How to Stay Holistically Healthy with Yoga & Meditation

Mental health has become a common discussion on social media lately. Influencers, celebrities, and healthcare professionals often talk about the importance of your mental well-being. 

The time when people would consider others’ feelings and happiness before their own is long gone. Today, experts advise you to practice self-care to keep yourself happy. And yoga has proven to be an effective way to achieve that. Self-care practices, like gifting yourself, meditation cushions and focusing on yourself, are effective ways to prioritise yourself. 

If you are too exhausted from your work schedule or have a troubled relationship, you can put on your yoga pants, pull out the yoga mat and take some time to practice meditation. A few minutes of this daily practice can boost your concentration, de-stress your mind, and bring a positive change in your life. Let’s check out some tips on making yourself a priority. 

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Keep Yourself Physically Fit

Your physical health affects your mood and overall mental stability. You can’t prioritise yourself if you don’t understand your body’s signals. To achieve a fit and healthy body, try to follow a balanced diet plan and give your body some physical activity daily.

Most people don’t have the time to hit a gym and practice high-intensity workout sessions daily. Fortunately, there are other ways to achieve physical fitness, and it doesn’t have to be any strenuous exercises that get your heart racing. All you need is Yoga Mats, yoga rollers, blocks and straps and knowledge of the basic yoga poses. There you go!


Practice Gratitude

Yoga and meditation work when you learn to value what you have. People develop depression and mental health disorders because of their habit of complaining about the things they don’t have. Gratitude practice helps you feel complete, content, and healthy. 

Have you ever wondered how some people have a positive mindset? How do they see good in everything and everyone? Thanks to the gratitude concept. Counting your blessings and valuing each experience improves your mental health. It clears your mind and helps you focus better on work, relationships, and responsibilities.


Try Mindfulness Practices Daily

The most important part of a healthy self-care routine is stable mental health. While you can’t control stressors, you have full control over how you respond to them. If you get frustrated over little things very easily, learning some ways to calm your mind can help. 

It’s advisable to try meditation or mindful practices, like journaling or breathing exercises, to cope with stress. Meditation is a simple practice. You can also try it in a group setting. For instance, you can grab your meditation mats, find a tranquil location, and focus on inhaling and exhaling.

Make Self-care a Habit

Sundays don’t have to be the only day when you take time off work. You don’t need weekends to plan picnics, participate in your favourite sports, plan a romantic date, or do other interesting things. 

It’s recommended that you invest at least 1-2 hours daily in your hobbies or activities that calm your mind and make you feel good. It can be reading, cooking, practising meditation using cushions or yoga mats and taking a walk in a peaceful place. Put on sports wear and get some physical exercise.

Learn Different Yoga Poses

Yoga isn’t just for your physical health. If you have been practising it already, you know how it can release feel-good hormones and keep you happy. The reason we are talking about yoga repeatedly is that it’s easy, and anyone, irrespective of age and gender, can practice some popular poses using a Yoga mat, stretching bands or yoga blocks for balance


You can get your kids a comfy yoga mat and practice this healthy physical and mental exercise with your family. A few yoga poses for self-care are the supine child’s pose, crocodile pose, and cat and cow pose. For beginners, Suryanamaskar is a great way to start a yoga practice. 

Those were some easy tips on making yourself a priority in 2023. It’s best to get some yoga essentials and engage in meditation, yoga, gratitude, and other self-care practices to improve your health. Hope this post helped you learn the importance of prioritising your mental and physical health over everything.

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