Sustainable Home Decor: 10 Brands For A Mindful Home

Here is a list of 15 brands that will make your home not only sustainable but also safe and stylish:


  1. Silken Home Decor

Silken creatively blends sustainability and luxury to curate a range of products for home decor. Their designs are inspired by organic and earthy elements and include tableware and furniture for indoor spaces. They also work with you to customise their products as per the needs of your space.


  1. P-TAL

P-TAL is focused on reviving the craft of Thatheras from Amritsar in Punjab and extending it to various parts of the country. The brand does it exquisitely, with an innovative range of eco-friendly products created to transform age-old traditions into modern trends. Their multifaceted approach includes market access through contemporary techniques, design development and training, and institutionalisation of artisans.


  1. Sirohi

Skilled Samaritan Foundation is the organisation that supports the brand Sirohi. The foundation's main objective is to provide income opportunities to women from underprivileged backgrounds by recognising their existing skills & craft and helping them with a 'tech-based' design support framework to create products that appeal to the end-user.


  1. Fermoscapes

Another unique, sustainable home decor brand on the list, Fermoscapes, has provided a powerful platform to skilled artisans. The brand was established with the vision of providing products that blend traditional and modern trends while remaining sustainable and eco-friendly.


  1. Senses Play

With a long-standing tradition of sustainability deep-rooted in their culture, Senses Play products are hand-made and built ethically. Moreover, the brand’s policies ensure that their artisans and employees are adequately supported through living wages and fair trade practices. Senses Play is built on the pillars of celebrating nature, mindfulness, and tradition. 

  1. Nurture India

Nurture India is a home decor company specialising in Indian wooden craftsmanship, design and quality goods. They respect the environment and use sustainably sourced wood. They value craftsmanship and work with artisans and their unique craft forms from across India. They value design and all their products are made with attention to detail.


  1. Kaksh Studio

Kaksh has been designed to deliver you high-end furniture and professionally picked home décor products at your fingertips. The brand offers a one-of-a-kind and meticulously sourced products, to add a sense of harmony and joy. Reminiscent of the Mughal/Rajwara architecture is their latest collection in marble that blends design sensibilities of that era with contemporary aesthetics. Crafted from the ethereal, misty-veined marble, the collection seamlessly blends traditional art and handcrafted techniques to achieve a new design language.


  1. Codesustain

From kitchen to backyard, they have products for all your needs & they are 100% sustainable. Go traditional & eco-friendly with Codesustain's range of handcrafted homeware. They bring together artisans, small scale manufacturers and NGOs to build a sustainable consumer ecosystem.


  1. Geosmin

All the products that they develop eventually merge with the soil and produce a pleasant mild sweet aroma that emerges from the soil when it starts drizzling - GEOSMIN. They produce products that have no design defects, are compostable and yet have no compromise on usability and pleasure.


  1. Vata Living

VATA (Sanskrit) means to blow or to move like the wind. Inspired by the fluidity of air, Vata was envisioned as a lifestyle brand that caters to the ever-changing needs of its audience, using the rich crafts and Traditions of India. Vata is reinterpreting and reviving age-old crafts and traditions and making them relevant to the modern-day audience. They work with 7 artisan communities and small-scale businesses in India currently. 

You can visit Amala Earth to check out their full range of sustainable home decor products for your home or workplace. Built on the foundation of conscious living, Amala Earth works with a variety of brands and experts to create a world where all living beings can stay together harmoniously.