Return Gifts for Housewarming

A housewarming or Griha Pravesh marks a fresh beginning for the homeowners in their new abode. While it is customary to exchange housewarming gifts to express joy for new homeowners, a tradition that is quickly gaining popularity is exchanging housewarming return gifts. 

A return gift is a way for the hosts to express their love and appreciation for the guests who grace the occasion with their presence. In this blog, we will explore some unique and meaningful return gift ideas for housewarming.

10 Return Gift Ideas for Housewarming in 2023

Here is a collection of heartfelt and sophisticated return gift ideas for gruhapravesam that will warm the hearts of your guests. These gifts are meant to convey your love and appreciation towards your loved ones who become a part of your housewarming celebration.

1. Scented Candles

Candles are a way to light up your home and infuse it with a heavenly aroma. Thus, gifting a set of scented candles can make the perfect housewarming return gift that your guests will love. Opt for soy wax candles to make a more eco-friendly and mindful choice.

2. Wine Bags

Another elegant return gift idea for housewarming is a wine bag made of jute as it can make it convenient to gift a bottle of wine and even double as a cute keepsake. Thus, it is a fantastic choice that will add a touch of sophistication to your housewarming party.

3. Tea Hampers

This is the perfect gift for all tea lovers who love to try different assortments of fine teas. So, choose a carefully curated tea hamper to let your loved ones know you cherish their presence at this new milestone.

4. Ceramic Mugs

Here's a practical return gift idea for housewarming that is perfect for daily use. You can opt for personalised ceramic mugs to add a sentimental touch to the return gift and make the day memorable for yourself and your guests.

5. Potted Plants

Next up, a green souvenir that symbolises growth and prosperity is an excellent return gift idea for housewarming. You can gift your guests a green token of appreciation in the form of an indoor potted plant and add a touch of greenery to their living space.

6. Ceramic Vase

A beautifully crafted ceramic vase is a timeless and classic housewarming return gift that will enhance the aesthetics of any space. So, opt for these eco-friendly and elegant return gifts and get ready for multiple compliments by your guests.

7. Bamboo Cutlery Set

If you want to make a sustainable statement and encourage your friends and family to opt for more eco-friendly alternatives, consider gifting them a bamboo cutlery set. This return gift idea for housewarming will add a touch of nature to the dining table and promote sustainability in your inner circle.

8. Daily Planners and Journals

Here’s a thoughtful housewarming return gift idea that will promote self-reflection and help your guests become more mindful. Writing down your thoughts in a daily journal is an effective way to calm your mind and organise your thoughts.

9. Vegan Chocolates

If you want to gift a handpicked collection of delectable treats, opt for a box of vegan chocolates as a housewarming return gift. These cruelty-free chocolates make for a delicious indulgence that is also ethical and earth-friendly. What’s more, you can choose from a variety of flavours in chocolates that will please the taste buds of your guests.

10. Plantable Stationary

Last but not least, you can consider plantable stationary as a housewarming return gift idea. This is an extremely practical yet thoughtful gift that will be loved by all. You can also add a personalised touch by choosing stationary with your initials or names on it to make the gift more memorable.

The Takeaway

A housewarming party or ceremony is a joyful occasion that symbolises new beginnings. And to add an extra layer of gratitude to the celebration, you can give heartfelt housewarming return gifts to your beloved guests.

These diverse return gift ideas for housewarming can make this milestone even more memorable for you and your guests. Explore handpicked Housewarming hampers and more thoughtful and earth-friendly gifts at Amala Earth.

FAQs on Return Gift Ideas for Housewarming

What is a good return gift for a housewarming?

A thoughtful yet practical gift can be the best choice for a housewarming return gift. You can consider items like potted plants, plantable stationary, scented candles and health hampers to make the day more special for yourself and your loved ones.

What are some auspicious return gift ideas for a housewarming party?

If you want to gift something traditional and auspicious to your guests, you can consider gold or silver coins, decorative diyas or plantable ganesh idols. These gifts are known to bring prosperity and symbolise good wishes from the host to the guests.

What are some eco-friendly return gifts for housewarming?

If you are looking for eco-friendly return gift ideas for housewarming, consider bamboo cutlery set, wooden wine glasses, organic soaps, and more. Find a collection of eco-friendly return gifts for housewarming online at Amala Earth.

How much should you spend on a housewarming return gift?

The amount you should spend on housewarming return gifts depends entirely on your budget and your relationship with your guests. It is best to opt for a reasonable price range and consider gifts that are practical and will be used by your guests regularly.