Impactful Brands at Amala Earth

On the occasion of Amala Earth Day Awards 2024, we want to shine a light on the brands that are creating an impact by championing sustainable practices and creating a positive impact on the planet. Here we present to you the second category - The Impactful Brands

Celebrating Impactful Brands at Amala Earth

The 'Impactful Brands' segment shines a light on the sustainable brands that are making an effort towards creating ethical products and encouraging mindful consumption. We have recognised these brands under the different categories at Amala Earth such as:

  • Mindful Eating
  • Responsible Fashion
  • Joyful Home
  • Conscious Family
  • Ethical Beauty
  • Feel Good Others

Mindful Eating Brands

In the mindful eating brands we acknowledge the commitment to organic ingredients, and promoting healthy consumption habits. These brands not only prioritize the well-being of consumers but also advocate for the health of our environment, which makes them truly impactful.

1. Barosi

An authentic food brand that connects consumers to local, trusted and sustainable farms. From their farms to your doorstep, the product you receive is the best local product grown in the most economically sustainable way.

Check out Barosi at Amala Earth

2. The Whole Truth Foods

A mindful brand makes food so clean that it proudly declares every single ingredient that goes into it. They speak the whole truth because they are transparent in their ingredients and safe in their processes.

Check out The Whole Truth Foods at Amala Earth

3. Gudmom

A brand that has 100% organic and fresh farm produce. Their vision is to make millet & organic foods accessible to all. They have empowered 5000+ organic farmers, certified them, and provided them with seeds and training which is necessary to engage in organic farming.

Check out Gudmom at Amala Earth

4. Valley Culture India

A brand made in rural India for urban India. They promise to provide natural food products that rejuvenate your mind and body with the goodness and health values of mother nature.

Check out Valley Culture India at Amala Earth

Responsible Fashion Brands

At Amala Earth, we believe that fashion is more than just clothing and is an opportunity to make a sustainable choice in your daily life. Therefore, we are honouring these impactful brands under the responsible fashion category.


A responsible fashion brand promoting ethical practices that create high-quality, low-impact, long-lasting products. They carefully consider their fabrics and materials and work towards eco-friendly clothing which results in reducing waste, chemicals, and plastics that jeopardise the planet's ecosystem.

Check out PALISON at Amala Earth


A fashion brand that has its heart in India’s craft traditions to rediscover its love for all things handmade. Their designs are perfected by an artisan's labour of love put together over many days, weeks and months.

Check out Kaisori at Amala Earth

3. BANANA Labs

A traditional and sustainable fashion brand whose passion for Indian culture and this tradition has stood the test of time. With their modern and contemporary twist, while retaining the authenticity of the craft, they have heritage styles handcrafted by artisans of India.

Check out BANANA Labs at Amala Earth

4. Studio Beej

An ethical fashion brand where creativity, ethical practices and conscious fashion co-exist and thrive. They believe sustainability goes beyond being eco-friendly and are here to create an ecosystem that supports, nurtures, and encourages making conscious choices.

Check out Studio Beej at Amala Earth

5. Saphed

A responsible fashion brand that is focused on creating quality linen wear and supporting sustainable fashion choices. Drawing inspiration from India’s geography and culture, they hope to stretch the boundaries of world-renowned Indian heritage and contribute to the global linen renaissance.

Check out Saphed at Amala Earth

Joyful Home Brands

At Amala Earth, we believe that creating a joyful home extends beyond aesthetics and is about implementing sustainability in your daily life. Thus, we are recognising the brands that offer eco-friendly home decor that reduces environmental impact while enhancing the comfort and joy of your home.

1. Lazy Gardener

An eco-friendly and sustainable brand that has hassle-free products and solutions for urban gardeners. Their wide range includes organic soils & fertilisers, pots, plants, gardening tools, and more.

Check out Lazy Gardener at Amala Earth

2. Nakshikathaa

A home brand that restores and preserves the crafts of India that are diverse, and rich in history, culture and heritage. They have embarked on a journey to bring back the authentic craftsmanship of India in the form of decor products made from natural materials.

Check out Nakshikathaa at Amala Earth

3. Green Heirloom

A non-toxic kitchenware brand which is reflective of the Indian legacy and makes cookware in natural materials like bronze, clay, brass and cast iron.

Check out Green Heirloom at Amala Earth

4. Everything Beautiful

A mindful brand that curates locally sourced products which enhance our home and kitchen experience, offering not just quality but also affordability, ensuring that everyone can revel in the beauty of everyday life.

Check out Everything Beautiful at Amala Earth

5. Earthbound Cookware

A kitchenware brand that makes authentic, handcrafted cookware that embodies the essence of traditional cooking. They provide job opportunities to women artisans and promote self-dependence among them.

