Kansa - Ayurveda Says It Is Great for Health!


While visiting old Indian households, one is sure to come across a variety of metal utensils in the kitchen used for cooking and serving food. Kansa is one such traditional metal used to make utensils for cooking and serving food in India. Kansa serveware has been in use since the times of Samhita Kala (golden period of Ayurveda) and is believed to have brought phenomenal changes to the quality of human life.

What is Kansa?

Bell metal or bronze, popularly known by the Indian name 'Kansa', is a metal used to manufacture kitchen and dining ware. When copper (78%) is heated together with tin (22%) up to 700 centigrade, Kansa alloy or pure bronze is formed. The prepared alloy is then moulded into handcrafted serveware that can acquire different finishes, including glossy and matt depending on one’s aesthetic preferences. 

Why is Kansa Used as Serveware?

Kansa does not react with any sour or acidic foods. As they are free from reactions, they turn out to be the best metal to eat and cook in. Ayurveda also suggests that eating and drinking from alkalising alloys like Kansa benefit the overall well-being of children. Some even claim that using Kansa utensils for eating can boost intellect. 

What are the Benefits of Kansa Dining Ware?

Improves Gut Health

To lead a healthy life, good gut health is essential. The Kansa alloy aids in purifying and alkalising the meals cooked and eaten. This, in turn, enhances the whole digestion process. 

Improves Holistic Health

Kansa metals have amazing health advantages that can enhance overall health. It is also said to be good for the mental health of children. In addition, it reduces stress, improves immunity, and boosts energy. The metal also eliminates deadly microorganisms, thereby making the utensils highly usable.

Medical Properties

As Kansa has copper, it reduces inflammation and increases haemoglobin levels. This assures proper blood circulation in the human body. Copper’s anti-inflammatory properties discharge muscular pain and relieve arthritis.

Reduces Fat and Improves Skin’s Condition

For people with extra fat and a sedentary lifestyle, it is advisable to drink and eat from Kansa utensils. Kansa also has a significant role to play in melanin production. It helps in restoring the skin’s beauty. 

Charges Water Positively

Storing water in Kansa utensils for eight hours and more can charge water positively. It also ensures one is free from waterborne diseases like cholera, diarrhoea, dysentery, etc.

Enhances Cardiovascular Health

As the metal holds scientific characteristics of controlling blood pressure and eliminating anaemia, it also helps keep a check on cardiovascular health. 

Simple Maintenance 

Compared to copper or brass, it is a corrosion-resistant alloy and is simple to maintain and lasts for a long time. 

Kansa is the best metal to consider when it comes to one’s health. While shopping online, one should ensure getting pure and high-quality Kansa products, and that is one thing Amala Earth can assure its customers. Shop now here.