How to Design a Wabi Sabi Home

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Different cultures follow different practices of decorating a home. Wabi Sabi has been practised native to Japan since ancient times. This practice appreciates the beauty of being imperfect. People who adapt to the Wabi Sabi style are more inclined towards nature and earth-friendly products. Wabi Sabi teaches us to live simply yet elegantly.

Let’s explore the Wabi Sabi concept and how to design your home with its unique elements. 

Wabi Sabi Meaning - Explained

Wabi means simplicity and elegance. Sabi refers to enjoying life with imperfection. A practice started in the Zen Buddhism Era has now established its own space in the styling world. The Japanese didn’t believe in throwing broken pieces. Instead, they mend them to make something more beautiful. Kintsugi is a popular tradition in which broken tea cups are mended with gold. It is to teach how broken life can be meaningful.

Products like pine wood bowls, ruffled cotton bedsheets, woven trays, etc, made from natural ingredients, are also widely used by them. These products make them feel close to nature. Read below to learn more about Wabi Sabi home decor ideas.

Ways To Design A Wabi Sabi Home

Wabi Sabi interior design experts prefer original things and products and not bulk-made. Artisanal and handcrafted products like ceramic bowls are examples of authentic eco-friendly pieces which add on to the Wabi Sabi style.

  1. Introduce Natural Elements And Fabrics

In the Wabi Sabi culture, much importance is given to raw textures and organic materials. The great news is you can find products with such elements for every corner of your house. You can use cotton bedding like a cotton bedspread, cotton cushion covers and cotton dohars. Organic cotton bedding benefits you by giving a comfortable and sound sleep after a long day.

Similarly, you can replace plastic crockery with ceramic bowls, stoneware soup bowls and stoneware plates. You can serve tea and coffee in ceramic cups and handmade stoneware mugs. And for food, try handcrafted wooden serving spoons and ceramic dinner plates. It is an excellent way of introducing eco-friendly materials to your homes, which are good for your health as well as the environment.

  1. Go For Soft Colours

Wabi Sabi culture is about soft pastel colours such as soft blues, shades of grey and green representing nature. A significant influence of plants like rattan and bamboo aligning with wood, is visible in Wabi Sabi. To feel close to nature, go for pastel shades like light blue stoneware bowls and handcrafted grey stoneware serving bowls.

  1. Mix And Match

It is not always possible to have an organised decor. Wabi Sabi just steps in at the right time and preaches the beauty of imperfection. It is recommended to go for natural home decor crafted with simplicity. A cotton throw simply placed on your couch can give a stylish look. With Wabi Sabi, there is no right and wrong. 

Try to mix and match your dining table setting as well. You can use cotton napkins on your centre table. Linen napkins also make an elegant addition. Use these with a banana fibre napkin ring to add onto the charm. A wooden napkin holder can also be handy here. Lastly, use a linen table runner to make the setting look more beautiful.

  1. Natural Look Over Modern

Wabi Sabi is about being natural. By using a wooden cake stand, you can bring that rusty look into your setting. Copper bottles can be used to store water since they are antibacterial for us as well as good to reduce the plastic wastage. Similarly, a rattan woven tray can be used for more than just keeping fresh fruits. 

Final Thoughts

Wabi Sabi is the perfect way to find balance in your home decor. It frees you from a stressful environment to a calm and relaxed one. 


  • Wabi Sabi is an aesthetic concept of recognising beauty in imperfections.
  • Wabi Sabi involves creatively designing your house with a mix and match of old and new.
  • Wabi Sabi design includes eco-friendly products that make one feel close to nature.
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