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Mulmul Cotton Sarees to Brighten Up Your Indian Wardrobe

Did you know that our clothing style is related to the climate of the country we live in? Although we occasionally put on clothes that are contrary to the climatic conditions of the place, for the most part, we tend to adopt the appearances that our climate permits. Unlike the rest of the world, we live in a country that receives sunny days almost throughout the year, regardless of the season. That makes it evident that we prefer soft and light forms of clothing over furry ones. 

They say women have a larger number of clothing options to choose from in comparison to men. When it comes to our clothing preferences, all of us can agree that we share a close bond with our ethnic clothing. Sarees, better known as the long strip of cloth that women wrap around their bodies, are an ancient form of Indian ethnic wear. Sarees are in fact the most common ethnic wear and over the years, they have become a symbol of dignity, an expression of comfort and a national identity for Indian women. 


There are a variety of sarees available in the market today. But we definitely have these “must-haves” which are preferred by the majority of the population. Here in India, it’s the fluffy, lightweight sarees that make you feel comfortable even in humid weather. And yes, that is exactly what Mulmul cotton sarees are! The fabric, synonymous with royalty back in the day, holds great recognition among weavers and is worth every penny. Read this article further to find out the interesting details about Mulmul cotton and its sarees. 

The Origin 

The origin of Mulmul or popularly known as Muslin fabric dates to the time of the Britishers in India. The material is believed to have been found by the Europeans from its reference in the old writings of famous traveller, Marco Polo. However, before independence, the fabric used to be woven in Dhaka, now the capital of Bangladesh. The Britishers who knew the impeccable quality of this priceless fabric took advantage of it. They had it imported to foreign countries at greater prices and tried to stop its production in India altogether. But all their attempts went in vain, as they failed to duplicate the hard efforts put in by our weavers - the real artists of the original fabric. 

The fabric made its comeback to Indian households in the 80s era. If you happen to listen to the music of that time, you can notice that they were included in the lyrics of some of the famous Bollywood songs. Today, as most talented designers are embracing the age-old art forms of fabrics and dyes, Mulmul cotton fabric and its printed handwoven saree are in vogue, yet again. 

Perfect for Indian Wardrobes

Mulmul cotton or Malmal cotton is the lightest form of cotton and its soft texture makes the fabric airy and comfortable, which is ideal for the Indian climate. The material also has high absorbent qualities, which helps deal with the humidity in our country. Mulmul cotton sarees are light as a feather and do not make you feel itchy. 

Cotton sarees as ethnic wear are a matter of pride and self-respect among Indian women. So, it just feels right to wear fluffy, delicate sarees handcrafted out of the finest muslin cloth by our indigenous artisans. In addition, they come in a variety of shades and prints. So you can dress them up and down depending on the occasion. That is to say, while Mulmul cotton sarees can make great wedding ethnic wear, you can also choose to wear them for casual outings. 

A Long-lasting Promise 

One of the highlights of the Mulmul cotton saree is that, unlike regular cotton sarees, it doesn’t shrink away with every wash. People who have experience wearing them can testify that they get softer and sturdier each time they are properly washed by hand. 

Remember that feeling of warmth you feel while draping your mom’s saree? Mulmul cotton sarees are such an asset that can be passed down from generation to generation. And we bet, they will look just as new every time you wear them. 

Need More Reasons to Buy Them? 

We are telling you these precious gems can be found in women’s ethnic wear online stores but do you still have your doubts? We understand. Here are more reasons to fall in love with these buttery soft sarees: 

  • The Mulmul cotton sarees hardly require any maintenance and are easy to drape. 
  • You can experiment with these sarees in different draping styles. They make even the messiest pleats look pretty. 
  • These sarees are handwoven and use natural dyes. 
  • They incorporate a lot of indigenous block print techniques and come in a variety of patterns and prints. 
  • From various bright hues to sober ones on the colour spectrum, they are available in a wide range of colours. 
  • You can easily buy them on any ethnic wear online India shops. 
  • They come in different price points. 

Fashion designers across the globe have been showing a lot of interest in these exquisite sarees lately. Amala Earth is an ethnic wear online shopping website which looks forward to building a responsible fashion community. Mulmul cotton sarees check off enough boxes to make it to the list of great Indian ethnic wear women category.

In Amala Earth, you can find varieties of Jamdani saree cotton or Mulmul cotton saree at all times of the year. Amala Earth is a one-stop curated marketplace for all things earth-friendly in Beauty, Fashion, Home, Food, Wellness, Festive, Gifting and much more! If you want to buy ethnic wear online, do visit  Amala Earth.


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