How To Feel Happier And Motivated Daily - Self Love With Holistic Wellbeing

Feeling down and uninterested in everything around them is a state of mind that an individual may find themselves in. No worries! This, too, shall pass! However, it is important to make an effort. Trying to obtain advice by visiting a motivational guru or a religious advisor is not always the right path to follow. Instead, one can set one’s goals and follow them diligently.

Setting some tasks for myself is not difficult, either. On the contrary, it can be about digging deep into the psyche and awakening the inner being. Indulging in a hobby is a good thing. One may try something simple yet interesting such as cooking, reading or keeping a journal.

Some of the activities often practised as a hobby bring great joy. Individuals have often found the following beneficial:-

  1. Reading & Writing- The individual does not have to read motivational books alone. Any book will do. The purpose is to keep her mind engrossed and unleash the powers of imagination. Jotting down the thought would be particularly exciting too. They would surely find the beautiful notebook crafted from eco-friendly hemp paper too lovely to ignore. Using it as a journal will ensure keeping the thoughts together too. They may opt for the more organised planner diary too. It contains pages made out of banana & cotton fibres. Moreover, it comes with a hardbound cover that is easy to store and retain for years.

  1. Cooking – Whipping a delicious dish within minutes can be a refreshing experience. World-renowned chefs use science to develop an art that is appreciated by one and all. Cooking does not have to be attending a master class, however. Instead, it can keep the mind occupied and help them give due attention to detail, thus simultaneously ensuring the body and mind's wellness. The journey can be detailed in the beautiful Amrutam Diary Journal for Wellness and shared with others.

Workout-Individuals are often encouraged to go gymming to ensure physical wellness. Sadly, this is only half the truth. Learning and practising yoga, deemed the science of healing from ancient India, is better. While the aspirants can do it without any paraphernalia, it makes sense to make the yogic moves a trifle easier by using the following:-

    1. Vials to hold essential oils
    2. An eco-friendly yoga mat to ensure comfort. Persons new to the science of ancient healing or yoga find the anti-slip yoga mat invaluable to retain their posture.
    3. A complex labyrinth to aid focus and relax the mind
    4. A wisdom bell to get rid of pent-up anger issues and negativity
    5. Flaxseed-containing eye pillow to position the face during meditation
    6. Yoga students find the Kalimba, an African musical instrument, invaluable in reducing stress & anxiety. Advanced students prefer to use the more complicated product that includes 17 keys.

      Sure, the spiritual guides advice caring for others. However, thinking of the self before turning to others is most important. Self Care is a concept that is critical to the well-being of all people across the world. Keeping the mind and body clean and urged of contaminants that make them feel good about themselves. The process of becoming a good human being begins here.

      Again, it is vital to remember that self-love is not about touching another person and experiencing gratification. Instead, try to banish the devils and feel positive about the self. Sure, the procedure may not be easy. But there is no harm in trying, either.

      1. Gifting a set of Affirmation Cards can enable their friends and family to feel better about themselves. Yes! People are elated about getting gifts. Why not give the self a Handmade Paper Affirmation Journal to pen down all thoughts?

      1.  Enhancing self-care by noting the dos and don’ts in an eco-friendly notebook can be a ready reckoner, bringing them closer to the objective.
      2. Let your friends hold their thoughts of self-love and workout essentials in the gorgeous eco-friendly bamboo inlay gift bags.

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