Organic Cotton - Know Your Earth-friendly Fabrics

While cotton has always been a popular fabric for a whole range of products, organic cotton has steadily emerged as a preferred choice of earth-friendly fabric over the last few years. Thanks to a sustained focus on responsible and sustainable fashion, today, several global and local companies are switching to organic cotton-made materials, not just because of consumer demand but also to achieve their corporate environmental and social responsibility goals.

What is Organic Cotton?

In simple words, organic cotton – the fabric that ages beautifully - is produced using methods and materials with minimal or no environmental impact. The process of growing organic cotton prohibits using toxic pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and genetically engineered seeds. Extra care is taken to maintain soil fertility to support a wider range of agriculture. Furthermore, strict processes and certifications ensure that the final product manufactured using organic cotton is also natural and environmentally responsible. It means that post-harvest techniques such as spinning, knitting, weaving, dyeing and manufacturing strictly follow sustainable practices. Interestingly, India produces almost half of the world’s organic cotton and is ranked number one in the world.

How can one ensure that they are buying organic cotton?

Organizations such as Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and Organic Content Standard (OCS) issue certifications based on stringent checks and quality inspections. These certifications are prominently displayed on organic cotton products and can be verified before purchase.

Where is organic cotton predominantly used?

Organic cotton is now increasingly used to produce a range of products that include wearable fashion products (primarily apparel for infants and adults), personal care products (make-up application & sanitary products), and home décor products (bed sheets, towels, blankets, etc.).

For those who want to switch to organic cotton, here is a list of ten exciting products made using 100% organic cotton:

  1. Organic Cotton A-Line Jacket | Yellow

The most interesting thing about the Yellow Organic Cotton A-Line Jacket by Unborn Studio is that it gets softer with every wash. Made from 100% organic cotton, this trendy A-line jacket for women is sure to make heads turn. The jacket is hand-block printed with cumin and marigold using natural water-efficient dyeing methods. The lively print combines the cumin seeds’ burnt umber and the marigold petal’s golden yellow.


  1. Naturally Dyed Organic Cotton Shirt | Green

The exquisite Green Organic Cotton Shirt for men by Malkauns is hand-woven and is super comfortable to wear. Made with soft and breathable 100% organic cotton, it is suitable for wear, especially in the summer. The shirt is naturally dyed to give that soothing and distinct green colour that fits both casual and formal occasions.


  1. Organic Cotton Baby Blanket | Sage

The Organic Cotton Baby Blanket by Cot & Candy is the perfect companion for babies. This sage-coloured GOTS-certified blanket provides round-the-clock protection and comfort for the little ones and helps prevent irritation and rashes, made using buttery soft 100% organic cotton fabric.

  1. Organic Cotton Baby Quilt | Brown

The Brown Organic Cotton Baby Quilt from Tiny Snooze promises to be an amazing multi-purpose reversible blanket. The Blanket surface fabric uses 100% organic cotton, filled with antibacterial and hypoallergenic filling. In addition to keeping little ones warm and comfortable in AC environments and cold winter nights, they also come handy as a fun playmat, small naps, or tummy time. The fabric is GOTS certified and comes in three sizes for newborns and children aged up to twelve.

  1. Organic Cotton Baby Sweater | Blue & Red

The Blue & Red Organic Cotton Baby Sweater from GreenDeer is a cosy, comfortable, warm companion for the little ones this winter. These sweaters are body-fit, making them highly convenient to wear both for the children and the mothers. These colourful sweaters are soft, safe and 100% reliable for babies during this cold season, made with 100% organic cotton with buttons made from coconut shells.

  1. Organic Cotton Bath Towel | Dark Grey

The Dark Grey Organic Cotton Bath Towel from Amouve is easily among the best organic classic bath towels that one can find today. Made of 100% organic cotton, they are fast absorbing, quick drying, and retain their soft and fluffy texture even after years of usage. This towel is GOTS certified and promises to make bathing a blissful experience.

  1. Organic Cotton Flat Sheet Set | Navy Blue

The Navy Blue Organic Cotton Flat Sheet Set from Earthy Umber promises to redefine the ambience of a bedroom like never before. This beautiful made-in-India King Sheet set constitutes the finest all-weather fabric quality organic cotton, providing comfort throughout the year. The sheet comes with two pillowcases packed in a reusable bag for proper storage. The product is GOTS-certified and machine washable.

  1. Organic Cotton Assorted Kitchen Towel | Set of 2

The Organic Cotton Assorted Kitchen Towel Set from Urban Creative is GOTS certified and made of 100% organic cotton. The towels come in solid pastel colours provided by natural herbal dyes. They can be used for various purposes, such as wiping dishes, cutlery, glass products, or dry fruits and vegetables after washing. They can also be used to wrap chapattis or bread to keep them warm. 

  1. Handwoven Organic Cotton Cushion Cover | White

The White Hand-woven Organic Cotton Cushion Cover from Onset Homes are stylish and comfortable at the same time. Made out of 100% organic cotton and woven by hand, these cushion covers promise to raise the ambience of any home to the next level. The dimensions of these cotton cushion covers are 16 x 16 inches, and after-care instructions are only to dry-clean to retain the texture of the fabric.


  1. Organic Cotton T-Shirt | White

The White Organic T-Shirt for women from Something Sustainable is super-soft, light-weight and ultra-comfortable. Made using top quality GOTS-certified organic cotton, the t-shirts feature ‘Cyanotype Peace’ artwork by acclaimed artist Tarini Kumari printed using eco-friendly inks.


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