Sustainable Footwear for Men and Women for All Occasions

Many consumers have realized the significance of a sustainable lifestyle for themselves and the planet. People are becoming increasingly conscious of their choices, whether in food, fashion, home or beauty. The popularity of sustainable fashion is on the rise, and consumers are willing to buy those products, provided authentic and high-quality products are available. If you’re someone looking for sustainable options, Amala Earth is your go-to place. It is an online marketplace that offers a well-curated collection of sustainable and earth-friendly products. It brings together the brands producing sustainable and organic products of a wide variety on a single platform, making it easier for consumers to choose.

This article discusses the sustainable footwear options for men and women available on Amala Earth. The collection is vast and varied, made from earth-friendly materials, such as vegan leather, recycled rubber, jute, upcycled materials and the like.

Sustainable Footwear for Men Online

Here are some beautiful pieces of work found on Amala Earth. These online shoes for men can take fashion to another level.


  1. Jute men’s flats: Men’s flat sandals are among the most comfortable footwear categories. These Jute flats are an amazing combination of simplicity, style and elegance. These flats are handcrafted by artisans and made from sustainable jute, with the sole made from upcycled rubber. Jute is a strong fibre having a glossy appearance. This makes it a popular textile for the manufacturing of various products.
    These jute flats are available in many different patterns and colours. One will have several choices on Amala Earth. These sandals come in unique and traditional designs, which give one an ethnic feel. They are a perfect buy for the upcoming festive season or a perfect Bhai Dooj gift for your brother.


    1. Vegan leather men’s sandals: This is another wonderful sustainable option one can purchase. This pair of footwear is made from vegan leather. Vegan leather is usually made from polyurethane polymer and can also be made using sustainable materials like pineapple leaves, cork, other fruit waste and recycled plastic. It is an excellent substitute for leather. Therefore, it is good for animals, the planet, and the soul.
      These trendy shoes for men come in several beautiful and comfortable designs. The multi-strap flat sandals can be your pick for any occasion. The multiple soft straps with an easy slingback style provide extreme comfort and a stylish appearance. The insole bed cushioning adds to the comfort level allowing you to walk long distances.
      Another unique piece is the braided men’s flats. These slide-in flats are easy to wear and can be worn in all seasons except for the monsoons. These sandals give a classy look and vibe with ethnic and western clothing. The dark green men’s flats slip-on found on Amala Earth is another fantastic vegan leather shoe one can go for. Buy it for yourself as a Dussehra gift.


      1. Upcycled rubber men’s flats: This handmade footwear made from upcycled cork and tyre tube rubber is perfect for monsoons. Everyone should have one such water-proof footwear in their collection. It has a simplistic design that gives you an easy-breezy look.
        Such flats come in varied designs, such as the upcycled rubber and vegan leather multicolour men’s flip flops and upcycled rubber men’s sandals.
        These men’s flats made from upcycled rubber are perfect for evening walks, even during the rainy season. Moreover, it protects the earth from toxic landfills by reusing waste materials.
        The above styles are just a select few out of the vast and rich collection of Amala Earth. Check out their full range of products to find the perfect piece for you.


      Sustainable Footwear for Women Online

      It’s time for ladies to step up their fashion game with the diverse product range of Amala Earth. Buy shoes online and upgrade your wardrobe or gift these sustainable products to your loved ones this festive season as karwa chauth gift for wife or a diwali gift.

      Let’s look at Amala Earth’s collection of trendy shoes for women.


      1. Upcycled leather flats: These are a beautiful pair of classic wood brown sandals made from upcycled rubber and a natural cork base. These women’s flat sandals also come in the form of multi-strap sandals. Made from waterproof materials, it is also suitable for the rainy season.
        The upcycled rubber flats available at Amala Earth are made to provide true comfort without compromising on fashion. Style them with jeans or a kurti and they will look amazing.


        1. Cactus leather loafers: Made from natural and sustainable material derived from the cactus plant, the pair of purple-coloured loafers is a style statement. One can also find a chic pair of purple-coloured cactus leather ballerinas. This footwear will not only make you look good but also feel good since it is made from earth-friendly materials and uses cruelty-free methods.


          1. Vegan leather block heels: This elegant piece is made from vegan leather and coconut extracts. The block heels are incredibly comfortable and stylish at the same time. The pair of heels can go well with any outfit and in casual and formal settings. One can pick from many colour options, such as navy blue, maroon and brown.
            One can also find chromium-free leather padded mules with block heels in ivory and salmon pink colour. This classic pair takes your look to another level and makes you feel confident.


            1. Vegan striped espadrilles: One can find these pretty pairs of espadrilles in many vibrant colours on Amala Earth. They are the epitome of comfort and style. At least one pair of these espadrilles is a must-have for every woman.


              1. Pineapple leaf fibre yang sandals: These sandals have a minimal and elegant look that can impress anyone. Made from natural pineapple leaf fibre, the sandal has a unique design. Line art embroidered on its surface represents the common thread of humanity. One can go for this fantastic pair without a second thought.


                This is to give a glimpse of what Amala Earth holds for you. Visit the website to explore the complete range of products across different categories, such as beauty, fashion, home, festive gifting, food and wellness. Everything that you need for a sustainable lifestyle is here at Amala Earth.