Sustainable & Plantable Stationery for Students

The world is changing drastically, and people have started understanding the importance of recycling and reusing. Nowadays, almost everyone has started to use sustainable products. So, why should your kids be behind? It is time to teach future generations to reduce carbon footprints and incorporate eco-friendly products. 

  1. And it is not difficult; they can start by taking a simple step of using eco-friendly stationery. You can buy everything from pens to bottles for your kids. And it doesn't end here; you can explore many products in the category of plantable stationery. You can even use these stationery sets for self and gifting purposes.

What Is An Eco Friendly Stationery Kit?

  1. Any stationery product made using recycled material is eco-friendly. You can include almost everything as a part of the stationery kit for your kids, such as plantable papers, pens, bags, bottles, and more. Give your kids seed pencils and teach them the importance of growing plants for a greener and cleaner environment. 

Items To Include In Your Eco-Friendly Kit

It is straightforward to create eco friendly stationery sets. You can find plenty of products such as:

  1. Diaries and journals- You can buy diaries made with plantable seed paper or even handmade paper journals.
  2. Notebooks - There is a wide variety of notebooks available in this segment. Some are made using cotton paper, and others use plantable paper. You can choose the one you like the most.
  3. File folders - You will be surprised to know that you can even buy eco-friendly file folder sets to keep all your paper and documents safe in one place. Your kids can carry them to parties, school meetings, or events.
  4. Other items - Your stationery kit will not be complete until it has a plantable pen and a pencil. Instead of buying regular ones, go for sustainable ones. 
  5. Many eco-friendly gift sets are available nowadays with zero waste policy and include almost every stationery item. These stationery items are great as return gift options. You can gift them in a stylish backpack with reusable clothes like denim. 
  6. These bags have enough space to carry stationery and books and can be used for tuition or activity classes, thus making them perfect for gifting. You can even find pen and pencil gift sets in excellent jute packaging for gifting purposes.

Different Ways Of Using Plantable Products

Buying an eco-friendly product is one thing, and ensuring it is appropriately used is another. All the plantable products you purchase will always have instructions on how to use them for growing purposes. For example, It is very easy to use a plantable seed pencil. 

Once your child has reached the point where they can't use the pencil anymore, ask them to take out all the seeds from behind, plant them in a pot, and cover them with sand and soil. You will need to water the plant and see it grow over time. 

Once a plantable notebook is over, tear the pages into small pieces and keep them in a pot covered with soil. Follow the same process of watering and see the magic happening. You will soon notice that your kids will enjoy planting and growing their plants and fall in love with sustainable living.

What Kind Of Materials Are Used In Plantable Stationery?

All plantable stationery is biodegradable, such as plantable pencils, notebooks, pens, and others. These can be post-industrial and post-consumer paper waste with seeds implanted in them. There are no trees harmed in the process of making plantable paper or products.

  1. These products can have flower, vegetable, or herb seeds embedded in them. Since they are so easy to grow and care for, you can keep small pots at home and start building your organic garden. You can even make your friends and family happy by giving them a stationery gift hamper with all plantable products.

Final Thoughts

Stationery is one item that will never go out of fashion, and with kids going back to school, it will be in use. It is time to move from regular to eco-friendly and sustainable products for a brighter and safer environment.

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