New Year Gifts for Friends
Esha Dhawan
Nov 24, 2023

As the curtain to this year is about to close, it’s time to express gratitude to the people who made your year special. And what better way to do this than giving them thoughtful gifts to welcome the new year? Select a heartfelt New Year Gift for friends to reflect your appreciation for your shared moments. We have compiled a list of gifting options that are meaningful, functional, as well as earth-friendly. So, let’s dive in.

10 Happy New Year Gift Ideas for Friends

New Year gifts are a way to express your love and gratitude towards your closest friends for supporting you and making countless memories with you. Delight your besties with these stellar New Year gift ideas for friends that will surely make them feel good. Also, keep their personalities in mind while choosing the perfect gift for them.

1. Copper Wine Goblets

Enhance the New Year party celebration by gifting your friends some copper wine goblets. These goblets will add a touch of sophistication and elegance to their home parties and celebrations. Opt for the artisanal copper wine goblets available at Amala Earth for the best drinking experience.

2. Charcuterie Board & Serving Platters

Another New Year gift for friends that is perfect for hosting gatherings and get-togethers is a handcrafted charcuterie board. You can opt for a wooden charcuterie board to help your friends showcase their culinary skills with a flair.

3. Vegan Dark Chocolates

For your friends who have a sweet tooth, consider this guilt-free indulgence to welcome the new year. Choose a box of vegan dark chocolates made with high-quality ingredients and delight your friends with some sweet treats.

4. Self Awareness Journal

The best way to begin the year is by embracing mindfulness and what better way to do so than journaling? Empower your friends to start a journey of self-awareness by gifting them a self-awareness journal. This is the perfect New Year gift idea for friends who want to start their journey of self-discovery and learn how to navigate their thoughts and emotions.

5. Natural Fragrance Set

From charming lavender to delightful citrus scents, choose some enchanting fragrances for your friends. Consider a natural fragrance set as a New Year gift for best friend who loves to smell amazing all the time. Choose a non-toxic and chemical-free fragrance or attar perfume to make the gift even more special.

6. Handwoven Storage Basket

Here’s a stunning handcrafted basket that will make your winter picnics with friends more fun. Gift them a handwoven storage basket that is aesthetically pleasing and extremely functional.

7. Baking Essentials

Do you have any aspiring bakers in your friend group? If yes, gift them some artisanal baking essentials for their baking adventures. You can choose from the following items at Amala Earth.

  • Cake Stand: A handcrafted cake stand is a stunning New Year gift for friends who love baking delicious cakes. You can choose from a wooden, ceramic or even metallic cake stand to surprise your bestie.
  • Copper Baking Moulds: Another New Year present idea for your baker friends are cute copper baking moulds. You can find baking moulds in different shapes and sizes that are perfect for baking different cakes and muffins.
  • Oven Mitts: Here’s a baking essential that is a must-have for any baker. Gift them a pair of high-quality oven mitts that will support their culinary adventures.

8. Metal Flower Vase

To bring a touch of nature inside, consider a metal flower vase as a New Year present for friends. This elegant gift will not only brighten up any living space but will also last for decades and beautify their surroundings.

9. Bamboo Coffee Tumbler

For your friend who is a coffee enthusiast, here is a sustainable bamboo coffee tumbler that they can carry with them everywhere. It’s a stylish New Year gift idea for friends who are always craving a hit of caffeine and also care about the environment.

10. Organic Skincare & Beauty Hamper

Encourage your friends to build a skincare routine by gifting them a skincare and beauty hamper with nourishing products like a moisturiser, toner, and a face mask. Pick a hamper with organic products to pamper your friends and make them feel special.

The Takeaway

As the countdown begins, it is time to look for the perfect New Year gifts for friends who stood with you through thick and thin. Choose an exciting gift to convey your warm wishes to your dearest friends. And to add a spin of sustainability to your festive gifting, check out Amala Earth, a one-stop destination for all your gifting needs.

FAQs on New Year Gift Ideas for Friends

How can I surprise my best friend on New Year?

An excellent surprise for the new year can be selecting a meaningful New Year gift for best friend. Be it a set of scented candles for aromatherapy, a healthy snacks hamper, a potted plant or something else. Just make sure to put some thought behind the gift and you’re good to go. 

How do I choose a gift for my friend?

In order to choose a New Year gift for your friend, consider their interests and hobbies and narrow down the options. For instance, if your friend is enthusiastic about gardening or baking, you can opt for gardening or baking essentials that will help them continue with their interests.

What is a good New Year gift for Boyfriend?

You can choose from a variety of gifting options, such as a grooming kit, a set of copper bar tools, a luxurious fragrance or vegan chocolates. Apart from these, you should consider his personality and select a gift that is tailored to his interests.

What is a good New Year present for Girlfriend?

The best New Year gift ideas for girlfriend include a self-care kit, preserved flower jewellery, a beauty hamper, a personalised gift, or even a handwritten note. What matters is that you put an effort and thought in selecting a special gift for her.

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