How to Take Care of Brass Jewellery

Jewellery made from brass has become increasingly popular due to its unique look and skin-friendly properties. It is made from an alloy of copper and zinc, giving it a warm, golden hue that is elegant and sophisticated. Brass jewellery has many benefits, making it a must-have in any collection. From its durability and affordability to its hypoallergenic properties and versatility, Indian brass jewellery is well-known for multiple reasons. 

Let us delve deeper into why brass jewellery is a must for effortless fashion and functionality.

Reasons To Wear Brass Jewellery 

Brass is a fantastic metal for making jewellery. If you do not already have it in your jewellery collection, the below reasons will convince you to have some.


The primary reason to purchase brass jewellery is their affordability. You can get gold-like jewellery pieces at a fraction of the price compared to gold. The colour of the jewellery resembles 14-karat gold while being extremely light on the pocket. If you want affordable yet unique ornaments, brass jewellery for women is your go-to option.

Health Benefits 

Traditional brass jewellery has been widely used due to its positive health impacts. Copper is present in small amounts in brass. Copper enters the body when constantly in touch with the skin upon wearing the jewellery. It enters the body and benefits from its natural antibacterial properties. Improved metabolism and energy are among other health benefits of wearing brass jewellery. 


Brass available for making jewellery is usually recycled from scrap, making it a sustainable jewellery option. We can recycle brass over and over without losing its properties. Additionally, recycled and upcycled brass jewellery takes less energy and has a reduced carbon footprint. Therefore, it can be considered an eco-friendly jewellery option. 

Workable Nature 

The malleability of brass makes it available for multiple jewellery-making techniques. It can be easily cut, worked, and soldered. Brass can also be cast into moulds and later turned into detailed pieces. You will find antique handmade brass jewellery throughout history and beyond. It makes an excellent base metal for plated jewellery. A few trendy handcrafted brass ornaments include chokers, dangler earrings, brass stud necklaces, brass hoop earrings, etc. 

Brass is strong, lightweight, and durable. Jewellery made from brass will last a lifetime and beyond. The only thing you need to ensure is that it is well-made.

Caring Tips For Brass Jewellery 

You can expect your brass jewellery to change their colours slightly. However, you can use household materials to clean them. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep your jewellery in the best shape. 

  • Mix warm water and non-toxic cleaner to submerge your brass jewellery for 10-15 minutes. Remove the jewellery from the solution and use a soft brush to clean it. Rinse it thoroughly and dry well before keeping them inside. 
  • Storing brass pieces in airtight containers is highly recommended. If you live in a humid environment, doing so becomes even more essential.
  • It is advised to avoid wearing brass earrings or bangles while bathing or swimming.
  • Do not spray perfume on the brass jewellery. You can dab perfumes in areas away from your jewellery.
  • Brass jewellery with details like semi-precious stones must be taken to a jeweller for effective cleaning. 

Bottom Line 

Takeaway -

  • Wearing brass jewellery has health benefits, including improved metabolism and energy.
  • Brass jewellery is functional which can be paired with all-day clothing pieces.
  • Brass is an eco-friendly and sustainable fashion jewellery option which can be recycled.
  • Brass is malleable and workable, making it suitable for various jewellery-making techniques.

Brass is a versatile metal for making jewellery. You can keep the brass ornaments intact with a little care. You can browse brass jewellery for men and women to grab some timeless pieces.

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