Must-have Back-To-School Stationery

Have you seen the glow on a child’s face when they get ready to go back to school? The excitement and joy of meeting their friends and teachers and participating in numerous fun-filled activities are beyond imagination. Yes, it is finally the time when children are eagerly waiting for their summer break to get over to start their school session again.  

This excitement is not just limited to returning to school; kids are also interested in arranging their backpacks and selecting their favourite stationery supplies. With the new session comes their excitement about buying new pens, pencils and stationery kits. We have thoughtfully curated a list of the top stationery supplies that are a must-have for every child.

  1. Pens And Pencils

Do you know what your child’s magical tools of creativity and learning are? They are as basic as pens and pencils! They are your child’s essential companions on their educational journey. With the right pen and pencil, your young one can enhance their motor skills. So, why offer them something ordinary? 

This school season, buy them plantable pencils and plantable pens. These eco-friendly stationery supplies will offer a complete blend of functionality and sustainability. Your kids can use these pens and pencils for their school work, and once they are finished, they can plant the seeds in the soil. It will enhance their gardening skills and make them environmentally responsible.  

  1. Notebooks

Like pens and pencils, notebooks are also a must-have school supply, and your child needs them for many reasons. You can give eco friendly notebooks to your child to draw out their imaginations or to your toddler to scribble and learn. If your child is in higher classes, buy them a handmade journal. These journals will assist them in tracking their daily lessons and making subject notes during classes.

Offering eco-friendly products is an excellent way of introducing sustainable living to children from an early age. These eco-friendly options are made of recycled and natural materials and are great for gifting too. Your children can give a handmade diary as a memorable present to their friends on their birthday or special occasion.  

  1. Cards And Envelopes (To Give On Other Kids’ Birthday)

Regardless of how much we advance in technology, handmade birthday and special occasion cards are still a sweet charm. You can stock up on handmade cards, which your children can use to wish their friends on their birthday. They can even use a handmade paper envelope, decorate it and neatly present the card. Introducing these cards to your children is a great way to add a human touch to your gifts in this technology-driven environment. 

Writing birthday notes on eco friendly cards instead of sending them on social media will enhance their creativity and build a strong bond with their friends. Moreover, they will learn to celebrate special occasions using handmade products, thus, moving one step closer to eco-friendly and sustainable living.

  1. Stationery Kits

A stationery kit is the best way of providing all the essential and must-have school supplies in one pack. Your child will need everything when starting the school session. Instead of buying individual items, you can also go for a kit that will include pens, pencils, notebooks, diaries, notepads, envelopes, and name tags. These kits are perfect for school-going children and will be helpful in their daily activities.

Everything from taking class notes to making study plans will be sorted with these kits. Moreover, these kits come packed in beautiful eco-friendly materials, making them great as gifts. You can even purchase DIY kits with plantable stationery supplies for your children.

Final Thoughts

Key Takeaways:

  • Plantable stationery essentials can be used by children and later sown in the soil to grow into beautiful plants. 
  • Cards and envelopes made of recycled and natural materials can be used to wish friends on special occasions uniquely. 
  • Popular back-to-school stationery essentials for children include plantable pens, pencils, handmade journals, cards, envelopes, stationery kits, etc. 

Stationery is an essential school item that promotes creativity and encourages children to bring out their hidden talents. Buying eco-friendly and non-toxic products suitable for kids of all ages is highly recommended for an enhanced experience. 

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