Papier-mache for Home Decor, Fashion Accessories & More

Home decoration with homemade paper mache items is a popular trend dating back hundreds of years. It is beautiful to see artists using waste paper to develop innovative design ideas that can give a unique touch to your place. Waste paper can be used in many ways to create different home decor items. You can find beautiful pieces on Amala Earth to make your home look different, unique and aesthetic. 

The vibrant colours, shapes, cutting, and designs give papier mache a new look. The pulp paper structure takes time to create. The designing part is equally complex, besides painting the papier mache and giving it a shape that aligns with the rest of the decor. Check out some fascinating paper crafts on Amala Earth you can buy for your abode.

Types of Handcrafted Papier Mache Items for Home Decor

Handcrafted papier mache items are painted, designed, and decorated intricately. Artists pay close attention to minor details, ensuring that the decor items created from waste paper are of premium quality. 

Since the designs are created from leftover paper, these are eco-friendly. Papier mache products are a great way to do your part for the planet while decorating your place with high-quality, handmade crafts. A handcrafted papier mache box and papier mache balloon are among the most common paper mache products we see at home. However, the list is never-ending. Let's take a look below.

Papier Mache Coasters

Scratches on a glass or wooden table can ruin the aesthetics of your living room. If you habitually put cups and beverages straight on the coffee table, these hand-painted and handcrafted papier mache coasters make an excellent investment. 

They are available in various designs, ranging from this lovely leaf-printed piece to this simple yet equally beautiful set of 4 coasters. These handcrafted pieces require dusting and will look as good as new when kept appropriately. Available in multiple colours and stylish prints, these papier mache coasters make an amazing gift, especially for a housewarming party.

Handcrafted Hanging Lamp

Another gorgeous art piece inspired by this craft is a lamp. If you want a sustainable home decor item, this stunning papier mache lamp goes perfectly. You can use it to decorate your side table or hang it in your bedroom. 

The lamp is designed to illuminate even the darkest corners of your place. This combination of paper mache and wooden lamp reminds us of the ancient times when people would decorate their houses with natural and handcrafted materials. This vintage piece can undoubtedly add an ancient charm to your home.

Dangler Earrings

Who could have thought waste paper could be used to make stunning pairs of earrings that can be paired with just about any traditional and modern outfit? 

Well, these leaf-style dangling earrings are made of papier mache. These are sustainable, eco-friendly, and perfect for ladies looking for handcrafted jewellery. 

Wax Scented Candle

Designing a wax-scented candle cover from the rare art of papier mache is nothing but truly exceptional. Exposure to regular heat can burn the cover, causing lasting damage. This handcrafted papier mache candle holder is a perfect solution for those looking for a sustainable, neat, and stunning cover for their wax candles.

It fits snugly around the candle and is fire-resistant. You can buy this gorgeous wax-scented papier mache candle cover and say yes to sustainable products. Remember to check the scented candle collection on Amala Earth for more benefits. 

Papier Mache Brooch

Are you looking for sustainable gift ideas for men? Well, the papier mache brooch can be a good choice. It's natural, eco-friendly, and looks aesthetically appealing. 

A well-made paper brooch makes a fantastic accessory for men, whether buying it for oneself or gifting it to a loved one. Similar to other papier mache products, men's brooch requires reasonable maintenance. 

These are some of the best paper mache products you can purchase on Amala Earth. These sustainable products also make fantastic gift ideas for your friends and loved ones. Browse through the entire collection to find what fits you best.