Switch To Chemical-Free Makeup For Healthier Skin

Takeaway -

  • Natural makeup products are skin-friendly and environment-friendly.
  • Natural beauty products are usually vegan and cruelty-free, that means not tested on animals. 
  • Switching to sustainable makeup products reduces exposure to harmful substances. 

Conventional makeup products mostly contain artificial colours, fragrances, and toxic chemicals. In contrast, eco beauty products have no harmful ingredients. You will find ample vegan, cruelty-free and natural beauty cosmetics to fit your makeup routine.

Natural makeup products devoid of chemicals prioritise safety over anything. Besides, brands producing natural cosmetics aim to conserve the environment. Therefore, switching to sustainable cosmetics will benefit your skin and the environment. 

Here is a list of natural cosmetic products that can replace chemical-infused ones.

Organic Cream Concealer Pencil

This organic concealer offers a matte finish and is exceptionally lightweight. Simply use the concealing pencil to mark the area you want to cover. You can mix the product for an even base using your fingertips, blender, or brush. Prep your skin well before applying the concealer for the best results. 

Cruelty-Free Skin Tint

The motto of this cruelty-free skin tint foundation says less is more. It is available in various shades and offers seamless coverage. 

If you are not a foundation person, check out this hydrating skin tint with sun protection advantage. It falls between a foundation and BB cream and does not clog pores. This vegan tint falls under the non toxic beauty products category and is a must-have.

Natural Highlighter and Blush Duo

A blush and highlighter duo with multitasking capabilities is excellent for travelling. It is one of the best eco friendly makeup products and is made of 100% natural eco-certified ingredients. Apply sparingly on your cheeks and blend it evenly for an effective finish. 


Organic Eyeshadow Palette 

A natural 9 in 1 eyeshadow palette is all you need to turn your eyes elegant and ultra glittery. It has a herb-enriched formula that makes it super easy to blend. With this long-lasting eyeshadow palette, you do not require touch ups. 

Ayurvedic Mascara

If you are searching for natural mascara, this is it. This Ayurvedic mascara is made from organic tea leaves, black seed oil, castor oil, etc. It will make your lashes look darker and strengthen them over time. This lightweight, 100% vegetarian mascara is one of the best organic makeup products. 

Natural Lipstick 

No makeup is complete without lipstick. It is one of the most widely used makeup products. This non-toxic liquid lipstick offers four shades in one product. It is long-lasting and provides a high pigment colour. 

You can also try this Ayurvedic lipstick if you want more nourishment. It is made from herbs like Indian Brahmi and Yashtimadhu and provides your lips with adequate moisture. 

Besides the above products, you can also find gel nail polish, makeup removal balm, body bar, antibacterial face wash, etc., in the sustainable beauty products list.


Final Thoughts

Switching to sustainable makeup products is advisable whether you wear makeup daily or occasionally. It will reduce exposure to harmful substances and ensure safe and healthy skin.

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