How to celebrate Holi?
Esha Dhawan
Feb 22, 2024

Holi, the vibrant festival of colours, is celebrated with great enthusiasm and passion all over India. However, amidst the celebrations, it is important to be mindful of our impact on the environment. By adopting sustainable practices and some earth-friendly traditions, we can honour the spirit of Holi while protecting the planet for future generations. Let’s celebrate Holi 2024 in an eco-friendly way by adopting a few sustainable practices mentioned below.

Significance of Holi

Before we dive into mindful ways to celebrate Holi, let’s learn what is the religious and cultural significance of Holi. The festival of Holi holds immense significance in Indian culture and signifies the victory of good over evil. Since the festival is celebrated during spring, it is believed to signify the arrival of spring season and its spirited hues. But that’s not all, Holi festival significance is also linked with the legend of Holika, the demoness.

Rooted in Hindu mythology, the legend of Vishnu and Prahlad signifies the victory of virtue over vice. The demoness Holika was defeated by Vishnu to defend his devotee Prahlad. This is symbolised through the burning of a bonfire a day before Holi. Apart from this legend, Holi is also celebrated to honour the relationship between Krishna and Radha.

How to Celebrate Holi 2024 in an Eco-friendly Way?

As we come together to celebrate Holi 2024, let us give it a more sustainable touch by celebrating mindfully. Here are some simple ways you can be more sustainable and enjoy the festival of colours while making eco-friendly choices.

1. Choose Organic Gulaal

Since Holi is incomplete without colours, it is important to be mindful while choosing them. Use natural and organic Holi colours that are made of natural ingredients like maize starch, herbs, flowers, edible materials, and fruit and vegetable extracts. These colours are not only biodegradable but also non-toxic and skin-friendly since they don’t have chemicals in them. Opt for herbal and organic gulaal in different colours available at Amala Earth.

2. Consume Organic Foods & Sweets

As you know, food is a significant aspect of every Indian festival. And to make a more healthy and earth-friendly choice, you can opt for organic foods and sweets to treat yourself and your loved ones. You can choose from a curated collection of organic foods and gourmet sweets at Amala Earth for a joyful Holi 2024 celebration.

3. Sustainable Holi Decorations

While decorating your home for this joyous occasion, use eco-friendly and upcycled materials like jute, cotton, or recycled paper. You can use recycled flowers and organic waste to sustainably elevate your home and bring out the spirit of Holi.

4. Use Eco-friendly Pooja Essentials

Apart from the decorations and festivities, another aspect of Holi that can become more sustainable is the Holika pooja. Consider opting for eco-friendly pooja essentials like a kansa pooja thali or natural charcoal-free incense sticks and clay diyas to celebrate the occasion. This small change can have a big impact and will surely contribute to the eco-friendly theme.

5. Use Less Water

Another sustainable way to celebrate Holi 2024 is to minimise the use of water and reduce any water wastage. Instead of traditional water guns and balloons, consider celebrating a dry Holi or using a small amount of water while playing. Encourage water-free Holi games and activities to reduce water wastage.

The Takeaway

As we come together to celebrate the festival of Holi, let us adopt eco-friendly practices that promote sustainable living. By choosing natural colours, conserving water and consuming organic foods, we can enjoy the spirit of Holi while lowering negative impact on the environment. Shop for organic gulaal, eco-friendly decorations, healthy sweets and more at Amala Earth and embrace an eco-friendly Holi this year.

FAQs on Eco-friendly Holi

What is the significance of Holi story?

The significance of Holi festival can be explained by the legend of Holika, a demoness who was defeated by Lord Vishnu to protect his devotee. This is the reason we burn a bonfire a day before the festival. In addition, the festival is believed to denote the beginning of spring with its vibrant colours.

Why is Holi celebrated with colours?

The significance of colours in Holi is linked to Lord Krishna and Radha. It is believed that Krishna coloured Radha’s face so the two would look alike and this became the tradition of playing Holi with colours.

How can we celebrate festivals in an eco-friendly way?

There are multiple ways to celebrate the festival of Holi in an eco-friendly way. For example, you can celebrate the festival by playing with organic gulaal and herbal colours and by wasting less water. Furthermore, opting for organic foods and sweets and using eco-friendly pooja essentials is also an excellent way to celebrate Holi 2024.

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