Party-ready Barware

Do you know one of the trendiest things about millennial homeowners? Well, they love to invest in a home bar. A home bar is a separate place in your own home where you can stock up on wine, beer, exotic wine, vintage wine, and other liquor items in your home, along with some stylish barware. People love setting up a home bar as they believe it acts as a status symbol. 

  1. Now that you have thought about getting a home bar, the next important thing you must stress about is what kind of barware you must buy. Barware includes cocktail sets, wood mugs, wine glass sets, cutlery, and whatnot. You must think about your requirements keenly to gather the best bar tools for your home. 
  2. Sustainable barware has become the talk of the town as they are earth-friendly and are made using lesser carbon footprints. So, everyone concerned about the planet chooses to go green with sustainable vessels!

What is a home bar, and why is barware necessary?

  1. As we have discussed above, a home bar is a separate space in your home where you can place some great liquor stuff at your place. You can even make your relatives, friends, and colleagues visit this fancy side of your home. In simple words, pick up your drinking partner in this space of your home and enjoy the best wine in the best barware. Someone rightly said, "Wine tastes even better when the right company accompanies it." A lovely barware set, such as this exquisite golden mango wood and stainless steel bar cutlery, makes your home bar look even more amazing and adds a tint of beauty and prettiness to your space. 

Today in this blog, we will discuss the must-have bar accessories. So, let's dive into this blog to know everything about it. 

Necessary bar accessories:

Any barware is incomplete without these major bar tools!

  1. Glasses

Having the perfect glassware is one of the main requirements when setting up a home bar; you must invest in some good glassware to enjoy your drink more cheerfully. After all, you would want to drink from a cocktail glass, not an ordinary one, right?

  1. Amala Earth offers a wide range of glasses that can do wonders for your home bar, such as copper goblet glasses! Stock up on these glasses for a better experience.

  1. Cocktail shakers

Another important bar tool you cannot miss investing in is the cocktail shakers. It is a closed vessel that allows swift and full combining of ingredients while cooling the drink.

  1. At Amala Earth, you can find a variety of cocktail shakers.

  1. Ice bucket or wine cooler

When you are throwing a house party, it's obvious that you will be getting the drinks moved from here to there. So, the wine might get warm; hence, you might need some ice cubes to cool it down again. A wine cooler or an ice bucket must also be purchased when setting up a home bar.

  1. Get your hands on glass crystal and stainless silver ice buckets from Amala Earth!

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  1. A wine box

Want to safeguard your favourite wine? Put it in a wine box! The demand for fancy and quirky wine boxes has increased in recent times. Boxes made out of cotton, jute, and upcycled plastic are in trend!

  1. Safeguard your favourite wine with wine boxes from Amala Earth. These can be perfect gift items for every wine enthusiast!

  1. A wooden coaster

A wood coaster is a great choice for preventing spills from happening on your table and, at the same time, adding aesthetics to your home. What could be better than a handcrafted or hand-block printed wood coaster?

  1. Amala Earth houses handcrafted and hand-block printed wood coasters made of mango or tussar wood. These wood coasters hold a variety of traditional motifs that can make you go wow!

  1. Ashtray

  2. Ash your cigarettes in an aesthetic way with gorgeous wood ashtrays! Wood ashtrays are back in trend. Add an acacia wood ashtray from Amala Earth to your bar accessories, and you're good to go!



Considering setting up a home bar and purchasing some good bar tools? Well, you can go with the suggestions for bar accessories mentioned above, as these are the most common and the most needed ones. 

Amala Earth is a one-stop curated marketplace for all things earth-friendly in BeautyFashionHomeFoodWellnessFestiveGifting and much more! Moreover, you can check out stylish and sustainable barware from Amala Earth and add charm to your home bar!