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PCOS - How To Manage Your Symptoms Naturally

What causes PCOS?

PCOS is a health condition in women caused due to imbalance of the reproductive hormones. It manifests in the form of irregular menstrual cycles, small cysts in the ovaries, and high levels of androgens - the male hormone which is usually present in small numbers in women. Clinically speaking, PCOS is an endocrine and metabolic disorder that can affect a woman's health beyond the ovaries.

While the exact cause of PCOS is still unclear, common causes include high insulin resistance and obesity. It is important to know that PCOS can run in families and is commonly seen in sisters or mother and daughter. 

What are the symptoms of PCOS?

PCOS manifests itself through various health conditions in women depending on their health condition. However, some of the most common symptoms to watch out for include the following:

  1. Irregular periods, missed periods, or very light periods
  2. Excess body hair on the face, chin, chest, stomach, or back
  3. Weight gain around the tummy
  4. Frequent acne outbreaks
  5. Infertility
  6. Excess skin pieces on the neck or armpits
  7. Darkening of the skin, especially along the neck, groin, or under the breasts
  8. Acute hair loss or thinning of the hair.

How is PCOS diagnosed?

In addition to looking for the symptoms mentioned above, the doctor will perform a thorough medical examination, including measuring BMI, blood pressure, and waist size. After that, the patient may take a pelvic ultrasound (sonogram) to check for cysts in the ovaries. A regular blood test is normally prescribed to check blood sugar, thyroid, cholesterol, and androgen hormone levels in the body.

How is PCOS treated?

The treatment for PCOS depends on various factors, such as age, the severity of the symptoms, and the patient's overall health. The most common treatments followed include anti-diabetic and anti-androgen medications. Patients who wish to get pregnant in the immediate future take medications to cause proper ovulation. 

How to manage PCOS-related symptoms?

PCOS symptoms can be stressful as they can impact both your health and mind. Here is a list of eight interesting products to help you manage some PCOS-related symptoms. Each of these has been handpicked, keeping in mind women's overall well-being. 

  1. 1. Menstrual Cramps and Pre-Menstrual Syndrome Relief

Yogic Naturals' Menstrual Cramps and Pre-menstrual Syndrome Relief is perfect for providing pain relief from menstrual cramps. It promises true freedom to women from painful menstruation. Made with a unique blend of plant extracts and oils, it has rapidly reduced menstrual cramps and related pain. Long-term use of this product improves pelvic health in women of all ages. 

  1. 2. PCOS Relief Tea | Relief from Cramp Pains, Improve Skin Health & Immunity

Laiqa's PCOS Relief Tea is a revolutionary product in women's wellness. It is blended using nine organic ingredients to help soothe menstrual cramps, achieve hormonal balance, and help to regularize periods. The ingredients include green tea, cinnamon, garcinia Cambogia, spearmint leaves, fennel, Shatavari roots, turmeric & ashwagandha. Brew in hot water for about five minutes and drink two cups every day for a month to start experiencing great results. 

  1. 3. Hot Pack for Women | Instant Relief from Menstrual Cramps

The Woman's Company's Hot Pack can be very handy during menstruation. Primarily designed for external use to ease cramps, it can also be used in any other body part. It is made using 100% cotton and is filled with wheat. All you need to do is heat it inside a microwave for about 30 seconds and place it on the affected area. To use it as a cold pack, wrap it inside a waterproof cloth and put it inside your freezer for some time. The external cotton cloth can be removed and washed to keep it clean and hygienic. 

  1. 4. Sanitary Napkins | Reusable Cotton

Fabpad's Reusable Sanitary Napkins are revolutionizing female menstrual hygiene like never before. Made using the finest cotton, these reusable sanitary pads have multiple high-absorbent inner layers and are designed to look, feel and function better than regular disposable pads. Perfectly leak-proof and rash-resistant, these organic sanitary cloth pads can be washed and reused over 100 times and also comes with a snap button on the wings for fastening. 

  1. 5. Double Extra Sanitary Napkins | Heavy Flow Night

Laiqa's Double Extra Sanitary Napkins are your best companions on heavy flow days. Also called the 'No Bedsheet Spoiler' pads, these premium sanitary cloth pads consist of dry feel pores, nine unique layers, a leak-guard, and a breathable sheet for quick absorption, thus keeping you dry for about 8-10 hours. 

  1. 6. Women's Well-Being Capsules

Organic India's Women's Well-Being Capsules offer multiple benefits to women, especially for their menstrual health. Each of these capsules is a rich source of plant-based estrogens that promotes well-being through all ages of a woman's life cycle. These capsules also help reduce inflammation and fluid retention in females.

  1. 7. What Women Want | Natural Women Health Powder

What Women Want from Cosmix helps you through different phases of your menstrual cycle. It eases PMS, helps manage PCOS, and works to help restore the body to its natural state of balance. Prepared using a blend of natural superfoods: Beetroot, Shatavari, Alfalfa, Maca Root, Nettle Leaf, Lemon Balm, Vanilla Bean, Monk Fruit, and Vegan Plant Milk Powder Blend, this health powder also helps replenish essential minerals to ensure overall well-being for women. All you need to do is to mix half a spoon of this mix into water and drink it every day, preferably first thing in the morning. 

  1. 8. Reusable Cotton Period Panty | Leak Proof

The Reusable Cotton Period Panty by Fabpad is a washable period panty made using high-quality cotton/spandex with in-built leak-proof technology that can go on for up to 16 hours in one go. These reusable period panties last for over 100 washes or three years, making them convenient and economical, giving the regular ultra-thin sanitary pads a run for their money.  


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