Natural Skin Hacks For Oily Skin

People with oily skin understand that this primary concern branches out extensively to give birth to many skin problems. These include whiteheads, blackheads, acne, pimples, extra shiny zones, evident pores, and lacklustre skin. While a certain amount of oiliness is essential to maintain the health of the skin, its excess can often result in discomfort. By following dermatologist-recommended winter care and summer care tips for oily skin, people can discover the best organic ways to maintain a healthy level of oil on their face.

What causes oily skin?

Not one, but several factors are at play when it comes to the causes of oily skin. Listed below are the most common reasons.

  • Humidity
  • Stress
  • Genetics
  • Hormonal changes
  • Environment
  • Certain medication
  • Poor diet
  • Overwashing the face
  • Chronic conditions

Benefits of oily skin

As mentioned earlier, a healthy level of sebum (oil) is required to add a healthy glow to a person's skin. If the right balance is maintained, people can experience the following benefits of having oily skin.

  • Slows aging: People with oily skin tend to experience aging symptoms like fine lines and wrinkles much later than the ones having dry skin. This is because the skin feels young and hydrated for a more extended period as it constantly produces sebum.
  • Protection from UV rays: While dry skin is more prone to sunburns, the layer of oil covering the face of oily skin protects it from sun damage. It saves a person from skin irritations, hyperpigmentation, inflated skin, and red skin that are caused by exposure to the sun's UV rays.

How to remove oily skin naturally?

The best and organic way to get rid of the skin's oiliness is by using the right natural products. These include special oils and tablets for oily skin that slowly, but efficiently, bid goodbye to the excess production of sebum. Listed below are the most popular products that help with this concern.

  • Sunscreen for oily skin: The top medical experts at the WHO recommend wearing sunscreen regularly to save the sensitive layers of the skin from the sun's harmful UV rays. Generally, people with oily skin refuse to apply sunscreens because they start melting on their skin with time. However, there is a way out of this situation. People can select moisture-resistant and oil-free organic sunscreens like this one to protect their skin. It comes with blue light technology to additionally shield a person's skin from the sun's damaging blue rays.

  • Compact powder with SPF: Compact powders are a form of blessing for oily skin. They come with the right formulation to temporarily put a full stop to the sebum that stays on the top layer of the skin. However, this compact does more than that. The powder from Just Herbs delivers a mattified appearance and shield's your skin from the sun's harmful UV rays with the power of SPF 15.

  • Face gel: Gel skin care products work well on oily skin. This face gel by Bella Vita Organic deeply nourishes the skin without letting any amount of excess oil affect it. People can reap the maximum benefits of this product without any stress or side effects. It is made with the goodness of Ayurvedic ingredients like snow mushrooms, coconut water, moringa, and passion fruit. Instead of letting the extra sebum out on the surface of the skin, this gel healthily locks it in to allow the user to enjoy the benefits of youthful and glowing skin.

  • Face cream: This natural face cream is specially made for oily skin by Kronokare. It comes packed with a richness of organic ingredients like tea tree oil, rosemary, and bergamot to naturally nourish the skin. Tea tree oil is empowered with highly antiseptic properties that help in keeping harmful bacteria at bay. Additionally, it also comes with ichthyol pale which fights itchiness, panthenol to cool the skin down, and betaine which delivers a natural glow to the skin. People can also use it as an oily skin winter cream.

  • Face mask: This clay face mask by Myra Veda is made with the right quantity of 24 KT gold to give you healthy and shining skin that turns heads at any party. This face mask contains Rhassoul Clay (famous in Morocco), Kaolin Clay, and Fuller's Earth (or Multani Mitti). These ingredients are known to naturally combat the excess oil-generating elements to leave healthy skin. Additionally, ingredients like Clary Sage Extracts, Bergamot essential oil, Clary Sage Extracts, lavender, and rose help in adding youthfulness to any type of skin.

  • Ubtan: Ubtan has been in use for many years in traditional Indian families. This product by Nat Habit is made with organic ingredients that can be used every day. People can use it as a face wash or a face pack to get oil-free healthy skin every day. The lemon burst Ubtan works in a two-fold manner to give you glowing skin with the support of ingredients like milk, yogurt, almond, wild turmeric, and charoli besan.

  • Moisturiser: While people with oily skin stay away from moisturisers, this product will counter all their aversions by giving an oil-free all-day appearance. The product is handmade with almond and aloe whisper to suit sensitive and oily skin types. It is blessed with the goodness of rich organic apricot oils and aloe vera to leave supple and healthy skin behind.

  • Night routine products: This set of two products can complete any oily skin's night routine. The kimsukadi facial oil for oily skin penetrates the deeper layers of the skin to control the excess sebum production right from the glands. It delivers a healthy shine on the face with regular application and allows the skin to heal at night. The second product, the skin brightening gel, is a blessing to repair and hydrate oily skin throughout the night to get healthy matte skin in the morning.

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