Platters, Puja Thalis and Accessories For The Festive Season

India is a land of rich culture where festivals form an important part of every Indian's life. Celebrations and pujas go hand in hand for any given festival. One is used to using a traditional steel thali or platter. But in recent years, trends have changed, and thalis are being viewed and made more than just a plate. It signifies an auspicious occasion. People now like to have designer thalis and platters. So, here we present some unique thalis, platters and other accessories made from natural sources.


Platters are essentially plates meant for holding and serving food. These are available in steel, ceramic, wooden and brass materials.

  • Sheesham Wood Big Chip & Dip Platter

Made from Sheesham wood by artisans from Saharanpur, India, Sheesham Wood Big Chip & Dip Platter is an exquisite piece of craft that will make guests awestruck. One can enjoy chips, nachos, and pakodas with a side dip.

  • The Ideal Platter

This platter is ideal for passing on snacks among guests during parties and ceremonies. Its elegant look and ease of carrying make it a favourite among families and friends as Diwali Gift Hampers. These make for ethnic yet trendy looking for Sweets For Diwali.

  • Mango Wood Platter

Wood from a mango tree is harvested when it can no longer bear fruits. This makes it ethically sourced and natural. The shape of this Mango Wood Platter is what stands out. The excellent quality of this wood makes one cutlery look modern and presentable. It's one of the best karwa Chauth gifts for mother in law.

  • Antique brass plate

Made from brass or copper sheets, this platter is an ideal Diwali gift. The intricate design carved on the platter will make any occasion more elegant and will be complemented by guests as well.

  • Ceramic Leaf Shaped Platter in Studio Pottery

Turkish clay offers exquisite Leaf Shaped ceramic platters in multiple colours and designs. Guests will love the unique designs and patterns of each serving plate. One can use these beautiful plates to serve snacks and condiments. It's almost as if the food tastes even more delicious on these artistic plates.

  • Teak Wood & Stainless Steel Serving Platter

Teak wood forms the tough, durable portion of the platter. On the other hand, stainless steel makes it lightweight and gives it a smooth glossy finish. This combo will make the Teak Wood & Stainless Steel Serving Platter your ultimate choice for a new house and parties.

Puja Thali

  • Kansa Thali

Kansa has been used since ancient times for multiple purposes. It is a mixture of 78% copper and 22% tin. This gives it an earthen yet modern look with a shiny finish. The food served in Kansa Thali is also considered healthy, and therefore it is used in pujas for austerity. Buy a Kansa Thali for Diwali Puja, Navratri gifts for ladies and Dussehra gifts from

  • Handcrafted Wood Puja Thali

Handcrafted Wood Puja Thali gives one's function or ceremony that ethnic and aesthetic look. Traditionally these have been used to promote good health and warmth among family members. The heavenly combination of being made from hand and pure wood almost gives this thali a sacred status.

  • Puja Thali Gift Set

Made with a combo of wood and brass materials, this Puja Thali Gift Set forms the ideal Durga Puja gift and Bhai Duj gift. This unique gift set contains one big diya, wooden thali, two brass containers and a ghanti to complete your puja essentials. If one ever wishes for that perfect puja set, they won't be disappointed with this Puja Thali Gift Set.


  • Stainless Steel Handpainted Thali

No, it's not ordinary steel; it's uniquely painted by artisans, making it the most Beautiful Thali one will see in their lifetime. One can use this thali for all their pujas and functions, such as a holding and serving plate, Navratri gifts for Kanya, etc. The strength and robustness because of the Stainless Steel material involved in making it makes this thali a must for all seasons.


  • Brass ornate box

Beauty with grace is the perfect description for these lovely Brass Ornate Boxes. These are used to store Haldi and kumkum during Puja and other ceremonies. One can also store Kapur and other Puja essentials. They can be kept as elegant decorative pieces in the house, imparting a traditional yet ethnic look. One can gift them as Diwali gifts or Navratri gifts.

  • Brass Incense Holder

Brass Incense Holder is a beautiful piece of artwork with the leaves hand etched. It makes for an ideal puja accessory. The sleek design of these holders gives one's mandir and house a traditional yet urban look. It's good for Corporate Gifting Janmashtami Gifts.

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