Table Setting Ideas For Hosting The Perfect Dinner


  • Keeping your table decorations simple yet elegant is the key to a perfect dinner party.
  • Change your table settings according to the different themes.
  • Add colours and textures to make the dinner table look and feel good.

Whether you host a formal dinner party, a casual gathering with friends, or a special occasion, setting your table can significantly impact the overall ambience and experience. The table setting is not only about placing utensils and plates, but it is an art that reflects your personal style, creativity, and attention to detail.

From choosing the right colour scheme and tableware to selecting the perfect centrepiece and napkins, there are endless possibilities. The goal is to create a memorable and inviting tablespace which becomes the talk of the town. 

If you plan to host your first big dinner party, here are a few inspiring table setting ideas. Check them out to host the perfect dinner.

  1. Play With Colours

Going with one colour is no longer in fashion. When hosting your dinner party, try different colour combinations. Using contrasting coloured accessories can be an interesting idea. You can find beautiful tableware accessories such as aluminium table coasters, stoneware coasters, etc, and match them with cotton brown and white napkins. You can also add a colour-coordinated table runner to add grace to your table. A pure linen yellow-striped table runner would be an excellent option. 

  1. Go For Some Light

If you plan for a cosy, warm, and elegant dinner theme, do not miss out on keeping candles. Go for tall candles and place them on metal candle stands to give them a rustic touch. A candle stand on a beautiful hand-block printed cotton tablecloth will bring a pleasant feel to the whole setting. Try using brass table decor as the table centrepiece, along with candles. It is most likely to go perfectly with any dinner theme.  

  1. Something For the Plates

Like table decor is essential, you need elegant crockery pieces for a complete look. But keeping your plates directly on your tablecloth is never a great idea. Instead, you can go for a cane round table mat. Palm placemats have also become popular dinner party accessories. You can experiment with different and unique placemat ideas to have a lasting impression on your guests. 

  1. The Napkin Art

A table napkin is essential and needs to be placed functionally. There are numerous napkin folding ideas, and you can try them using pure linen napkins. Take 100% linen napkins and make an envelope fold for a different look. Meanwhile, cotton dinner napkins can also be of great use.  

There is so much you can do with your dinner napkin regarding styling. And if you wish to keep it simple, use handmade crochet Ziba napkin holders. Using cotton napkins instead of paper on your dinner table will help you organise a zero-waster dinner party.


  1. Choose A Theme

Choosing a theme is fun, but ensure it’s an interesting one. You can choose a theme based on an occasion, tradition, or even your favourite cuisine. As per your theme,you can go for the colour coordination on your table and choose from pastel, bright or subtle colours. 

If you are going for subtle colours, you can match them with ceramic flower pots. Try combining ceramic and marble and use a white marble Urli bowl to keep tealights. A handcrafted cotton polka dots table linen mat or a hand-painted paper mache coaster will also look great with subtle colours.

  1. Be Simple Yet Elegant

Simplicity rules over everything else. You don’t always have to be extra to stand out. Sometimes a simple and warm decor can be welcoming and will be appreciated more. If you wish to keep it elegant, go for simple design tablecloth and napkin sets. Teak wood and stainless steel napkin holders can come in handy here. Keep your decor minimal. You can also add flowers along with candles on your table. Opt for good, eco-friendly dinner party accessories for an enhanced experience. 

Wrapping Up On Table Setting Ideas

Dinners and parties are excellent for creating memories. As a host, you wish everything to be on point and flawless. While your primary focus will always be on the food, your table should carry the required charm and elegance.

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