Immunity-boosting food for Kids
Esha Dhawan
Nov 06, 2023

As much as we love the chilly mornings and sweater weather, winter is also the season when most kids tend to fall sick. Thus, it becomes essential for parents to take extra care of their little ones during this time. To ensure that your kids stay resilient and healthy in the face of this changing season, we have compiled a list of immunity-boosting foods for kids. These foods are the allies you need to keep your little ones healthy, even as winter casts its chilly spell.

7 Best Immunity-Boosting Foods for Kids

To safeguard your child’s health in the midst of the winter season, you must add the following immune-boosting foods to their diet to strengthen their defense against ruthless winter pollution.

1. Fruits and Vegetables

Adding seasonal vegetables and fruits to your child’s winter diet is crucial to enhance their immunity. While green-leafy vegetables like spinach are extremely nutritious, seasonal fruits like citrus fruits, guavas and pomegranates can play a key role in strengthening the body’s defenses against illnesses. This is also a delicious way to fight any pollutants that might make your little ones sick.

2. Chickpeas

Chickpeas are not only a popular snack but also a good source of protein, vitamins and minerals for children. Thus, it can be a nutritious and immunity-boosting food for kids that can help build a robust immune system.

3. Turmeric

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties and wealth of health benefits, turmeric is an excellent immune-boosting food. Thus, if you want to bolster your child’s immunity, turmeric is a crucial ingredient that you must not miss.

4. Dry Fruits and Seeds

Dry fruits like almonds and walnuts are brimming with essential nutrients that your body requires during the winter months. In addition, seeds like chia seeds and flaxseeds are extremely beneficial to build your child’s immunity, making them an important food for boosting immunity in kids.

5. Yoghurt

Your child’s diet should definitely include probiotic-rich food to help keep their gut healthy during this severe season. After all, a healthy gut is directly related to a robust immunity and a valuable addition to your child’s diet.

6. Oats

As you know, oats are a wholesome and nourishing source of dietary fibre. But did you know oats are also a good food to increase immunity? So, start your child’s day with a warm bowl of this cereal grain and protect them against multiple diseases.

7. Jaggery

A sweet way to boost your child’s nutritional intake and immunity is to add jaggery to their diet. This traditional sweetener is rich in both iron and many other nutrients that you require to improve your child’s immune system in the winter season.

Immunity Boosting Foods for Babies

For every parent, their first priority is to nurture their child’s health and immunity. But if you are a first-time parent who is not sure how to do that, keep reading. Here are a few immune-boosting foods for babies that are suitable for your little bundles of joy.

1. Breast Milk: Breast milk is the perfect food to boost the immune system in babies. This is because it has miraculous benefits and provides all the essential nutrients and antibodies to protect your baby.

2. Fruit and Vegetable Purees: You can introduce your baby to the world of fruits and vegetables that are packed with vitamins by turning them into delicious purees.

3. Khichdi: An Indian dietary staple that is also suitable for babies is Khichdi. You can make a simple khichdi by mixing rice, lentils and well-cooked vegetables and boost immunity in winter for your baby.

5 Tips to Boost Immune in Kids Naturally

If you are looking for ways to boost your child’s immune system to protect them against unwanted infections and illnesses, here are a few practical tips. 

Tip 1: Having a Balanced Diet

Make sure to include a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, proteins, and dairy products to your child’s winter diet. This is because a balanced diet is a sure-shot way to boost the immune system.

Tip 2: Maintaining Hygiene is Key

Apart from the immunity-boosting foods for kids, you must also encourage good hygiene. For instance, teach your kid the importance of proper handwashing to avoid the spread of germs and infections.

Tip 3: Staying Hydrated is Important

Encourage your child to drink an adequate amount of water to help flush out any toxins. Moreover, drinking fruit juices, coconut water and milk can also be a good option to stay hydrated.

Tip 4: Limiting Sugar 

Sugar is perhaps the biggest enemy for the immune system as it can lead to inflammation and make the body more susceptible to any infections. Thus, you must limit your child’s sugar intake by keeping them away from sweets, desserts and sweetened beverages. Instead, you can shift to healthier food to boost immunity in kids.

Tip 5: Vaccinations

By ensuring that your child receives all the necessary vaccinations recommended by health professionals, you can build their immunity and defend them against a plethora of infections. So, follow the recommended vaccination schedule and allow your child to grow and thrive.

The Takeaway

As we get ready for the winter season, it is important to protect the smiles of your little ones. You can foster your child’s immune system by embracing these immunity-boosting foods for kids. Discover more ways to support your child's health with the help of Amala Earth, where we offer holistic wellness solutions for children and families.

FAQs on Immunity-Boosting Foods for Kids

How to increase immunity in kids naturally?

To safeguard and boost your child’s immunity against the negative impact of winter pollution and weather changes, you must add immune boosting foods to their diet. Additionally, you must ensure that your child gets enough sleep, has a balanced diet, stays hydrated, and more.

Which vegetables increase immunity in kids?

Green leafy vegetables like spinach are the most effective in increasing your child’s immunity. Some other foods to boost the immune system in kids include broccoli and carrots as they are rich in vitamins and minerals.

Which Indian foods boost immunity?

A few Indian foods that help boost immunity in children and adults are khichdi, yoghurt, jaggery and spices like cumin, turmeric, ginger and garlic. These foods are a staple in Indian cooking and help foster a good immune system in kids from a young age.

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