Anti-pollution skincare tips

Diwali is a time of pure joy and togetherness when the sweet aroma of festive treats fill the air. But beneath this glittering surface and beautiful celebrations, there is also mass pollution that is detrimental to our health and skin. This is where post-Diwali skincare steps in.

Let’s dive deeper and understand how to restore the skin’s natural radiance to counter the effects of Diwali pollution.

7 Anti-pollution Skincare Tips for the Natural Glow

Post the dazzling Diwali celebrations, it is time to look after your skin and repair all the damage caused by the harmful pollutants. Here are a few tips to revive your skin and rediscover your natural glow after Diwali:

Tip 1: Have a Cleansing Routine

Tip 2: Give Your Skin a Break

Tip 3: Keep Yourself Hydrated

Tip 4: Try Exfoliating

Tip 5: Don’t Forget to Moisturise

Tip 6: Use a Face Mask

Tip 7: Apply Sunscreen

1. Have a Cleansing Routine

Since the festive season can be extremely harsh on the skin, it is essential to have a gentle cleansing routine after that. Opt for a mild and sulfate-free cleanser that will clean the grime off your face without stripping away the natural oils and moisture.

2. Give Your Skin a Break

Let your skin breathe and naturally recover after the Diwali festivities. Avoid putting on much makeup as it can harm the skin more. However, if you want to do makeup, choose organic and ethical beauty products that will not harm the skin.

3. Keep Yourself Hydrated

When it comes to post-Diwali skincare, hydration is the key. While it is essential to drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated, you must also hydrate your skin with natural ingredients like aloe vera, honey and yoghurt.

4. Try Exfoliating Your Skin

Exfoliating your skin is extremely helpful as it helps remove the dead skin cells and unclog the pores. Moreover, if you have oily skin, exfoliation is the best anti-pollution skincare routine for you after Diwali.

5. Don’t Forget to Moisturise

After exfoliation, it is essential to moisturise your skin to maintain the natural moisture balance. Choose a moisturiser or cream which has anti-pollution skincare ingredients such as antioxidants to undo the damage done by pollution and free radicals.

6. Use a Face Mask

Using a hydrating face mask is the easiest way to bring back moisture to your dull skin. You can also make your own DIY face mask using anti-pollution skincare ingredients like turmeric or gram flour. This is an effective way to keep your skin glowing.

7. Apply Sunscreen

No matter what skin type you have, applying sunscreen is a must. And after the Diwali festivities, your skin needs some extra protection. Thus, you must opt for a broad-spectrum natural sunscreen with a high SPF to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. This is an essential step in the post-Diwali skincare routine.

How to Detox Your Lungs Post Diwali?

Just like your skin, it is crucial to detoxify your lungs post Diwali. How? Well, here are a few methods and foods for lungs detox that will help you recover from the pollution and breathe better.

1. Herbal Teas

A soothing and effective lungs detox drink is green tea or any herbal tea for that matter. You can opt for ginger tea that will aid in the cleansing process due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Green Tea: A warm cup of green tea is an excellent way to clear your lungs and aid in smoother breathing.
  • Detox Tea: Experience the goodness of immunity-boosting kahwa or detox tea which is one of the most effective lungs detox drink after Diwali.

2. Deep Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises can have extensive benefits and help you expand your lung capacity. But that’s not all. It can also help you detox your lungs post Diwali by clearing out the pollutants you have inhaled during the festive season. Inhaling steam can also be extremely helpful in clearing out your nasal passage and detox the lungs.

3. Immunity-boosting Foods and Drinks

Improving your overall immunity is a vital part of safeguarding yourself against pollution caused during the Diwali season in India. So, if you are wondering how to improve immunity against pollution, keep reading.

  • Moringa powder: This is a superfood that will help you fight against pollution by strengthening your immunity while providing you with ample nutrition. Add moringa powder to your winter diet and experience its magical benefits to combat pollution.
  • Antioxidant-rich food: Including antioxidant-rich food to your diet during this season can help you fight the effects of pollution. Some foods that you can add include citrus fruits as the are rich in Vitamin C and foods that have Vitamin E.
  • Ayurvedic Supplements: Another effective way to flush out the toxins from your body is to try Ayurvedic supplements that are rich in antioxidants such as mulethi.

The Takeaway

When the festive season ends, it is time to give yourself a break and pamper your skin to restore its softness and glow. And while anti-pollution skincare is essential to rejuvenate your skin, detoxing your lungs will help you maintain your overall health while transitioning from the festive season to your daily routine.

This Diwali season, safeguard your skin and lungs against the effects of pollution with the help of Amala Earth. Invest in yourself with holistic wellness and organic skincare solutions at Amala Earth and enjoy a vibrant and eco-friendly Diwali. 

FAQs on Anti-pollution Skincare

What is anti-pollution skincare?

Anti-pollution skincare is all about using products that can protect your skin from environmental pollutants. Some products that you can include in your post-Diwali skincare include sulfate-free cleansers, exfoliating scrubs, and a hydrating moisturizer to repair the skin barrier after Diwali.

How to prepare your skin for Diwali?

To prepare your skin for Diwali and the festive season, you should follow an anti-pollution skincare routine that includes steps like gentle cleansing, exfoliation, using a sheet mask, and moisturizing. In addition, it is crucial to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and coconut water for a radiant complexion.

How to detox your lungs and improve immunity against pollution?

There are a few ways to detox your lungs post Diwali that include steam inhalation, breathing exercises, staying hydrated, consuming antioxidant-rich foods, and much more. And to improve your immunity against pollution, you must add some immunity boosting foods and lungs detox drinks like herbal teas, moringa powder and lung supplements.