Marking Water Day With Fashion Fabrics That Have Lower Water Footprint

Water Day is celebrated each year on 22nd March. The goal is to promote the sustainable use of water. The fashion industry consumes more water than you can imagine. So an excellent way to celebrate Water Day is by switching to fabrics with a lower water footprint. 

One can use clothes made of organic cotton, bamboo fibre, pure linen, etc., to contribute to the cause. Please keep reading to know how the fashion industry impacts water usage and how you can make smart choices to reduce it. 

How Can Fashion Industry Reduce Water Usage

The textile industry requires a good amount of water to produce clothes. A single t-shirt manufacturing process requires more water that an individual can consume for years. The textile industry needs water for cotton farming, dyeing, and chemical treatments. Using water at such an extensive rate in the fashion industry impacts global ecosystems. 

So by switching to organic clothes, you can help reduce the water intake in textile industries. With a higher demand for organic clothes, industries automatically opt for fibres with a lower water footprint. 

Different Fabrics With Low Water Footprint

Today, there are many clothing options in the organic category that you can use to help save the environment. 

  1. Purchasing products made from bamboo, hemp, organic cotton, tencel, etc., is recommended. An organic cotton slip dress will keep up your fashion game besides being sustainable. Similarly, you can switch to clothes made of upcycled cotton to reduce the environmental impact. Upcycled cotton creates less textile waste than regular cotton and is light on the environment. 

Linen kurtas are also becoming popular among the masses recently. Linen grows fast, needs less water, and does not damage the environment.

  1.  You can try the A-Line linen kurta for celebrating Water Day. If you are looking for everyday essentials, check the printed and crop tops made of organic fibres. 

How to Become a Smart Fashion Consumer? 

Manufacturing and consumers can also play a crucial role in lowering water footprint. We are not asking you to shop for fewer clothes or compromise your style goals. However, you can start wearing clothes made of organic fibres to create awareness.

To mark Water Day on 22nd March 2023, here are a few recommendations to make wise fashion choices and help reduce water consumption- 

  • Using clothes made of recycled cotton, linen, hemp, etc., is recommended. You must know that organic cotton has much less environmental impact than traditional cotton. It is not only eco-friendly but immensely comfortable. 
  1. You can also buy handwoven products like a handwoven saree. They are weaved by hand and can last for years with proper care. These sarees look elegant and stylish and can also be used for gifting. 

    • It is advised to wash your clothes less to limit water usage. We are not recommending you wear dirty clothes. However, if the clothes are in good condition, it is suggested to wear them more than once before sending them for a wash.
    • Buy quality clothes that last longer, so you don’t have to purchase them frequently. It is advised not to buy too many clothes, only to pile them up in your cupboard. 
    1. Other popular conscious fashion products include organic cotton t-shirts, oversized linen shirts, hemp-dyed bucket bags, cotton sarees, etc. Not only clothes but you can also buy handbags made of organic materials to gift someone on Water Day. 

      Final Thoughts 

      1. Organic clothing does not mean you need to compromise on your fashion. You will be surprised to see the colours, styles, and products the sustainable fashion brands offer to help you maintain your fashion goals while reducing water wastage. You would like to check the tencel overlay jacket to see how fashionable organic clothes can be. 

      So celebrate Water Day this year by purchasing organic clothes to make a difference. 

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