Natural Protein-Rich Foods for Vegetarians

To keep one’s body functioning properly, protein is a crucial nutrient. Every cell in our body is made up of proteins, which are also necessary for the maintenance and growth of our skin, hair, nails, and other tissues.

The building blocks of proteins are called amino acids. Nine amino acids are categorised as necessary amino acids that the body cannot produce, in addition to the non-essential amino acids. One must consume protein-rich foods to keep their body functioning.

Eating variegated foods will help one meet their protein demands, and this can be done by consuming vital nutrients like fibre, calcium, iron, etc., from a range of food sources. Some of the common vegetarian foods high in protein include quinoa, amaranth, tofu, tempeh, etc. In short, there is always an option to intake a daily dose of protein-rich veg food.

One may fortify their diet with some of the following protein-rich foods to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

After all, at the end of the day, incorporating high-quality protein-rich foods is essential- as ‘Health is Wealth’.

  1.      If someone is into healthy snacking, it's time to go for fresh, crunchy, and jumbo Cashew Nuts by Nutty Gritties, which are rich in protein and magnesium. This packet of joy is a perfect blend of natural salads and can be consumed at any point of the day. These cashews constitute substantial, hand-selected units of happiness. These highest protein foods are present in their natural raw form and wholesome qualities. They are known to contain low calories, thus promoting weight loss. Cashew Nuts by Nutty Gritties contain 5g of protein and 13g of healthy fat combined with multiple vitamins and minerals. They are also augmented with high levels of copper, calcium, and magnesium, thereby strengthening bones, skin, and hair.

  1.      It is almost impossible to miss a daily dose of fibre portion with organic, gluten-free Black Chia Seeds by Nourish You that comes in a pack of two. They are the purest and best-quality chia seeds enriched with the power of anti-oxidants and can be the best nourishing addition to one's current diet plan. They form an essential part of vegetarian foods high in protein owing to the quantity of fibre and portion of Omega-3. Black chia seeds are amongst the highest protein foods and have multiple benefits, such as strengthening bones, improving digestion, lowering cholesterol levels, etc. They are also a rich source of calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A, and manganese.


  1.      Amaranth Flour by Nutty Yogi is gluten-free, light-textured flour that is enriched with high protein, called ‘lysine’. This particular protein comes under the ambit of protein-rich foods that help to absorb calcium. It also boosts the formation of collagen, essential for strong bones and healthy skin.

  1.      Supplemented with high protein, the 8-in-1 Mix Seeds by True Elements, is a perfect ready-to-eat snack. It contains a suitable combination of 5 seeds and 3 nuts with zero added sugar, preservatives, or artificial flavours. It sure will satiate one's hunger pangs with its delectable taste and also provide one with nutrition. Packed with 17g of fibre and vitamin E, this protein-rich food helps promote hair growth and regulates blood sugar levels and the digestive system.

  1.      High protein Almond Butter, Oh So Creamy by the Mindful Pantry is an unsweetened  100% natural nut butter that one can consume in various forms such as protein shakes, salads, smoothies bowls, and even their favourite cookies. Supplemented with Omega-3 fatty acids, this protein-rich veg food regulates heart health and lowers bad cholesterol levels. Intact in flavour and texture, this low-carb butter is an intelligent breakfast option.


    It is important to consume enough protein since it is responsible for the release of hormones into the bloodstream that makes one feel fuller. As a result, it keeps one active and aids in satiety until the subsequently planned meal. Not all diets are effective sources of protein on their own. In these situations, it is important to either plan meals that include protein-rich foods or to choose easier options like the ones mentioned above. One can get a holistic idea through Amala Earth that works around the ideology of conscious living with its roots firmly planted in Indian culture. They work collectively to create, promote and sustain healthy alternatives.