Home Aesthetics for Minimal, Traditional, Boho, or Contemporary Looks

A place that you long to come back to, your home, is a true reflection of your personality. And you certainly want to showcase your best with it. The choice of architecture, shapes, colours, textures, furniture, fabrics and decor of your house makes it your ‘home’. Be it an extravagant traditional setting or a simplistic contemporary setup, your home aesthetics becomes a head-turner if it is styled thoughtfully.

  1. So how do you make your home more pleasing? While multiple styles of decor are seen across the globe, there are a few common design styles that are classic, versatile and stylish. Amala Earth offers an extensive range of timeless home products for every taste and mood. Here’s how you can elevate your home decor with Amala Earth while being responsible to the planet.

1. The Old Way

  1. If you are somebody who doesn’t like to keep up with the trends and is more inspired by the classic style with a focus on elegance and elaborated ornamentation, traditional decor style is your taste. With your love for fine details and organic materials, you should amplify your home with traditional designs and materials like copper, brass, ceramic and marble. Detailed iron lamps, jute and wool rug in a traditional pattern, ornate metal vases, and hand-block printed cushion covers can amp up the luxe look of your living space. Kansa thalis, bronze utensils, marble trays, copper planters, and brass glasses can add to the rich feel of your home decor. 


2. Keeping it Simple

  1. Clean walls, surfaces, neutral tones, and an uncluttered environment fancy you more than colours and textures. You must be a minimal-style lover. If ‘less is more’ is what you follow, try decorating your home space with plain fabrics, muted hues, and simple statement pieces with a sleek appearance. Minimal-design furniture, linen throws and curtains, simple wall-hanging clocks, vases, and wood trays and utensils can bring warmth to your ambience without making much effort. 

3. Cottage Dreams

  1. A haven for world travellers, creative artists, and free-spirited people, the Bohemian design style is a creative representation of the unconventional style. Often augmented with layered rugs, tapestries, wall-hangings, and old-fashioned and natural materials, a Boho decor is a beautiful escape to the wilderness. Style your creative space with bamboo lamps, handcrafted cotton rugs, tie-dye covers, crochet curtain tie-backs, accent wood trays and serving bowls, macrame frame planters and show pieces to have an aura of free spirits.

4. Modern-fuse 

  1. A gorgeous rendition of classic style with modern sensibilities, contemporary home decor showcases simplicity and adaptability to changes. It is edgy, stylish, elegant, and distinctive. A contemporary home is minimally ornate by seamlessly blending timeless elements with new-age design. Suppose you like to fuse vintage items with modern designs. In that case, you can pick up vintage showpieces, hand-block printed cushion covers, glass candle holders, wooden platters and coasters, and minimal bedspreads for your refined home decor. 

5. Over the Top 

  1. Are you somebody who prefers maximalist styles? Generally characterised by eclectic art, wallpapers, objects, and textures, maximalist home decor is vibrant, complex, and beautiful in its own way. Elevate your bold take on your home with lively colours, layers of cotton rugs, hand-block printed curtains, tie-dye objects, linen throws, crochet and macrame wall hangings, wall plates, frames, and more.


It feels great to be surrounded by an ambience that feels like ‘you’. From classic to contemporary, exquisite designs and rich materials can create a comfortable and welcoming presence in the space. With the right pick of objects, colors and textures, you can elevate the aesthetics of your home that truly defines your energy.

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