Scented Candles That Brighten Up Your Home

Scented candles have been in use for centuries due to their mesmerising smells. Besides infusing excellent aroma into the air, these candles offer several health benefits. They help reduce stress, improve mood and promote relaxation. 

These scented candles smell refreshing and often remind us of the spring blossoms. An excellent way to welcome spring is by lighting these candles. A sweet scent uplifts your mood and positively impacts the mind. However, people have varying choices when it comes to spring scents. 

Some like earthy and natural scents, while others prefer floral. There are countless fragrance options on Amala Earth to choose from. Scented candle sets are also available that can be used for gifting purposes. 

We've listed the top fragrant candles you can try. These aroma candles have been curated thoughtfully to provide a unique experience. 

Rose Scented Spring Candles

Rose is one of the most popular scents, be it perfumes or candles. If you are looking for scented candles for bedroom, it is one of the most reliable choices. Made of essential oils, rose, soy wax, and other all-natural ingredients, this rose-scented candle allows you to relax by alleviating stress. You can create a perfect bedroom environment with this strong, long-lasting, and fragrant candle.


Vanilla Candles 

Lighting the vanilla-scented candles is the perfect way to release the work stress that has been there all day long. They not only light your room but also act as perfect decorative items. Vanilla is one of the easy-to-blend fragrances that work with just any space. For instance, this combination of vanilla and peach can act as a real pick me up. The lightness of peach & the warmth of vanilla will pacify your anxiety to some extent making you feel relieved.

Lily Blossoms

If your days look dull and you feel lethargic, this candle feels nothing less than a slice of heaven. It creates a beautiful, refreshing atmosphere perfect for every mood and space. Mixed with apple, the refreshing aroma of lilies makes this scented candle one of the best on this list. This two-flavours-in-one candle is a wonderful addition to your bedrooms, living rooms, and just about any place that feels mundane.

Ocean Pearl Scented Candles

A refreshing and soothing scent can bring positivity and fresh vibes to your home. The ocean pearl aroma can relieve stress when you come home after a long, hectic day at work. This soy wax ocean pearl scented candle will lighten up any room and add the final touch. It's also a great gift option for housewarming parties and birthdays. Check out the scented candles gift set on Amala Earth for better understanding and more options for scented candles online. 

Papier Mache Candles

When decorating your home, you might review each products’ ingredients to confirm if it's environmentally friendly. The same goes for scented candles. Scented candles available on Amala Earth are eco-friendly and ideal for eco-conscious customers. 

This soy wax papier mache candle is 100% natural and long-lasting. Hence, your search for sustainable and quality home decor products ends. The candle is made from lemongrass, essential oils, soy wax, and other natural ingredients. There's no artificial fragrance or any additives. 

Scented Candle Gift Set

You can use these scented candles for gifts with ease. One can never go wrong with giving a scented candle as a gift. If you are attending a special event, you can buy this set of 6 candles with a unique scent. The aromas include Mogra, Rajnigandha, and Gulab. These candles are unisex and ideal for any occasion, making them an excellent option for housewarming or corporate gifts. 

Final Thoughts

These were some of the top scented candles for gifts and personal use. The fresh aromas of rose, lilies, vanilla, and ocean pearl will add a spring touch to any space. Lighting or gifting these candles is among the best ways to welcome spring. It is suggested to purchase from Amala Earth for the best experience.