Menswear Essentials You Will Absolutely Love - Casuals and Formals

It is well established that the fashion industry is among the biggest culprits that cause damage to the environment. The carbon footprint of the fashion industry is well above 10% of the total global greenhouse emissions. Large-scale shifts in our sartorial habits are much needed, and there are some environmentally conscious brands as well as consumers in India who have embraced the more wholesome slow fashion movement. The term sustainable is now more visible than it ever was when it comes to fashion. Fashion wear for men, in particular, is what we are talking about today.



Be The Change, Make A Change

Isn’t it empowering that a simple, everyday thing like getting dressed can make you a changemaker if you move in the environment-friendly direction in a conscious, informed manner? The fashion industry has evolved to cater to the needs of the environmentally-friendly male who cares about where his clothes come from and the environmental impact of his choices.

For the longest, fashion supply was driven by pricing. But lately, educated consumers, their concerns and demands, have brought about a change in the industry. Sustainability is among the major business goals for most industries, including the fashion industry. Project SU.RE (sustainable resolution), launched by the Govt. of India, has enlisted 16 leading retail fashion brands and has committed to shifting the Indian apparel industry in the direction of sustainable fashion.

You can choose to care about the journey of the clothes that you find on the shelves of your favourite stores and select only the ones that have been produced ethically. Especially when it comes to casual wear for men, fast fashion has been the norm, but the modern conscious consumer has the power to change the trend. You can make mindful decisions and choose to align with brands that have sustainability at their core.


  1. Hemp Shirts | Striped Formal Shirt | Beige & White

Slow/Sustainable Fashion Trends For Men


Slow/ sustainable fashion is often considered to be all about women, but there are several Men’s Designer Clothes Brands that are creating quite a buzz in the Indian slow fashion space. From everyday basics to formals to designer clothes, Indian men don’t need to go on a diet. On the contrary, they are now spoilt for choice - Shirts, Kurtas, Trousers, Jackets and even Angrakha style sherwani comes in environment-friendly variants like handwoven and handspun linen, khadi and hemp. It is truly a delight for men who choose the environment-friendly way of life!

When it comes to men’s fashion wear, casuals and formals are wardrobe must-haves. While basic office outfits, activewear and leisure wear are omnipresent, some formals and ethnic wear are also an important part of the modern, environment-conscious Indian man’s closet. And those who have a green makeover on their minds, or are already into the green movement, there cannot be a better destination for online men's fashion shopping than Amala Earth.

Amala Earth is a one-stop curated marketplace for all things earth-friendly in beauty, fashion, home, food, wellness, festive gifting and much more! It’s time for all you men to explore - Shop mindfully curated menswear made from organic and natural fabrics only on

What’s more, there is an amazing variety of quintessential picks here – including footwear and accessories that can jazz up the most basic of male outfits.



Your Shopping Decisions Affect The Planet

It is a good idea to look for transparent brands about their product offerings and carbon footprint. When looking for planet-loving brands, Amala Earth is a worthy marketplace that will give you all the options in Latest Men’s Fashion Wear that you may want to add to your wardrobe.

As you make your way to a sustainable wardrobe, keep in mind that the clothes you buy should last long – not just the garment, but also the style. Remember, the best outfits for men are not the ones that are only trendy or only made ethically, but also the ones that last – this decision can help you reduce your future purchases! Amala Earth's curation of earth-friendly products is trendy as well thoughtful – it can help the modern man redefine or revamp his dressing style by selecting from some of the finest brands in eco-friendly men's clothing.


  1. Cotton French Terry Pants | Grey


Responsible And Fashionable Casuals And Formals For The Modern Man

The leading voices in sustainability and ethical fashion belong to the youngest consumers - the millennials, the gen Z! They are aware of the impact that their choices make and don't mind paying more for sustainable brands. The young lot may just need casual attire for men, but they care for fundamental principles like veganism, cruelty-free, ethical practices when they shop. So, they choose brands that fulfil these needs. Amala Earth not only curates a wide variety of environment-friendly products, but it also gives these conscious youngsters a convenient platform to shop for all their planet-friendly fashion needs online.

The shifts in the fashion industry are here to stay. Natural fabrics, natural dyes, ethical practices, fair wages, carbon neutrality, etc. are not unheard of or new concepts anymore. Present-day designers, brands, and fashion houses are aware of the shift and are aspiring to meet the needs of the modern man who has a holistic and wholesome approach to fashion.

A plethora of brands offer men's fashion wear that is trendy, well crafted and lasts long. They are champions of concepts like handweaving, hand spinning, hand dyeing, hand painting, handcrafting and hand stitching, and boast of indigenous raw materials of the finest quality and fair wages. Who wouldn’t want to bask in the joy of wearing something synonymous with kindness? And Amala Earth is the ideal platform where such brands have been mindfully curated to satisfy the fashion needs of the clean consumer. Go ahead, explore and take your pick!