Sustainable Fashion Brands that Stand the Test of Time

According to the UN Environment programme, “Caring for the environment helps to care for your mental health." But how can you do that with a consumerist and maximalist life? Well, the answer lies in sustainability.

Whether it is fashion, lifestyle, or food, there are numerous ways one can be mindful of the environment and yet enjoy a high-quality product. Invest in sustainable brands that prioritise the environment and community.

Amala Earth curates an array of sustainable fashion brands committed to providing superior-quality and eco-friendly products with a shared vision of sustainable practices and responsibility towards the community. Remember, as informed and eco-conscious consumers, your choices can make a big difference.

What is Responsible Fashion?

Instant gratification, which has long been associated with fashion, is an unnecessary and counterproductive concept. Responsible fashion is all about making informed and mindful shopping decisions that will give us joy for a long time and be gentle to our environment. Amala Earth showcases sustainable clothing brands that are chic and responsible simultaneously.

7 Sustainable Clothing Brands You Can't Miss

Sustainable clothing brands champion the environment with their eco-friendly practices while providing high quality apparel that is timeless and sophisticated. However, most of these brands are still not well known and it is important that they get the recognition and visibility they deserve. So, here is a look at some sustainable fashion brands that have stood the test of time and are dedicated to leaving a positive impact on the planet.

1. Dressfolk    

Honouring and focusing on the rich textile traditions of India, Dressfolk, a sustainable clothing brand, brings a beautiful amalgamation of traditional textiles presented in the most contemporary fashion. Indulge in lush linen sarees, pretty cotton dresses, elegant blouses, and dreamy dupattas in natural fabrics and pleasing colours.

Amala Earth recommends: Pink Linen Saree by Dressfolk

2. Saphed

Saphed is another exquisite responsible fashion brand that promises and delivers on sustainability, renewal, and local craftsmanship. Committed to bringing out the best of linen, Saphed offers a unique array of products like pure linen dresses for women and linen shirts for men that are not only stylish but also comfortable.

Amala Earth recommends: Mandarin Collar Linen Shirt by Saphed

3. Zebein

Nurturing an eternal love for fabric and comfort, Zebein creates styles that demonstrate love for effortlessness, and empower the wearer with a functional and practical range of clothing which is also kind to the environment.

Amala Earth recommends: A-Line Kurta by Zebein

4. Bow & Square

Bow & Square is a luxurious sustainable clothing brand for men that offers handcrafted apparel and accessories while being thoughtful in their approach to design and aesthetics. This ethical fashion brand's commitment to sustainability shines through their use of eco-friendly materials and ethical production processes.

Amala Earth recommends: Short White Kurta by Bow & Square

5. Kavana

Kavana is a fashion brand which takes into account both environmental and socio-economic aspects. Kavana upholds the diverse artisanal culture of India, as well as the prosperity of the environment. They also aim to carry forward the legacy of handcrafted apparel created in India. They believe in preserving the indigenous art and crafts like Ajrakh printing, Jamdani, Kantha embroidery that reflect the rich heritage of India.

Amala Earth recommends: Linen Saree by Kavana

6. Gotitli 

If you are a lover of exquisite handloom sarees, Gotitli is the perfect green fashion brand for you. They not only offer beautiful and sustainable handwoven sarees but also support traditional artisans and ethical practices. Thus, by opting for Gotitli, you can drape yourself in style and empower local artisans.

Amala Earth recommends: Beige & Pink Linen Saree by Gotitli

7. Suta

Another sustainable fashion brand that creates beautiful ethnic Indian wear is Suta. Suta is committed to bring you humble designs from artisans all over the country that are preserving their ancestral weaving processes. Run by two talented and visionary women, Suta creates clothes that are simple yet one of a kind.

Amala Earth recommends: Printed Pankhuri Saree by Suta

The Takeaway

Conscious living is a choice that can have a long-lasting effect on us and our planet. Sustainable fashion brands and eco-friendly gifts are one such easy way to embark on this beautiful and fulfilling journey of mindful living. After all, every drop in the ocean counts. So, choose consciously, and live mindfully.

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