Organic Essential Oils for Hyperpigmentation

Pigmentation is the appearance of small patches that are visibly darker than a person's skin tone. These spots are often responsible for lowering the self-confidence level of a person and their ability to look their best. Natural birthmarks that have decorated a person's body since birth should be worn with confidence. But, the spots that surface during the teenage years of adulthood must be bid goodbye with an effective skin pigmentation treatment.

Options for skin pigmentation treatment

People can choose from the widely available options for treating skin pigmentation on the face. These are:

  • Skin procedures: Methods like laser peel use high-precision lasers to reduce the darkness of the pigmented spots gradually. Intense pulse light therapy and microdermabrasion are similar types of treatments for curing skin pigmentation.
  • Chemical products: Products like chemical peels leverage the efficiency of harsh chemicals to reduce pigmentation faster than organic products. These peels are available Over The Counter (OTC) or at a dermatologist's clinic.

  • Organic products: Essential oils for the face, a natural night serum, and a general plant-based serum fall under the category of organic products. These organic products work their magic gradually without causing anyone the trouble of dealing with side effects.

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  • Turmeric essential oil: Turmeric is an organically antiseptic ingredient. This kitchen-ruling element has been used in skincare and medicine to soothe wounds, scars, and skin inflammations for a long time. The pure turmeric essential oil by Nat Habit is made through ayurvedic procedures to extract the maximum benefits natural turmeric offers.
    Experts sourced the best turmeric available around them to create this 100% therapeutic-grade essential oil. The raw turmeric was purified using a steam distillation method to extract the full benefits of the ingredient organically. For this procedure, the stem of the turmeric plant was used. To derive the most from this product, people can dilute this essential oil with carrier oils like coconut and apply it directly on the affected areas to reduce skin pigmentation. It could also become a part of a person's daily skin routine.

  • Redefining face serum: This essential oils face serum is a storehouse of powerful organic ingredients. Experts have precisely crafted it in a manner to balance the pH level of the skin. Once this is achieved, the factors causing skin pigmentation (like sun exposure and medication) are no longer strong enough to damage the skin. This product is made with plant-based ingredients that provide AHA, Niacinamide, and Alpha Arbutin. These ingredients are known worldwide for providing an even skin tone with no visible dark spots (or pigmentation). It can also be used for naturally removing sun tan.

  • Skin routine for glowing skin combo: Maintaining healthy skin demands a regular and efficient skincare routine. This combo set can be used as a skin routine for men and women because it works equally well with people of all skin types. People must start with the C-glow face wash to make the most of this set. This product, empowered with the goodness of honey, coffee, sandalwood, and vitamin C, removes the excess dust and dirt to provide an even base for the following steps. Now, spray the face toner with orange peel extracts to reduce the appearance of pores, and complete the routine by applying the oil-free face gel.

  • Flower extract cream: The ultimate goal of using skincare products is to get clean, even skin-toned, and glowing skin. This organic daisy flower extract cream helps people achieve that end goal with the help of 100% plant-based ingredients. Daisy flower extracts are rich in tartaric and malic acids. They increase the skin's collagen production to add a healthy glow naturally. Overall, the ingredients of this cream help people in reducing the production of melanin (which causes skin darkness) and pigmentation.
  • Antioxidant serum: The antioxidant face serum by Raw Beauty is an organic formulation that leaves no stone unturned in reducing the visible signs of ageing. Adult men and women can use this product to bid a healthy goodbye to fine lines, pigmentation, and wrinkles. Additionally, the serum also proves its effectiveness against environmental stressors like pollution, strengthening the skin and adding a glow to its appearance.

  • Therapeutic oil: Glow by Secret Alchemist is a powerful pigmentation oil made organically. This single product is made with a blend of the best ayurvedic oils that come together to work their magic on the skin. Every oil penetrates the deeper layers of the face to work on skin problems from the root. They lighten the pigmentation marks and spread evenly on the face to give a spotless look that stays throughout the day. With regular use, people will gradually get clear skin that's independent of the use of this oil.

  • Anti-pigmentation balm: The deeply nourishing anti-pigmentation balm by RAS Luxury Oils is an organic product for all skin types. The balm is infused with the richness of powerful organic ingredients like calendula, avocado oil, jojoba oil, mango butter, shea butter, and virgin coconut oil. The combination of these cold-pressed oils and organic butter gives luxurious nourishment to the skin after it is worn out by the fight between the ingredients that ultimately reduce pigmentation.
  • Kumkumadi oil: Kumkumadi oil is one of the most recommended Ayurvedic products for skin problems like pigmentation. It penetrates the deeper layers of the skin to work the magic of ingredients like mulethi, saffron, manjistha, and other ayurvedic products that reduce the visible signs of ageing and skin discolourations. By regularly applying this oil, people will notice a positive change in their skin texture and tone.

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