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Tea has been captivating the hearts of young people and adults for centuries. It has accompanied us for a long time, and there is evidence that tea was consumed about 5000 years ago even in China. This drink is among the most consumed ones after water. From health benefits to cultural significance, tea has come a long way. 

May 21st has been designated to celebrate the International Tea Day. The day is commemorated to promote and implement the sustainable production and consumption of tea. The goal is to spread awareness about how tea production helps fight poverty and hunger. 

We have listed the top tea brands to celebrate this International Tea Day in style and try exquisite flavours while you do.

Organic India

Organic India has every taste to offer, whether you want to have tulsi, honey, lemon, ginger, peppermint or chamomile. The brand provides ideal tea that can help you refresh your mood anytime. A few benefits of consuming Organic India tea include stress reduction, enhanced digestion, abundant antioxidants, etc.

The brand packs certified organic ingredients in biodegradable and unbleached fibre teabags. Organic India’s Tulsi Masala Chai is the showstopper. The blend of premium Assam tea, tulsi, and freshly ground spices offer a unique taste. 

Oh Cha

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Have you heard about the afternoon boost tea? Well, Oh Cha provides an excellent post-meal tea that gives you an instant energy shot. You can also try their Detox and Immunity Tea for happy and healthy well-being. Oh Cha’s immunity-boosting teas will uplift your tea moments and ensure a good time.

The brand offers a few other tea options: Energy Boosting Tea, Black Iced Tea, Blueberry Cheesecake Tea, Choco Vanilla Tea, etc. This unique collection lets you have your perfect teacup brimming with goodness and warmth. 


If you have been looking for teas for skin goodness, improved heart health, weight loss, and more, ISVARA has just the right flavours. The detox tea, or the cup of elixir, as the founders call it, will keep your youthful skin intact. If you want a gift for your tea lover friend, ISVARA’s Herbal Tea Gift Box might be the right match. The box has been thoughtfully curated, keeping wellness in mind.

Popular options offered by the brand include Chamomile White Tea, Darjeeling Green Tea, Green White Tea, Hibiscus Green Tea, etc. 

Homegrown Platter

Are you looking forward to repairing cell damage or boosting metabolism by sipping tea? If yes, the Homegrown Platter teas will surely help you. Grown in the foothills of the Himalayas, Homegrown Platter’s Loose Butterfly Pea Flowers Tea is full of nutrients and zero caffeine. If you have been considering replacing your green tea with something else, this herbal tea is an excellent option.

Dandelion Root Tea, Lemon Balm Tea, Chamomile Flowers Tea, etc, are other options. Dandelion Tea might assist if you want to cleanse your liver or improve kidney functioning. 

Vahdam Teas

If you have been looking for delectable tea leaves from the foothills of the mighty Himalayas, go for Vahdam Teas. The brand has everything from Detox Tea, Ginger Mint Tea, and Giloy Neem Tea to Tulsi Turmeric Tea. 

Discover the robust flavours of Assam tea leaves mixed with cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, black pepper, etc, with Vahdam’s Masala Tea. The brand borrows from ancient Ayurvedic knowledge to provide an extensive range of herbal supplements. 

Celes Te

With a blend of full-bodied flavour and enchanting aromas, CelesTe will give you the right sip to start your day. The brand offers unique black tea flavours that relieve stress and anxiety, control cholesterol, and improve gut health. 

You can also try their green tea for a relaxed mind and body. The brand offers not just regular tea but a potent brew that teleports you. 

Bottom Line

Takeaway -

  • Tea has a rich history and cultural significance and has been consumed for thousands of years.
  • International Tea Day, celebrated on May 21st, promotes sustainable tea production and  awareness around the same.
  • Organic India, Oh Cha, ISVARA, Homegrown Platter, Vahdam Tea and CelesTe are some of the popular and healthy tea brands.

These brands offer everything from invigorating black tea to delicate green tea. The diverse array of flavours and aromas makes each brand unique and distinct. Choose from these fascinating options and grab the one that suits you best.

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