We Researched Everything About ‘Organic’ So You Don’t Have To - A Guide To Organic Products

From farming to shopping, consumers prefer everything organic these days. The reason for this is the increased awareness when it comes to the benefits associated with using organic products. The increase in demand for organic products can be especially felt in the cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical, and personal care industries. People consider organic products to be safe, healthy, and better for their loved ones, and therefore, the popularity of organic products is not going to reduce anytime soon. Some of the main advantages of organic products are highlighted below:

Chemical-free - In organic products, you won't find any chemicals, synthetic preservatives, artificial colors, fragrances, etc. Therefore, they are chemical-free and safe for regular use.

As a smart consumer, you should focus on eating healthy food. Organic food items provide you with a great option to lead a healthy lifestyle. As a result, you should incorporate them into your life.

Minimizes the risks - The use of organic products minimizes the risks of falling sick. Because in organically grown food, compost and organic manure are used.

Similarly, organic cosmetic products will reduce skin issues like irritation, redness, swelling, and much more. Also, organic farming minimizes pollution and is safe for the environment.

Influence of Ayurveda - The influence of Ayurveda and Yoga has grown immensely not only in India but also in western countries. As the Ayurvedic treatments advocate the use of only natural and organic ingredients like herbs, roots, fruits, and flowers, they are known to cause little to no after-effects.

As a result, people have started preferring them over allopathic medicines these days. Therefore, you will find herbal powders, herbal medicines, and organic supplements being used on a large scale these days.

You may also include natural supplements in your regular diet to improve your immunity, health, and fitness.

Is buying organic products a good idea?

Purchasing organic products is certainly a good idea considering the several health benefits associated with it. However, there are several low-quality products available in the market especially when it comes to health and nutritional supplements. Therefore, you should research the kind of products and brands that are offering high-quality products in the specific niche or category in which you are planning to shop.

In India, there are several ways to identify organic products. You can check for the green dot to find if a product is made of vegetarian or non-vegetarian ingredients. Non-vegetarian products will show a red dot on the packaging material.

FSSAI i.e. Food Safety and Standard Authority of India provides their authorization in the form of a logo for the organic food products. This logo has 'Jaivik Bharat' in it, which translates to Organic India in English.


Similarly, there are other logos you can check for such as NPOP (National Programme for Organic Production) Certified India Organic Logo, and PGS (Participatory Guarantee System) India logo that signifies that a product consists of at least 95% of organic ingredients.

Also, you may check the Jaivik Bharat portal to confirm whether a product is organic or not. Details of the manufacturer, certifications available with them, and other information are easily accessible through this website.

Though these logos and certifications give authenticity to a product, it does not mean that the products that do not contain these logos and certifications are inauthentic. It is because a large number of small and medium scale industries that have an annual turnover under Rs 12,00,000 have the permission to sell their products without registering on Jaivik Bharat.

Are organic products expensive?

Some organic products can be more expensive than regular ones. For example, vegetables and fruits that are grown organically often tend to be more expensive than the veggies and fruits that are grown by using synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.

Similarly, compost and organic manure can be costly as compared to fertilizers made from synthetic ingredients. However, there is nothing wrong with spending a few extra bucks to improve your health and lifestyle. If your budget does not provide you the liberty of spending lavishly on organic products, you should determine the products that will be the most beneficial for your health.

For instance, you should eat apples, berries, spinach, potatoes, grapes, tomatoes, cucumber, sweet potatoes, and other fruits and vegetables only if they are grown organically. It is because these fruits and veggies tend to have the most synthetic or inorganic pesticides and fertilizers.

Also, instead of buying expensive organic shampoos, conditioners, and cosmetic products, you can focus on using raw ingredients like Aloe Vera, Reetha (soapnut), Neem, Tulsi, etc. for skincare and hair care purposes as they are available at a cheaper price.

You can also develop a friendship with a local farmer who practices organic farming to get his/her product at a cost-effective price. Buying directly from the farmers might be financially rewarding to them as well. If you make some effort to eat healthy and organic food, it will never go in vain!

Living a healthy life with organic products is a full circle. It not only helps us but also provides benefits to those around us and allows us to grow synergically with nature!

