers that are handmade and attractive.

You can even get trendy wall decor for housewarming under Rs. 1999, like Marcame cotton ornament or star and heart-shaped wall decor. They will be the perfect gift to transform bare walls into more captivating and attractive ones. And if you want something for wellness, go for healthy hampers for housewarming under Rs. 1999. You can buy wellness hampers or make one by adding different products. You can include organic snacks, natural skin care products and essential oils to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Under Rs.2999 (Bed Linen, Cookware, Lamps, Wooden Tableware)

When settling into a new place, your loved ones may need many things, so why not give them the ones they need the most? You can choose from elegant bed linen for housewarming under Rs. 2999, such as Muslin Dohar and Cotton Throw. These high-quality, comfortable options can transform their bedroom into a peaceful retreat.

Cookware is an essential addition to a new kitchen. You can look for top-rated cookware for housewarming under Rs. 2999, such as brass kadhai and brass paraat. The recipient will appreciate you for helping them build a well-equipped, functional kitchen. Similarly, gifting bamboo or birch wood lamps can complete the overall look of their house. You can also opt for wooden tableware that is a timeless and eco-friendly choice and will make a memorable gift.

Bottom Line

Key Takeaways:

  • Many eco-friendly housewarming gift options are available such as soy wax candles and handmade magazine holders within budget.
  • Health and wellness hampers can also make great housewarming gifts within budget.
  • You can even go for trendy housewarming gifts such as wall decor, storage organisers, lamps, cookware, etc. 

Thoughtful housewarming gifts are perfect for celebrating your loved one's success and happiness. It is recommended to choose gifts that they may find useful and incorporate into their everyday schedule. 

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