Soft and Organic Bedding and Linens for a Comfy Night's Sleep

Linen is a biodegradable fabric that is always in trend and has a long and illustrious history. Because linen comprises natural fibre, it is completely biodegradable and recyclable. Pure natural linen begins to disintegrate after just two weeks and the disintegration process will be much faster if the linen pieces are chopped into smaller sizes!

Another fabric that is very much in use for making bedding these days is hemp. This is because it is a good insulator, remains warm in winter and cold in summer due to its hollow fibre and has antibacterial properties. It also lasts eight times longer than other fabrics because this fibre is longer compared to flax.

Organic cotton bedding and linens are made without the use of any chemicals. Printed organic bed sheets are likewise free of synthetic colours and made using solely plant-based colours. Organic bedding is safe and inexpensive, often even more than regular cotton bedding. It is best for sensitive and acne-prone skin because of its organic content. Nowadays, organic cotton bedspreads and cotton blankets have become popular for the comfort its texture provides along with aesthetically pleasing designs & colours.

On the other hand, ordinary bed linens are frequently saturated in toxic colours, and cotton is cultivated with pesticides. They also use a lot of raw materials, which is bad for our already depleted natural resources. Thus, it is better to convert to organic products to protect both the planet and your health.

Best Organic Bedding and Linen Products

Below are some of the best organic bedding and linen products Amala Earth offers. All their products are organic, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free, ensuring mindful and conscious living.


Pure Linen Handtucked Quilt

You're unlikely to associate the adjectives "durable," and "organic" with the handtucked linen. Bringing comfort and elegance to you with this beautiful quilt. Crafted with a supreme finish, the product is made using pure linen with quilted touch to offer additional warmth and comfort. A unique tug thread work can be seen sprinkled all over the linen quilt to add a touch of grace.

This product is eco-friendly, quick-drying, soft & long-lasting, naturally temperature-regulating, antibacterial & hypoallergenic, and ensures odour absorption. 

Live Linen Pure Linen Duvet Cover Set

Bring home the most luxurious linen bedding set, which is comfy and lightweight. This product is produced from 100 per cent pure linen, a natural material that breathes and feels gentle on your skin. Give yourself the warmth and cosiness you've been longing for. In the box, you will find one flat sheet and two pillowcases. Made of organic cotton and free of synthetic chemicals, the sheets do not feel suffocating as they allow air to circulate.

Apharwat Indigo Blue Linen Bedsheet

Inspired by a snow-clad mountain peak in India, Apharwat is an ode to the hues of nature that come together in a warm embrace. Crafted in India from 100% pure linen, this collection plays with deep contrast. The linen fabric is high-quality, eco-friendly, and long-lasting, retaining its vintage look even after frequent usage. It is also pre-washed for maximum comfort and is perfect for the Indian king-sized bed. Enigmatic blues and pristine teals layered together in duvets, bedsheets as well as pillow covers make for cozy companions on a rainy day, along with some Kahwa of course! 

Organic Cotton Double Blanket

If you want your home's corners to exude comfort and elegance, this classic white organic blanket will make your fantasy a reality in no time. Airy and soft, the waffle bed blanket by Amouve is crafted with 100% organic cotton in a four-season weave. Plush, springy and textured, it is generously sized with just the right amount of weight. Usable all year through, it adds nights of cozy comfort to your sleep.

Pure Linen Needled Duvet King Cover Set

The 100 per cent pure linen duvet cover set will provide you with a comfortable and stylish night's sleep. The Linen Duvet Cover is silky, and soft on the skin and for an unforgettable experience, go for an all-weather design. The linen fabric is high-quality, environmentally sustainable, and long-lasting, with a vintage look even after repeated use. This product has some excellent features like eco-friendliness, quick-drying and antibacterial properties, soft, hypoallergenic, temperature regulation, and odour-absorbance. This set comes with a duvet cover and two pillow coverings packaged in a reusable cotton tote bag.

Monochrome Lace Pure Linen Duvet King Cover Set

This luxurious duvet cover set with two pillows radiates luxury and lacy Monochrome delight. You can expect endless comfort and elegance with this set, thanks to the 100 percent linen fabric’s superior comfort and quality. The lace border embellishments beautifully elevate the entire product, and the neutral tone of the set makes it easy to complement any room or setting. It is beautifully crafted, velvety to the touch, and kind on the skin. Its vintage appearance lasts even after frequent usage. This product is eco-friendly, temperature-regulating, quick-drying, long-lasting, antibacterial and hypoallergenic, and odour-absorbent. A duvet cover and two pillow covers are included in this set.

Pure Linen Mustard Duvet Cover

Made with 100% pure linen, this duvet cover is available in mustard colour. The manufacturer saphed provides this duvet cover along with two pillow coverings. Owing to its high quality, this duvet cover will serve you long without losing its vintage feel. Some of its other features include all-weather conducive design, very much comfortable and skin-friendliness. The most important thing is you can return or replace the item within seven days of delivery if it is defective or damaged. 

Hand Block Print Cotton Bedsheet

Manufactured by Taru Jaipur, this bed sheet and pillow cover set is made in 300TC high quality cotton. Handblock printed with beautiful lotus print inspired from the palace painting of Jaipur, this bedsheet has a white base under a pink and green lotus motif. It is soft, luxurious and has an artful elegance to it that will light up the room. 

Organic Cotton Bedsheet with Pillow Covers 

Made with GOTS certified organic cotton, this super soft sateen weave luxury bed sheets will grace your bedroom with its royal green essence. This cotton bedsheet is made with single-ply 300 thread count & is suitable for sensitive skin too. It is all-natural and adds a sense of serenity & calmness to your bedroom.


When you convert to organic bedding, the environment will thank you. Consider how many natural resources you'll conserve by opting for organic cotton bedding. These soft and organic bedding and linen will help you have a goodnight's sleep and, at the same time, make the planet safe and healthy. Thus, buying them from Amala Earth is a good idea. 

All its products are made with locally grown ingredients. It brings together brands, products, experts and individuals that create a world where all living beings can co-exist harmoniously. 

Amala Earth is a one-stop curated marketplace for all things earth-friendly in Beauty, Fashion, Home, Food, Wellness, Festive, Gifting and much more! Check out more options for bedding and linen products at  Amala Earth.