Newborn Baby Checklist—The Must-Haves and More

Yay, a new life is about to open his or her eyes in the world soon! And you, as expectant parents, must be waiting to lay eyes on the most precious human on Earth! The journey of parenthood is full of wonderful things and many beautiful feelings! And one is getting completely prepared to welcome your world to the human world! 

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Nothing should be left behind, and no stone should be left unturned to make it comfortable for that precious softball of adorable features! Your newborn baby child! This is where the newborn baby care checklist comes into the picture.

It is always advisable to be well-prepared to take care of all the essential aspects of your new baby, whether diapers, strollers, clothes, or skin care. Though the list of these essentials is long, you can always rely on Amala Earth for their babycare products.

Soft Cotton Clothes

Clothes should be your top priority when planning newborn essentials kit. It goes without saying that babies' skin is sensitive, and thus it is better to wrap them up in clothes suitable for their skin softness. Therefore, many experts advise purchasing only cotton clothes for your newborns.

Though every parent wants to show off their babies cutely, you can always wear simple and budget-friendly clothing for the first few weeks. Also, purchasing some clothes that can be adjusted as per the baby's growth in the upcoming weeks is better.

An example of such clothing is organic embroidered rompers and jumpsuits, which are comfortable for the baby's skin and endowed with buttons to adjust the romper as per the child's growth in height and weight.

One crucial but often overlooked aspect of baby care involves choosing the right laundry detergent.  Traditional laundry detergents may contain ingredients that can cause skin rashes and allergies to your little ones. These reactions can lead to redness, itching, hives, or even eczema flare-ups. 

By opting for an organic, nature-based laundry detergent, you can ensure that your child's skin remains protected from the potential allergens and irritants found in chemical-based alternatives. 


Baby nursery will become a significant room for you in the next few years, and cribs form an imperative part of this room. Newborn babies sleep more than 15 hours daily and need a comfortable bed. Also, it would help to have a firm crib mattress that fits into your crib perfectly, adding to your child's comfort.

Also, the best part of these cribs is that they can be adjusted and converted into a larger bed as your child grows. 

Baby Skincare

Another important aspect of baby care is skin care. Now, a typical advertisement statement adopted by the cosmetic world is that their products would get you baby-like skin. However, much more effort goes into maintaining a baby's skin and texture. This is where baby skincare comes into the picture.

Going for organic, harmless, and chemical-free products like baby powder and butter is always better. So, read the reviews before purchasing such products or go for reputable brands, for example, calamine baby lotion. The lotion is best when you seek a relevant solution for diaper rashes that can absorb quickly in your baby's skin. You should also wear organic clothing to prevent the baby's skin from rashes, such as an organic cotton zip suit


Baby Toys

No matter the child's age, toys form an essential part of their lives. However, it may not be easy to choose toys for newborn babies. The reason is that since they are lying down only and incapable of handling toys, their toys should be safe for use. 

Thus, it is better to go for child-safe rubber toys that are also easy for the child to hold. You can also go for rattlers that are made with baby-proof material and do not have any sharp edges. An attractive option for such toys can be rubber wood maracas.

You must remember to clean your baby's toys thoroughly after they are done playing with them. And using a chemical-free toy cleaner liquid made from natural ingredients is perfect for this.

Bathing Essentials

A priority in your newborn kit should be bathing essentials. Again, you should review and go for skin-friendly bathing products, shampoos or soaps. The best aspect is that you can get all these essentials in kits, including products catering to everything needed to keep your baby safe during and after a bath. These gift hampers contain baby clothes, baby powder, and cotton towel, in addition to organic shampoos, chemical-free soaps, and even bathing toys. 


Final Words

Babies are precious, and precious are the things needed for them. Missing out on any of them can make it a little tricky for parents to take good care of these babies. Thus, it is always better to make a checklist and ensure that you purchase all the important newborn essentials beforehand. Happy parenting!