Moreover, you should know that consuming everything organic might not be great for your health. For example, food products like biscuits, noodles, pasta, etc,. can claim to be organic but they are still rich in sugar, salt, and fat. Therefore, it is better to consume them sparingly.

Likewise, a skincare or hair care product that contains all the organic labels and certifications may not be compatible with your hair and skin type. As a result, you must be smart enough to recognize if an organic product is good for you or not.

How does buying organic products help us to protect the earth?

By choosing organic food products, you ensure that water will remain free of chemicals and toxic fertilizers, and by choosing organic compost for farming, you will make sure that the soil does not degrade. This will not only improve the productivity of your crops but will also help to make earth a better place to live in.

The products that need animal-based ingredients tend to expose the animals to a lot of pain and torture. Organic animal husbandry will save millions of animals from antibiotics and will also prove to be economically beneficial for everyone. Some of the ways in which your decision of purchasing organic products can make earth a better place to live in are stated below:


Absorbs carbon emissions - It has been observed that organic fields have the ability to absorb carbon emissions. It means that your decision of buying fruits and vegetables that are organically grown will support organic farming, which in turn will eliminate some pollution from the environment.

When farmers use pesticides and fertilizers of synthetic origin, they affect the environmental balance by eliminating algae, microorganisms, bees, and other biologically beneficial elements. Organic farming requires less energy and is more environmentally friendly in terms of carbon emissions. Also, it has been noted that organic farming encourages biodiversity by at least 30% more than conventional farming.

Keeps animals healthy - If you feed organic products or supplies to your livestock or pet animals, they remain more healthy. Eating organic food improves their immunity and they can remain protected from viruses and infections.

Sustainable initiatives of organic brands - Most of the organizations that sell organic products also adopt sustainable ways while manufacturing their products. For example, many brands use solar panels to power their plants whenever it is possible and recycle the packaging material to reduce the release of inorganic waste into the surroundings. Therefore, if you are buying organic products, you are helping those who believe in creating a sustainable environment for everyone.

Personal food preferences - As a buyer of organic products, you can also adopt a more conscious way of living. For example, you can refrain from eating meat or start a market in your locality for farmers who practice organic farming to promote the culture of organic eating. Consuming organic food is not only an eco-friendly option but it is also healthy. Therefore, it benefits our society in both ways.

Some things that you should be aware of before adopting an organic lifestyle

Leading an organic lifestyle will be beneficial for your body and it will also work wonders for the environment. However, adopting an organic lifestyle by consuming organic food, using organic products, and skincare products are not as easy as it seems to be. You should be aware of these things before adopting an organic lifestyle:

Organic isn’t always healthy

It has been noted that even organic food and skincare products contain some amount of chemicals. It might be either due to voluntary use of chemicals or due to environmental reasons like floods, wind, etc., which expose organic produce to chemicals and pesticides.

Also, the inspection process used to provide organic labels to brands might not always be foolproof. Some companies tend to get forged logos and certifications to impress the customers.

Many food inspectors provide certificates to company owners merely by asking them a few questions. It means that they actually don't indulge in testing the food or soil before granting certification. Therefore, as a smart consumer, you should always conduct thorough research before purchasing organic products.

Organic lifestyle is not a cakewalk

Adopting an organic lifestyle is not a cakewalk as you might have to compromise on many things in your life. Therefore, it is always wise to start with small and simple things before going organic completely. For example, you can purchase organic bedding and accessories, use organically grown food supplies, and use natural products in the beginning. Slowly, you can proceed to consume milk, tea, and other food supplies that are grown naturally. Here also, you will need to research how to change your life by buying organic products.

Be careful while reading the labels

Before checking the labels related to organic products, confirm what a specific label means. Don’t forget to cross-check the ingredients before buying organic products and make it a point to find out whether a product is composed of parabens, sulfates, GMOs, and synthetic fragrances and additives.


Before going organic, analyze and judge your reasons for doing so. After that, adopt an organic lifestyle slowly as it should not affect the happiness of your family members and the quality of your lifestyle should also not be affected by it. Take small steps to make the process mentally and financially feasible for you. Also, stay away from misleading products and brands as they might use marketing tactics and lure you into purchasing products that are counterfeits or fake.