Some Earth-friendly brands for mindful living

As customers’ demand has shifted to eco-friendly products, businesses also embrace the “going green” trend. Business models have been revolutionised in the past two decades, from focusing on just quality to being equally concerned about sustainability. With customers, businesses have also changed their priorities to eco-friendly products. Let’s check out the 10 best sustainable brands people love. 

Green Heirloom

High-quality and sustainable cookware sets from Green Heirloom are people’s favourites. Their best product is the clay pot cookware, known for its nutritional value and earthy tones. The pot is built precisely by professional Indian artisans and looks incredibly gorgeous. Their stone mortar and pestle are also popular. You can grind herbs and spices flawlessly in this sustainable piece of cookware. You might also like their Kansa Thali set—the traditional Bronze Thali.



    Mianzi focuses on introducing the concept of sustainability in home decor and furnishing. All their beautiful decor stuff is produced locally by Indian artisans. Their wooden ceiling lamp is just wow. This ceiling lamp perfectly blends contemporary design with a classic touch. Most of their home decor products are made of Bamboo. 

    Two Brothers

    Two Brothers Organic Farm is an ECOCERT-certified farm located in Bhodani, Maharashtra. You can get 100% natural Ghee, Khapli, Jaggery, Moringa Powder, Amlaprash, Organic Black Rice, and other natural products from Two Brothers. 


    “Add Wealth to Your Health”

    Aadvik has fulfilled its motto by offering an excellent range of natural and premium versions of camel & goat milk products. Each product is handmade with care. From Aadvik camel milk powder that’s great for your gut health to goal milk chocolates that taste incredibly delicious, Aadvik offers the best. 


    Paakritik inspires farmers to grow organic food. They also empower consumers to taste rich, organic Indian flavours that are tastier and healthier than their inorganic counterparts. The company offers natural ghee, rice, oil, sugar, salt, spices, and all organic products. The Khapli Atta for diabetic patients is their best product. It’s rich in fibre, Vitamin B3, and other essential nutrients for your gut.


    Named after the Indian name for needles, SUI is a sustainable fashion brand that offers organic clothes made of hemp, linen, cotton, and other natural fabrics. SUI doesn’t just offer organic wear; they have partnered with different NGOs in India to support women working in the handloom industry.


    Conscious Chemist

    The de-tan face mask, face cleanser, body lotions, and all cosmetic products can be made from organic ingredients. Conscious Chemist supplies just that. They are environment-friendly, and their toxin-free properties make them suitable for all skin types. 

    They have introduced many natural skincare products that restore your glow without side effects. You can try their oil-free, weightless, and invisible sunscreen that offers excellent protection from the sun rays while giving you a clean, matte look. Conscious Chemist’s face cleanser is also pretty good.

    Why So Blue

    If you are looking for sustainable clothes that look flawless on all skin complexions and body types, Why So Blue has a wonderful selection of maxis, crop tops, skirts, and other sustainable wear for all seasons. They have beautifully combined Indian craftsmanship with modern wardrobes. 

    All garments are handcrafted by local artisans and are made of organic fabrics. This makes them super comfortable for your skin and perfect for all occasions.



    Paaduks’ effort in manufacturing eco-friendly shoes following the most ethical practices set this brand apart from other footwear companies. They offer everything, from vegan leather sandals for men to upcycled rubber sandals for women. Check out their massive collection of sustainable footwear and buy something that matches your style.


    Equiivalance is an Indian sustainable jewellery brand popularly known for its extensive collection of brass jewellery. They are designed for modern women that want fashionable accessories for their traditional and western outfits. The eco-friendly jewellery collection includes beaded jewellery, wristlets, bangles, necklaces, earrings, chokers, pendants, nose rings, and head jewellery.

    These are the top sustainable brands in the food, fashion, jewellery, skincare, and home decor industries. Each company follows strict ethical standards and sustainable practices for all hand-engineered products. From Green Heirloom’s Kansa dinner set to Praakritik’s Khapil Atta, each product has many health benefits and is carefully designed for eco-conscious buyers.

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