Makeup Essentials For The Skin

Makeup is essential for today's women who want to look good while managing their multiple roles precisely. Good looks not only assist in improving your self-esteem but also helps in boosting your confidence. 

However, gone are the days when women used to purchase makeup products heavily loaded with harmful chemicals, hampering their skincare in the long run. Today is the time of organic and natural products that ensure our makeup suits our skin.

Such is the popularity of these organic products today that major brands have started advertising only natural ingredients. So if you are also seeking such harmless and effective natural products, you can browse through such products curated on amala earth

Here is a list of some of the makeup essentials for skin that should be in every woman's bag.

Kajal and Eyeliner

Everyone adores shimmering black eyes that attract anyone from a long distance. Well, kajal and eyeliner are makeup essentials that can benefit in achieving this goal effectively. 

  1. However, many women complain about these kajal being endowed with paraben, a harmful preservative used in cosmetics or getting smudged easily. However, products such as natural kajal and eyeliner or gel kajal can help quickly solve this problem. You can even combine this product with a 2-in-1 eyeliner kajal and moisturiser.

So, get a kajal or eyeliner and define your eyes beautifully while enhancing their beauty. A must-have product for anyone who likes to enhance their eyes!

Ayurvedic Lipstick

Another essential product to be kept in one's makeup bag is Ayurvedic lipstick. The cosmetic market is full of lipsticks of all kinds. Some brands market their lipstick as long-lasting, while some market them as available in different colours. 

  1. However, the best option to go for is the Ayurvedic liquid lipstick kit. This kit includes five shades of liquid lipsticks endowed with qualities such as being lightweight, offering a matte finish, and being completely vegan. 

Some Ayurvedic ingredients used in these lipsticks are mulethi, sacred lotus, Chandan, and rice starch. 

Nail Paint

Nail paints form a crucial part of any makeup kit, whether for a beginner or a pro. However, the real struggle is seeking the appropriate nail paint colour that matches your skin tone. Well, metallic colour is one shade that fits all skin tones, which explains the extreme popularity of this colour. 

  1. The Metallic nail paint on Amala Earth gives you perfect nails. They are available in good quality, making them a better product for your nails' health. The shade is vegan, toxins-free, and offers a high gloss finish after application. 

Multipurpose Face Palette

A face palette is a product that enhances your features, especially the cheekbones. A tinge of contour and blush can effectively improve your cheekbones. However, the need remains to seek a palette with shades packed with natural ingredients and harmless for your skin. After all, these shades would be directly applied to your face!

  1. The multipurpose face palette has shades with ingredients such as Shea butter, Avocado oil, and Castor. Thus, no harmful toxins or paraben are present in these shades. 
  2. When applied with Natural glow talc-free, this palette makes your skin look young and blemish-free in no time. 

Final Words

  1. Makeup has to be chosen with care as you are dealing with products that can directly affect your skin. Thus, many women use chemical free beauty products without chemicals or toxins. Ayurvedic cosmetic products are making a mark in the market and increasing their popularity. Thus next time you want to purchase a beauty product, go for organic makeup, such as Liquid ayurvedic eyeshadow or an organic hydrating skin tint

You will get a wide variety of organic cosmetics. From lipstick to blush, everything can be manufactured using natural ingredients. So, let your skin breathe by applying the right products. 

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