Check out Earthbound at Amala Earth

6. Radliving

A home decor brand that promotes wellness through their hand-poured soy wax candles. Their candles are a step towards an indulgence full of an aromatic aura, an optimistic ambience, and an introspective journey towards meeting our real selves.

Check out Radliving at Amala Earth

Conscious Family Brands

When it comes to our family and kids, we only want the best and some brands go the extra mile by providing products that are conscious and good for the environment. Here are some impactful brands in the Conscious family category.

1. Baby Jalebi

An organic baby brand that makes smart parenting products including natural baby bedding, nursery décor, diaper bags, play furniture and more. They continuously innovate, check quality and consciously support the environment.

Check out Baby Jalebi at Amala Earth

2. Akishi

A non-toxic toy brand that makes handmade dolls which are crafted from eco-friendly, nature-grown material keeping children closest to nature and strengthening their love for the same.

Check out Akishi at Amala Earth

3. Himalayan Bloom

A mindful brand that empowers women by providing job opportunities through training so that they can crochet their way to make hand-knitted toys and other essentials for babies.

4. Chi Linen

A kidswear brand, where all the clothes are sustainably sourced and made using organic and breathable linen, noted for its comfort and softness. They put sustainability at the forefront of every creation.

Check out Chi Linen at Amala Earth

5. Forest Child

A 100% cotton and handmade clothing brand for babies, they take their inspiration from a child who enjoys being acquainted with nature, animals and flora.

Check out Forest Child at Amala Earth

6. Windmill Baby

A kids brand that has only natural, certified and toxin-free cleaning products will keep your home as well as your babies safe and clean.

Check out Windmill Baby at Amala Earth

7. Bhaakur

A thoughtfully designed clothing and baby essentials for newborns to 6 years. Bhaakur means “Hug” in Sindhi and their products are nothing less than a big warm hug for kids. They have carefully and intentionally created a collection, to which all parents can relate, giving them a sense of belonging.

Check out Bhaakur at Amala Earth

8. Dulaar

Dulaar is a slow fashion brand for kids, who have adopted a natural approach, with a focus on reusability and premium quality materials for your little one’s utmost comfort.

Check out Dulaar at Amala Earth

Ethical Beauty Brands

The ethical beauty category celebrates brands that prioritize transparency, cruelty-free practices, and sustainable packaging in the beauty industry. By offering clean and green alternatives to conventional beauty products, these brands redefine standards of beauty while protecting our planet's precious resources.

1. Amrutam

An Ayurvedic and wellness brand which aims at holistic wellness and the journey of healing the self through nature and natural products. Inspired by ancient texts and Vedas, Amrutam recipes contain therapeutic properties that address the root cause of a concern directly.

Check out Amrutam at Amala Earth

2. Faith & Patience

A clean skincare and hair care brand that provides high-quality and cruelty-free products that help women feel confident and beautiful. Their mission is to empower women to embrace their natural beauty and enhance their skin and hair with safe and effective products.

Check out Faith & Patience at Amala Earth

3. Purearth

An ethical beauty brand that celebrates the deep thread of infinite wisdom from ancient communities, raw, natural beauty free of chemicals and quick fixes, and craftsmanship that nourishes the body, mind and soul.

Check out Purearth at Amala Earth

4. Just Herbs

An Ayurvedic beauty brand that creates holistic beauty solutions that are safe, honest and effective. They pair the best aspects of traditional ayurvedic practices with learning from contemporary knowledge to offer skincare, hair care and makeup products that nourish, preserve and protect.

Check out Just Herbs at Amala Earth

5. Juicy Chemistry

A clean beauty brand with a truly efficacious range of 100% organic and natural beauty and personal care products. The brand was born with a goal to dig deep into every aspect of the product and deliver the safest and highest quality products.

Check out Juicy Chemistry at Amala Earth

Feel Good Others Brands

At Amala Earth, the Feel Good Others category encompasses a diverse range of products and brands that are working hard to promote social and environmental well-being.

1. BioQ

BioQ is an eco-friendly brand that develops products that are aimed at helping people make the switch to eco-friendly alternatives without compromising on aesthetics or functionality. They dream of a perfect circular system where all that was once considered waste, can be converted into something of value again.

Check out BioQ at Amala Earth

The Takeaway

Celebrate Earth Day by voting for your favourite brands that are creating an impact and contributing to a brighter, more sustainable future for all. Stay tuned for the announcement of the Amala Earth Day Awards 2024 results and keep making healthier and more mindful choices with Amala Earth.