Recommendations For A Fit You In The New Year

Exercising is the number one way to start working on being fitter, but countless other ways should supplement one’s efforts to a better and healthier version of themselves. Everyone makes resolutions about exercising more and being healthier at the start of each year, but the important part is making a plan that is sustainable in the long term and won’t fizzle out within the first few weeks.

  1. 1. Working out

  2. Nothing is more motivating than getting the right encouragement and support from professional trainers at a gym. Still, for those for whom this may not be logistically or economically possible, they can always use the internet as a tool to create their personalized workout. The internet, especially YouTube and Pinterest, is a vast treasure trove full of useful tips and tricks and specialized workout plans that one can avail of for free. The proper outfit is always the best way to get started on one’s exercising to ensure maximum flexibility and movement, and One Less Organic Cotton Sweatpants and One Less Organic Cotton T-Shirt are the best way to start your sustainable goals with sustainability.


  1. 2. Mindful Eating

  2. This is also one of the most important steps in growing towards becoming a ‘fitter you’ along with working out and exercising, because how would one be able to have the energy to exercise and work on themselves if the eating habits that one has are unhealthy, to begin with? One can start the day by munching on the Yoga Bar Dark Chocolate Rolled Oats are gluten-free and GMO-free and a great choice for anyone looking for a healthier alternative. Naturally Yours Chickpea Pasta is a great healthy and gluten-free product that can be incorporated into your mealtimes as it is a rich source of plant-based proteins, fibre and minerals that are easy to cook and goes with any sauce.
  3. For the times that one gets the munchies and resorts to eating junk and fried food like chips and biscuits, one can instead snack on things like Mo’s Bakery Ragi Cookies that contain high dietary fibre with no refined sugar along with being vegan.


  1. 3. Yoga

  2. Research has always shown that yoga can infinitely help in managing stress, depression and anxiety, improving one’s mood, and boosting the quality of sleep. To start your yoga journey, you can start with getting Spiritual Warrior 100% Recyclable Yoga Mat that is biodegradable, provides good cushioning for joints whose microfiber surfaces increase grip when wet, so sweating out the toxins from your body can be the least of one’s worries along with getting an SVECH Natural Cork Yoga Mat Carrier Bag for ease of carrying your yoga mat to and fro from classes or park or anywhere where one might want to have a relaxing yoga session.


4. Meditation

  1. Ever since everyone’s lies have regained the fast-paced hustle culture, it has become all the more important to start doing stress relieving techniques like meditation daily as it is a method that helps one to focus their attention inwards and induce a deep state of relaxation. The various asanas and breathing techniques are also great for making one fitter and healthier, both from inside and outside. The Spiritual Warrior Cork Meditation Cushion with Buckwheat Fillers is perfect for those who want to improve their posture and find a comfortable seat during meditation. The cork fabric is sustainable and eco-friendly, and the buckwheat fillers make the cushion firm and supportive.


  1. 5. Holistic Wellness

  2. Wellness of the mind is equally as important as wellness of the body for becoming a fitter version of oneself, and there is a plethora of ways to incorporate activities that relax one’s mind, for instance taking supplements like Auric Liver Detox Supplement to reduce cholesterol, or SATMYA Ashwagandha Fermented Brew Powder to fight anxiety and depression. For those with difficulty falling asleep, one can ensure they get a good night’s sleep by having a relaxing cup of Organic India Simply Chamomile Tea for restful sleep and a relaxed mind.

Amala Earth has an extensive and non-exhaustive range of products for a healthy body and mind. No matter what one’s need may be to become a fitter, healthier version of oneself in the new year, this website provides for them all, from clothing to exercise tools to healthy snacks and foods, to products that help with stress relief and anxiety, among various other things.