Pooja Essentials Made Using Natural Elements for Your Mandir

Every Hindu household, wherever they are, will have a mandir or a puja room that could range from a small shelf to an entire room. Irrespective of its size, the house mandir is always a special place for every person in the house. And why not? In most of these households, each person starts their day praying at this mandir and many end their day there. During festivals, the entire family gathers in the mandir to offer prayers. Therefore, it is natural that this special place gets special attention when it comes to essentials used there.

Here is a collection of puja essentials bound to elevate the feeling of divinity, peace, and tranquillity of your home mandir. Needless to say, all of them are made from natural and 100% eco-friendly materials.

Mini Refreshed Teakwood Bell  | Handmade

The Mini Refreshed Teakwood Bell by White Light Elements acts as a humble reminder to enjoy every little moment in life amidst our busy daily schedule. Handcrafted using reclaimed teak wood and high-quality brass, it has the design of an ‘eternal knot, representing the symbol of wisdom, engraved at its centre. It weighs 100 grams, and the base bell has a diameter of 32 centimetres. This handmade Teakwood Bell can also be a small yet profound gift for Diwali across all age groups.

Akhand Brass Diya | Traditional Lotus Design

It is often believed that placing the right kind of diyas in our personal mandir can elevate the ambience of our homes. The Akhand Brass Diya with traditional lotus design is undoubtedly one of them. Brought to you by Codesustain, this thoughtful organic diya is handcrafted using high-quality brass, which is essentially considered a sacred metal and is part of most traditional occasions in India. Each diya weighs 105 grams, and its dimensions are 2.5 inches x 3 inches. To clean this diya, soak it in water for about 30 minutes and use mild soap to clean with hands, natural coconut jute, or plain cloth. Avoid using steel wool or wire mesh for rubbing. Wash well under running water and wipe it using a dry cloth. You can either make it part of your pooja room or add this to your Diwali gift boxes this festive season.

Wooden Incense Stick Holder | Dhoopbatti Stand

Dhoop is believed to have the power to drive out negative energy and invite positivity into its surroundings. Codesustain’s Dhoopbatti stands are handcrafted with high-quality wood and have an in-built disc that collects the residual ash. It is 12 inches tall and weighs 246 grams. In addition to being an excellent addition to your personal mandir essentials, it can also be one of those unique Diwali gifts this festive season.

Amrutam Pooja Items Kit | Set of 3

This festive season, ensure a peaceful and meditative ambience in your mandir and inside your mind with Amrutam’s Pooja kit. This Puja basket comprises:

Raahukey Oil for Puja

Raahukey oil is an auspicious blend made for use during Raahukalam. As per Vedic Astrology, Rahukaalam lasts for about ninety minutes daily with different timings. During this time, lighting a lamp with Raahukey oil for Puja is considered auspicious for you and your family.

Amrutam Dhoop Cones

The natural aroma from Amrutam Dhoop cones purifies the air and helps our minds to relax. Lighting this dhoop daily can neutralise unwanted germs and gases from the air, improving overall air quality in our homes. Apart from its use during poojas, it can also be used during meditation, reading time, tea time, or family functions and ceremonies.

Amrutam Chandan

The Amrutam Chandan is considered a natural body cooler. It comprises chandan, kesar, and kumkum, all of which have natural cooling properties that calm the nerves of our body. It is believed to activate the minor chakras in our body when applied over our forehead.

The Amrutam Puja Kit will also make a meaningful Diwali gift for family, or a great Bhai Dooj gift this festive season.

Akhand Diya Lamp | Brass

The Akhand brass Diya Lamp is thoughtfully designed and specially handcrafted by women artisans to purify your space, and draw positive energies and well-being in your life. Brass is believed to have the ability to attract spiritual vibrations as compared to other metals, and, thus, is often used for puja essentials. This beautiful Incense Fumer is made of high-quality brass that helps in amplifying the fragrance, thus aiding in creating a calm and serene atmosphere in your mandir and the house. You can clean the lamp using a dishwashing liquid or soap. Ensure that you clean it dry after washing it for lasting natural shine. Not just for your home mandir, the Akhand Brass Diya Lamp would, in fact, make awesome Diwali gifts for parents this festive season.

Handcrafted Pooja Thali  |  Wooden

The Pooja Thali by Courtyard is elegantly handcrafted using sustainable and 100% eco-friendly wood. Designed by artisans using fine detailing and intricate carving techniques, this Pooja Thali will add a divine touch to your mandir’s décor. For regular cleaning, wipe with a cloth. To deep clean, wash with soft liquid soap and dry with a cloth. Simple yet thoughtful, these will make the perfect Diwali gift for mother.


Marble Prasad Container | White & Gold

The White & Gold Marble Prasad Container by Courtyard is sure to add to the divinity of your home mandir. Made with high-quality marble, brass, and wood, this container is handcrafted by artisans for an excellent finish. The techniques used include spinning, hammering, etching, and embossing to produce a socially responsible and hygienic essential for your mandir. The container weighs 450 grams, and its dimensions are 2.75 x 2.75 x 4.75 inches. Wipe clean it regularly. Deep clean using water and liquid detergent. It will also make a cute little Diwali gift for friends.


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