Sustainable And Conscious Gifting For Kids

Gift-giving is integral to the festive season, birthdays, and significant life events. The kid's toy collection fills the closet with every birthday or christmas. As per reports, 80% of toys end up in the trash. 

The holiday shopping chaos is inevitable. And the task becomes even more complicated when it's about gifting kids. You can save yourself from burnout by adopting newer concepts. 

  1. The idea of conscious gifting has been making quite a buzz. The approach is to give valuable and meaningful gifts. They must match a cause supported by the receiver. For example, children dresses like a Chanderi silk dress or cotton dress are worth spending on. 

Ways To Shop Consciously 

  1. With toys ending up in the trash, pollution is rising. Consequently, tons of plastic finds their way into the ocean. Parents can play a central role in the solution process. Apart from raising eco-conscious children, giving sustainable and conscious gifts is suggested.
  2. You can consider wooden toys as they are sustainable, environmental-friendly, and safe for children. A gardening kit with DIY herbs can be an excellent way to teach them about nature and science. 

    Here are a few ways to do conscious shopping.

    Support Small Business

    Increased operations increase the struggle for small businesses. Consumers can contribute by supporting them, at least through the holiday season. You can purchase plantable seed pencils as part of your conscious shopping. Once the pencil is too short to write, kids can plant them. Gifts like these are not only valuable but also teach them sustainability. 

    Buy Sustainable Items 

    1. With the impact of climate change, several consumers have shifted their preferences to sustainable and eco-friendly gifts. You can gift a gardening kit in with different seeds that will engage your child with nature & develop gardening as a hobby since early age. A stationary kit is another excellent option for people inclined toward sustainable items. With the availability of multiple products, you are sure to match an item to your kid's interests. 

    Quality Over Quantity

    The idea of "more is better" needs a shift. Excessive consumption is not only harmful to the planet but brings additional debt and stress. Therefore, focusing on items that will less likely end in the trash is beneficial. A nature activity box can be among your quality gifts for kids. You can invest in trustworthy brands and provide the receiver with something useful.

    Gift That Will Be Used

    1. A gift that a person will not use or enjoy is a waste. Most people admit to getting one unwanted gift during the holiday season, and kids are no exception. You can ask your kids if they need something if you are confused. Things that they regularly use can be replaced or upgraded, like colourful pens

    Conscious gifting is an ideal way to get started with your festive season. However, the approach can fit other life events too. Take some time to research and find gifts that best suit your kid's needs. 

    Tips To Choose Gifts For Children 

    1. Every kid has tons of toys in their cupboard. So, how do you choose the right Christmas gift? Will the handmade toys excite them, or will a dress make them smile? Here are a few tips to assist you in making the right choice.
    2. Check age appropriateness before choosing a product. For example, the secret santa dough kit is apt for children above 2.5 years
      • Think about what the child likes. Are they interested in drawing, cooking or do they like being a gardener in their free time? Please choose a gift that is likely to feed their interest. 
      1. Toys are a primary source of learning for kids. You can choose an essential kit fostering creativity and play. 
      2. toy with a more significant life span can be prioritised. Something that will last longer and can further be handed down will create less waste.
          • Safety is another significant consideration. Choose products made from sustainable materials. Non-plastic toys made from safe and toxic-free ingredients are suggested. 

          Bottom Line 

          Choosing an ideal gift for your kid is no play. It takes time and effort. Consider the above tips and information for guidance. 

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