Stay disease-free with these immunity boosters

A strong immune system has become everyone’s priority. While many packaged foods claim to offer immune-boosting effects, they are not as effective as herbal products. Your body needs many vital nutrients to boost immunity, which in turn, makes your body fit enough to fight viral infections and a host of illnesses. Chichiri Honey, Ashwagandha, Moringa, and caffeine-free green tea are some natural immune boosters that work wonders for your immune health. 

Let’s discover some popular immune-boosting herbal products you can try.

Shankhpushpi Churna

Consisting of natural Shankhpushpi, this Ayurvedic herbal formula can improve sleep, lower stress levels, and boost immunity. All these qualities make Shankhpushpi Churna highly effective for elder citizens and people with weak immune systems. 

The Shankhpushpi powder provides several mental health benefits, reducing the risk of anxiety, depression, and stress. When taken regularly and in the right quantity, Shankhpushpi Churna can help fight epilepsy, schizophrenia, and personality disorders.


Chawanprash has been long used as an Indian herbal supplement. Not only does it boost your immunity, but it lowers bad cholesterol levels and helps you achieve physical fitness. This antioxidant-rich natural immunity booster flushes out toxins and slows down ageing. 

The formula is 100% natural, containing no preservatives, additives, artificial colouring, or chemicals. The delicious taste with authentic fragrance makes this herbal supplement kid’s favourite. Anyone, irrespective of age, can eat Chyawanprash daily to strengthen their immune system naturally.


Raw honey is known for its several medicinal properties. It’s commonly used as a skincare ingredient to get flawless skin and a natural sweetening agent for Indian recipes. Rich in many essential minerals like iron and calcium, raw honey also serves as an immunity booster. The antibacterial properties of honey make it an ideal ingredient for throat infections. 

You can replace refined sugar with honey to add vital nutrients to your diet. If you want a fruit flavour, Jamun Honey is an excellent choice. Not only is it a natural sweetener, but it’s rich in vitamins and minerals that promote a healthy immune system and good gut health.


Ashwagandha powder is an Indian herbal supplement known for its many physical and mental health benefits. From managing blood glucose levels to fighting depression and anxiety, this Ayurvedic product is a natural healing ingredient. 

Ashwagandha Churna has been used for centuries for immunity boosting. It’s also considered an effective supplement in improving focus and giving you strength. You can take this powder with warm water or milk.

Green Tea

We all know the role of green tea in weight loss. But do you know caffeine-free tea has immune-boosting properties? The antioxidant properties of this natural tea help protect your body from radicals and bring your blood sugar levels under control. 

Note that decaf green tea has comparatively fewer nutrients than caffeinated tea since the caffeine-removal process also removes certain minerals. Still, it retains all its antioxidant and antimicrobial properties, making it an ideal natural ingredient for fighting infection and boosting immunity.

Kahwa Tea

Kashmiri Kahwa Tea is widely used for its cleansing or detoxifying properties. It removes all toxins from your system, improving metabolism. This helps you shed those extra pounds quickly. To enjoy its immune-boosting benefits, drink this tea twice daily. You get tea bags that can be dipped into boiling water. 

Like your regular black or green tea, Kahwa tea is prepared without milk. This Tulsi Kahwa tea is your best bet if you want natural flavours and the benefits of herbal ingredients. You get 25 tea bags containing cinnamon, clove, tulsi, salt, ginger, black pepper, etc.

There you have it. The six natural immune-boosting ingredients prepare your body for bacterial and viral infections. In addition to keeping your physically fit and active, these herbal supplements are useful in improving your mental health. If you take the required dosage of Amrutam, Organic India, and other supplements, you will likely notice results in weeks. 

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