Mindful Toys for Learning

A healthy and balanced lifestyle is crucial for developing a successful learning experience. Amala Earth curates thoughtfully designed mindful toys that promote learning in a fun and enjoyable way. These toys make learning more accessible and enjoyable for children, as they have been carefully crafted to provide optimal stimulation and engagement. 

Additionally, they foster positive connections between children, parents and teachers, creating an environment where learning is enjoyable and meaningful.

Early Learning Toys

Understanding the need for a safe and developmentally appropriate environment for infants and toddlers is essential. Early learning toys are designed to help them explore the world around them and build a strong foundation for development. Early learning toys curated by Amala Earth encourage children to learn and explore in a way that is gentle and non-intimidating.

Early Learning Toys 0-6 Months

The early learning toys 0-6 months are designed to help babies gain core body and cognitive strength, as well as exploration and independence. The toys are designed to develop fine and gross motor skills, receptive language, problem-solving and imagination. 

Toys like Cotton Baby Dolls are a beautiful way for babies to engage with their environment, as they have colourful patterns and fabrics that invite exploration.

Early Learning Toys for Babies

The early learning toys for babies are designed to encourage the development of problem-solving, cause and effect, language, visual perception and fine motor skills. These toys are made with natural materials and safe, non-toxic dyes and finishes and feature natural wood, eco-friendly fabrics, and educational activities. 

You must remember to clean your baby's toys thoroughly after they are done playing with them. And using a chemical-free toy cleaner liquid made from natural ingredients is perfect for this.

Toys like Wooden Baby Rattle Bear, Wooden Turtle Train, and Wooden Pull Toy are a great way to help babies learn and explore, as it has a variety of materials and textures that encourage sensory exploration.

Early Learning Toys for Toddlers

The early learning toys for toddlers provide crucial learning opportunities to help them build life skills and transition into preschool education. The toddler toys are designed to develop intellectual and social skills, hand-eye coordination, motivation and concentration. These toys help children understand the connection between concepts and how to apply what they have learned in different contexts.

Wooden Stackable Toy is a great way to help toddlers build spatial and problem-solving skills.  

Importance of STEM Learning

One must understand the importance of STEM education and its role in preparing children for the world of tomorrow. STEM toys are designed to engage and inspire children to explore their interests.

Educational Toys for Toddlers

The educational toys for toddlers are designed to nurture creativity and the development of logical thinking and cognitive and motor skills. Wooden learning toys are both entertaining and educational.

Educational Toys for Kids

The educational toys are designed to promote problem-solving, logical thinking and creative experimentation. From gross motor development to early engineering and construction, these toys will help your child discover their interests, explore and find new ways to learn. 

Wooden learning blocks and Wooden Doctor Toy Set are great ways to help build those essential skills. With a range of different shapes, sizes and colours, they can provide the opportunity to improve fine motor skills. It will also offer spatial awareness while developing creative thinking.

New Age Learning

As the world changes, so do our learning processes and interpersonal relationships. To keep up with the changing times, new-age learning tools help children learn and explore in an environment that is both immersive and interactive.

Immersive Learning Tools

The immersive learning tools provide interactive and engaging experiences that stimulate learning on an emotional and physical level. Cutting-edge technology helps create an environment where learning is enjoyable and meaningful.

Augmented Reality Toys

The augmented reality toys are designed to help children explore, discover and learn interactively. These toys allow children to unlock new experiences, achieve goals and solve wooden learning puzzles like Trikona-Dexterity Game. They are designed to spark creativity and imagination and teach children fundamental skills.  


Children must learn and experience the world happily, meaningfully and engagingly. Amala Earth is a place for mindful toys that foster positive connections between children, parents and teachers, making learning more accessible and enjoyable.