Mindful Eating During The Festive Season? It Is Possible - Here’s How

As Indians, our calendars are always full of festivals, especially from September through December. This increases our likelihood of indulging in unhealthy binge eating. But in the spirit of festivities, we must remember that moderation is key! 

Be it Durga Pooja, Navratri, Diwali, Christmas, New year, etc., after reading this guide, you will be able to celebrate all festivals without the overhanging guilt. Maybe you or someone you know has diabetes, cholesterol or other lifestyle-related disease, or you simply wish to stick to your healthy eating habits to not gain unnecessary weight during the festive season. In that case, the following are some valuable tips that will go a long way in maintaining a healthy body. 

What is mindful eating? 

Mindful eating simply means making eating a thoughtful experience, which allows you to relish the food and not overindulge. It is a practice that ancient Indians followed and stayed healthy. But these days, with a fast-paced lifestyle and laptops taking over our brains, it is challenging to practise mindful eating. 

When you eat with your mind, you eat exactly the amount of calories that your body needs. It may also sometimes include junk. So, you give your body and mind enough space to process and excrete efficiently. Another way mindful eating can be described is by choosing a better and healthier alternative to sweets and junk. During the festive season, it is very difficult to choose healthy alternatives. That is why we, at Amala Earth, offer you a spectrum of sweets, savouries and delicacies that are comparatively healthier than other commercially available snacks. 

How can you practise mindful eating?

The festive season is an invitation to welcome you to the club of over-eating. You have your extended family members visiting with a lot of sweets and snacks. You enjoy them as much as you want but, in the back of your head, you also know that weight gain comes along with it. This is where ‘mindful eating’ can make all the difference. Some of the pro-tips that can help you eat with your mind are:

  • Eat slowly
  • You know you are full only after twenty minutes of actually eating enough. So, give yourself time to realize that you are full so that you do not overindulge.

  • Permit yourself
  • Preparing your mind and body that you are going to eat sweets or snacks can save you from the feeling of guilt. Oftentimes, it also prevents overindulgence.

  • Reduce your portion size
  • One of the best ways to practise mindful eating during this festive season is reducing your portion size during meals so that you can enjoy desserts and snacks in between and keep your everyday calorie count in check. A smart way to reduce the portion size is by reducing the size of the plate.

  • Start small
  • Extended menu can cheat you into overindulging. One of the ways to cut this out is by starting little. You can always add more to your plate if you want more.

  • Know your triggers
  • Read your mind and try to figure out whether you want to eat because you are actually hungry or because your brain thinks that you are hungry. You tend to eat more when you feel down or when there are more sweets or snacks available at home than ever. Understand your patterns of eating so that you can avoid eating when not hungry.

    Doing all these can help you stay on track and get the shape of your dreams even while enjoying festival delicacies. 

    Mindful eating if you have diabetes or any other lifestyle-related disease

    Diabetes is a very common condition. These days, with sedentary lifestyles, hormonal imbalance-associated problems such as PCOS and hypothyroidism also have become common among women who are 20 years or older. These conditions require a lifestyle change with adequate physical activity and a diet rich in natural fruits and vegetables, free from refined carbohydrates like white sugar, maida and white rice. This constraint interferes with your fun quotient during festivals. The following are some ways you can still enjoy all the festival delicacies without much harm to your health:

    • Limit your portion size so that your glycemic index remains balanced.
    • Enjoy sweets made with jaggery.
    • Go for gluten-free snacks and dishes.
    • Try chips made from vegetables, soy, ragi, corn, and other healthier alternatives.
    • Go for morning walks and soak in the Vitamin D as it helps in managing any lifestyle-related disorder, especially hypothyroidism.
    • Practise mindful yoga and aerobic exercises on a daily basis.
    • Have dinner before 8 PM.

    Our products are mostly refined sugar- and gluten-free. You can savour them yourselves and gift your loved ones during this festive season and make it a ‘mindful indulgence’. 

    Detoxification holds the key

    Practising a good detox routine during this festive season can help you get rid of the festive belly and of the guilt of overeating. 

    Following are some ways to detoxify your body after binging on festival delicacies:

    • Try lemon in warm water every morning. It helps with balancing the pH of your stomach and intestines. It also helps with bowel movement and excretion.
    • Soak cucumber and mint leaves in a pot of water overnight and have it the following day.
    • Avoid spicy food and store-bought food for at least a week.
    • Hydrate your body enough.

    How to cherish a joyous fitness journey? 

    Oftentimes, people in India relate fitness or weight loss journeys with a strict diet or punishing the body with only vegetables and giving up tasty food altogether. This is a mere misconception. 

    A fitness journey means balancing the calories taken with the calories burnt and keeping junk to a minimum portion on the plate. You can include them in the form of cakes, simple Indian meals, fries, etc. 

    Dieticians and nutritionists around the globe say that an ideal plate should be filled with 10% to 30% carbohydrates, 40% to 50% proteins and 30% healthy fats. This way, all the macronutrients and micronutrients required for the body are obtained. Also, you can remain fit and healthy while having tasty food!

    Mindfulness, perception of your own body and your approach towards staying healthy can transform your life in a blissful way. Choosing natural ways and trusting your mind and body can give you everlasting health. 

    What we, at Amala Earth, do? 

    Amala Earth was started with the sole notion of redefining health and beauty. We trust in nature and our products are worthy of it. We realize that many of you have chosen to be healthy and that you need the right mix of taste and nutrition to keep it going forever. Apart from food products, we also offer a range of products including skin care, fashion, pet care, etc. 

    We are committed towards taking your health seriously and being the right companion. We blend taste and health in the appropriate ratio.