How to Take Care of Your Pets This Diwali

Diwali is an auspicious and exciting annual festival.  Every Indian, no matter where they are, eagerly looks forward to celebrating Diwali. Unfortunately, it is not the same for our pets. For them, Diwali happens to be a highly stressful and scary time. The sudden change in the surrounding with loud noises, fireworks, and increased human activity during the festival season results in confused and stressed pets. 

Reasons for pet stress during Diwali

There are various reasons your pets are restless and irritated during Diwali.

Loud Noise: Most pets have very sensitive ears. For instance, dogs have an auditory pain threshold of about 95 decibels, as against the 130-decibel point in humans. Most crackers produce sounds of about 190 decibels which we humans feel is very disturbing. Imagine what a dog goes through when that loud sound hits its ears.

Smokey smell in the air: Burning firecrackers leave the air polluted with poisonous gases and harmful particulate matter. It has been found that inhaling firecracker smoke often results in severe lung oedema in pets.

General carelessness: Every Diwali, several reports of reckless burning of firecrackers result in severe burn injuries and other types of mutilations in pets around India. One also comes across many reports of pets accidentally chewing the firecrackers leading to vomiting, diarrhoea, and sometimes even death by poisoning. Moreover, pets can feel left out with guests and friends around Diwali.

Common symptoms of pet stress

Pet owners must recognise the symptoms of pet stress and anxiety in their pets and deal with them accordingly. The most common signs of stress include fear, loss of appetite, whining, excessive salivation, and pooping at unusual places inside and outside the house. It is also commonly seen that many dogs and cats try to escape the house due to confusion and fear during the festive season.  In the long run, some pets exhibit permanent phobia or excessive anxiety towards even simple sounds and people.


Caring for pets on Diwali

Here are six easy ways you can take care of your pets this Diwali:

  1.   Firstly, it is essential to understand that your pet will be under stress during the Diwali season. Some will try hiding in remote corners inside the house, while others may get hyperactive. Be patient with them, and be with them.
  2.   If you plan to burn crackers, ensure that you do so away from your pet. It would help if you were double sure that your firecrackers are stored safely and your diyas are kept away from your pet.  
  3.   It is often recommended that you take your dog for good exercise for an hour or two before burning your crackers.  Feed them well after their workout. A tired and well-fed dog will prefer to sleep, thus reducing its focus on the sounds around it. Covering your pet with a blanket while they sleep might lessen the sound of firecrackers.
  4.   Close all the windows and doors of your house to reduce the sound of firecrackers. Turning up the volume of your TV or music system will also help reduce the noise of firecrackers for your pet. Some people prefer to put small cotton balls inside their dog's ears.
  5.   Have your pet on a leash, if possible, during firecrackers. However, if it is irritating, let them be free inside the house, but make sure all the doors and windows are locked. Also, ensure your pet is wearing a tag with your name and number mentioned on it so that if they jump out of the house in a panic, people finding them can reach you. This is important, especially for cats.
  6.   If you have birds as pets, ensure sufficient fresh water is available inside their cage. Birds tend to drink water when in a panic.


Useful products that will help you make Diwali easier for your pet

Here is a list of interesting pet products on Diwali to help reduce pet stress:


Hush Baby Calming Spray for Dogs | 100 ml

The loud sound of crackers, the smoke, the bright lights, and guests around the house are some reasons for pet stress on Diwali. Hush Baby could play an essential role for your pet dog this season. It has a unique combination of lavender (a natural antidepressant) and chamomile (an effective aid to relaxation) that aids in reducing stress in dogs and helps them in a good night's sleep.

Directions to use - Cover your dog's eyes and face and spray from a distance of 6 inches, or spray the dog bed.


Hemp Haven Natural Healing Balm

High pollution levels during Diwali can have side effects on pets, such as skin irritation. Moreover, their increased anxiety levels can cause them to be restless and try to hide around objects and things, and in the process, they can get minor wounds and abrasions. The Hemp Haven Healing Balm is beneficial in treating minor bruises in pets.  This all-around product comprises hemp seed oil, coconut oil and Vitamin E oil, with a sprinkling of shea butter, kokum butter and lavender to keep your pets’ skin smooth and nourished.

Directions to use: You can rub it on your dog's paws, snout or wound.


Fields of Lavender Natural Shampoo

As the Diwali evening approaches, it could be a good idea to give your furry friend a good bath with the Fields of Lavender natural Shampoo. Made with lavender, geranium essential oils, cucumber extracts and aloe, this shampoo offers aromatic and therapeutic benefits to your pet, considering that lavender is a natural anti-depressant. This product is SLS, SLES and Paraben free and contains no artificial fragrances or synthetic chemicals.

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