Sustainable and comfortable ethnic clothes to dress your kids in this festive season

As the celebratory bells ring in the festive season, we shall embrace the incoming times of utmost delight and uttermost amusement. Woven into the spirit of celebration in this season are the delicate threads of tradition and culture. Expressing this tradition and culture through worship, large family reunions, swirling colourful ghagras and dupattas, and appetising desi dishes (and the mouth-watering bowl of laddoos) showcase how rich the culture is that we have inherited. 

Well, not to forget, this joyride of festivals is also as much about our little younglings as it is about the adults of the house. After all, what is more enchanting than the tiny members of our family running around donning their cute little mojris, throwing around vivid shades of their glittery golden and yellow kurtas, resembling the minuscule version of their parents. Aw!

If you are sensing even a tad-bit concern for the outfit of your children for this amazing season of festivities, here comes Amala at your rescue.

We at Amala can definitely help you out with the most gorgeous outfits for your little ones. So, let’s take a dive into the multitude of best suited traditional attires for your children.

For young little ladies, the alternatives lie among salwar suits, lehenga cholis, gowns, and palazzos. 

Apart from donning the dress in its typical traditional avatar, salwar suits can be styled in more stunning ways with a sprinkle of creativity here and there. As the salwar suit consists of three parts- the kurta, the pants, and the dupatta: each one can be mixed and matched to make the garments more interesting. Dhoti style pants and shararas complement the overall look. Floral printed kurtis in anarkali or flared styles can also add to the glam of your girl!

Lehengas and long skirts have been the womens’ favourite in the fashion estate probably since forever and a day. Lehengas for kids are available with beautiful embroidery in a variety of fabrics like net, cotton, and silk. Lehengas can be paired with an ethnic choli or a more western-styled crop top to fuse the sensation of the west with the culture of the desis. Bandhani, multicolour lehengas and leheriya lehengas have been the first choice among many families of the Indian Northwest. 

To add more dazzle to the look, lehengas can be replaced with palazzos. Palazzos can provide more comfort to the children in playing around while also fulfilling the needs of the festive season. 

Not uncommonly, gowns and dresses are also elegant outfits for children during the festive season. Although they might limit the comfort of the kids, gowns with embroideries and intricate lacework are elegant wear for the occasion.

Just like our gorgeous divas, there is a range of clothing styles for our dashing young gentlemen as well. 

The tinies donning kurtas are one of the cutest in the world. A simple kurta-pyjama set with golden floral prints in Lakhnavi style would make the most cultural outfit. However, the wheel of fashion has also turned this desi look to mingle with a little bit of Western fad here and there. There are kurtas available in various asymmetric hem patterns to make it look even more stylish for the boys to have more fun.

Kurtas can be paired with matching pants in dhoti style. Matching dupattas and headgears are always an extra point winner for the attire!

Moving on with the trends, waistcoats can also be added to the dress for the evening. A waistcoat can make even a unicoloured kurta-pyjama set look more fashionable and trendy. Waistcoats are also a style statement to remember our dearest Pandit Chacha Nehru. 

After dealing with the Herculean task of choosing a stylish piece of clothing for your little one, it is also essential to ensure that the dresses are equally comfortable and safe for your children. To ensure this safety, it becomes pressing to give heed to the checklist of safety and comfort. 

Among other things to notice while choosing the fabric of the clothing, try to avoid outfits that can easily catch fire. Fabrics such as polyester or dresses with tassels can prove to be a fire hazard.

As kids are expected to keep playing around the house and not sit steadily for the rituals, fabrics that absorb sweat should be top-choice. In this regard, choosing cotton clothing proves to be helpful as it can absorb most of the sweat and keep the toddlers comfortable. 

At Amala, we bring to you the best of ethnic wear for the kids styled with the sense of fashion and a touch of Mother Nature by means of sustainable and healthy products.

The mission of Amala is to make fashion and living consciously eco-friendly so that we do the minimum damage possible.

So this festive season, extend a hand of warm wishes and best regards not only to friends and family but also to our environment.

Since festivals are the merriest of the teachers to teach our kids the valuable lessons emanating from our deep-rooted culture, therefore, we, at Amala, encourage you to make the conscious choice of choosing to live in more environment-friendly and sustainable ways. 

We encourage using festivals as an opportunity to teach our kids the sense of oneness with the environment, to impart to our kids an underlying lesson of caring for Mother nature and making wiser choices that can minimise the negative impact that we have on our environment.

The sustainability of the products at Amala is ensured as the designer traditional wears for children are designed in the most cruelty-free ways possible. The organic cotton fabrics ensure full comfort to the children.

Designs on the clothes are done by hand-printing techniques through blocks and herb-printing techniques to provide a touch of nature along with fashion and trends. Shop now at Amala to get natural fibres and fabrics for your children. What would look cuter than your little one dancing around the house in a jabla with matching pants? You can find a variety of jablas at Amala with colours ranging from blue, red, green to embrace the joys of the little one.

Thus, this festival becomes not only about celebrating the sense of togetherness with the family and friends but also embracing our environment and accepting all things as they come to you. We wish you the best of health and wealth, and may you and your family look the best!