Rise and Shine: 12 Earth-Friendly and Zero Waste Bath Essentials

Skin is the largest organ of the human body. It needs proper care to be healthy. There are a variety of products available in the market that promise glowing and flawless skin. However, not all products that are sold are good for us and our environment. The majority of them use harmful chemicals and agents that are hazardous.

Eco-friendly, chemical- and pesticide-free products are the need of the hour. Due to advancements in technology and environmental awareness, we now have innovative products that are either recycled or upcycled from waste materials or are made of eco-friendly materials that do not cause pollution or harm the environment in any way.

One example of such a product is bamboo towels. Did you know that bamboo towels can compensate for the wastage caused by the use of 3,000 paper towels in a day? Moreover, bamboo offers numerous ecological advantages. It releases 38% oxygen in the air and is the fastest growing grass in the world. It is beneficial for everyone to produce, use and promote such products, and participate in the ‘let’s go green’ initiative to make our planet a healthy place to live.

Here’s a list of some eco-friendly bathing essentials that you must include to enhance your health and make your daily routine productive:

100% Recycled Unbleached Face Tissue

These are organic, high-quality facial tissues made from recycled paper for your silky soft skin. The recycled paper is obtained from 100% organic bamboo pulp. The white colour of the tissues is obtained naturally without using chlorine bleach. Besides, these are paraben- and BPA-free, made from pure bamboo. These lightweight, disposable paper pieces are softer as compared to the regular tissues, which contain lotion. Unlike other tissues, these earth-friendly recycled tissues leave no sore red marks on your skin. These multi-purpose tissues are the apt choice for personal skincare, baby care or travel purposes. Moreover, these super-soft tissues are earth-friendly and biodegradable. The box contains a set of 100 clean, soft and absorbent tissues that are a perfect replacement.

100% Recycled Unbleached Toilet Roll

According to research, the average consumption of toilet paper per person in a year is approximately 21,000 sheets. This affects our forests as well as water supply. So, why not switch to environmentally friendly products to fulfil our everyday needs? The recycled toilet rolls are completely hygienic and safe to use. The toilet paper rolls are made using 100% recycled material containing a minimum of post-consumer recycled (PCR) fibre. These naturally made toilet rolls are chlorine-free with no bleach. Since these are chemical-free, no rashes occur on the skin. They are as hygienic as whitened paper with no ink or dyes. Besides, these tissue rolls are suitable for all disposal systems as they are absorbent and biodegradable. So, let us switch to this natural and sustainable alternative to traditional tree-based paper toilet rolls and contribute to our environment.

Eco-friendly Bamboo Hand Towel

Unlike cotton and other fibre-based plant materials, bamboo is cultivated without pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Moreover, bamboo can grow easily with no irrigation. This saves water energy. According to researchers, 1 bamboo towel can replace approximately 60 paper towels. This makes bamboo an eco-friendly and sustainable choice. Besides, bamboo towels quickly absorb and evaporate moisture, making them reusable. 

Eco-friendly Bamboo Gym Towel

Are you a gym person? Do you work out regularly? If yes, here’s the best gift for you. After a rigorous workout, your body sweats a lot. At this time, a gym towel helps you get rid of the sweat quickly. The material of the towel is vital as it comes directly in contact with your face. You can opt for nature-friendly materials such as bamboo for gym towels. They are 100% organic. The eco-friendly gym towels are a great choice for travel, too, as they are soft and absorbent.

Hemp Bath Towel

Just like bamboo, hemp is also one of the fastest-growing plants on earth. Hemp can be refined into a variety of consumable items, including textiles and clothing—bath towels made with hemp dry quickly after use. The best part of this material is that it is quick to absorb and does not smell. These towels are 100% organic. Moreover, they get softer after every wash. Due to its lightweight and natural properties, hemp is popularly known to be a breathable fibre. Shop these amazing towels and include them for daily use!

Personal Care Cotton Buds

Cotton swabs are essential for ear hygiene. These cotton swabs are designed to take utmost care of your delicate ears. Eco-friendly cotton buds are the best alternative to traditional buds that use a plastic stem to hold cotton. The earth-friendly earbuds are made of organic cotton with bamboo wood stems. These completely natural and biodegradable bamboo cotton buds contribute to zero waste management. This helps prevent waste so that maximum products can be reused. In addition to this, the pack contains a set of miniature buds that can help you clean makeup or give a touch up to smudged nail paint on your fingers. So, grab these sturdy, safe-to-use natural cotton buds to take care of your sensitive ears.

Eco-friendly Bathing Bars

These bathing bars contribute to saving the environment. The soap bars usually do not contain petroleum. Besides, the packaging of soaps involves less use of plastic. The ingredients of these soaps are natural plants such as lemongrass, neem, or rose or they are oil-based. The bars are chemical-free and biodegradable, which helps to maintain the natural ecosystem.

Eco-friendly Hand Wash

These are 100% plant-based plastic-free hand soaps. The natural hand wash is free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates and palm oil.  These hand washes are refillable and available in zero-waste packaging hence contributing to a nature-friendly environment. 

Eco-friendly Bath Salts

These sustainable, environmentally friendly bath salts are completely handmade and chemical-free. They are made by solar evaporation of mineral-sea salts taken from the sea. The salts are added with essential oils for you to enjoy a refreshing and fragrant bath.

Eco-friendly Body Scrubs

These organically made body scrubs are made using natural plant material and essential oils. The blend of these two helps maintain supple and refreshing skin that makes your mind blissful.  These 100% chemical-free scrubs remove all the dirt and dead cells from the skin. 

Eco-friendly Scrubbers and Loofahs

The naturally made scrubbers and loofahs are the best alternatives to commonly used plastic bath sponges. The organic loofahs are suitable to be used as back scrubbers, facial pads, foot exfoliators, etc. The eco-friendly loofahs and scrubbers are durable, effective and contain antibacterial properties.

Eco-friendly Toothbrushes

These organic toothbrushes are made up of natural plant bamboo. The toothbrush has smooth and natural bamboo handles with charcoal bristles. These are perfect sustainable alternatives to traditional plastic toothbrushes that pose adverse effects to the environment.