Indian Holi Outfit Ideas 2024
Esha Dhawan
Feb 27, 2024

Whether you are getting ready for a small gathering or a lively party, Holi festivities deserve a colourful and joyful outfit that celebrates the spirit of the day. Let’s bring some flair and sustainability to your Holi outfit by exploring some eco-friendly options made with natural fabrics. By doing this, you can add a layer of mindfulness to your Holi celebrations this year. So, let’s jump in.

7 Holi Outfit Ideas for 2024

If you are wondering what to wear on Holi, here are some creative and comfortable ideas for Holi clothing that will help you make a splash at the festivities. Remember, the festival is all about movement, vibrancy and comfort. So, choose an outfit that brings out the spirit of Holi while making you feel comfortable enough to have a great time.

  • Linen Kurta for Women
  • Organic Cotton Kurta for Men
  • Cotton Kaftan Set
  • Linen Dresses
  • Casual Shirt Dresses
  • Short Kurtas for Men
  • Mul Mul Cotton Saree

1. Linen Kurta for Women

If you want elegant Holi attire, consider opting for a linen kurta in white or any soothing pastel shade. Since linen fabric is extremely easy to carry and breathable, it can be an ideal choice for playing Holi with your loved ones. You can pair the linen kurta with matching or contrasting palazzo pants to complete this look.

2. Organic Cotton Long Kurta for Men

What’s a more classic Holi clothing idea for men than a white cotton kurta? Step into the spirit of Holi with an organic cotton kurta that combines comfort and style. Pair the kurta with a cotton pyjama or jeans as per your preference. Whether you like the traditional look or a more contemporary one, you can find a range of organic cotton kurtas for men at Amala Earth.

3. Cotton Kaftan Set

A naturally dyed cotton kaftan set is the perfect choice for a Holi party outfit idea as it is fashionable as well as comfortable. A kaftan is excellent for enjoying festive celebrations and will make you stand out as it looks effortlessly elegant. If you don’t wish to go for an all-white look, you can choose a bold shade for that pop of colour.

4. Linen Maxi Dresses

If you are looking for an easy-breezy Holi dress idea for ladies, a linen maxi dress or even an A-line dress can be the perfect choice. This is because linen as a fabric offers a relaxed and sophisticated vibe that is also very casual. Opt for whites or earthy tones and accessorise the look by adding a few pieces of statement jewellery.

5. Casual Shirt Dresses

Combine fashion with comfort by opting for a casual Holi dress for women that offers a relaxed look like a shirt dress. Choose lightweight fabrics like organic cotton, bamboo, hemp or linen. Add a pair of wooden sunglasses for a more stylish look and to create a fun Holi outfit.

6. Short Kurtas for Men

If you don’t want to look too traditional and are looking for a contemporary twist in your Holi attire, pick a short kurta that offers a relaxed and modern silhouette in fabrics like hemp, linen and cotton. Pair your short kurta with a nice pair of denims or cotton trousers and complete the look with some casual footwear.

7. Mul Mul Cotton Saree

A lightweight and breathable mul mul cotton saree is an excellent Indian Holi outfit idea that will make you stand out from the crowd. A saree always makes a statement and makes you look elegant and a printed mul cotton saree will add a playful touch to your Holi attire. Some other fabrics that can be ideal for the occasion are linen and cotton.

The Takeaway

From classic white kurtas to effortless sarees and playful dresses, choose an outfit that helps you embrace the spirit of the festival. Let your clothing for Holi reflect your unique personality and opt for natural materials that are good for you and the environment. Make a conscious fashion statement this Holi by opting for sustainable and responsible fashion options available at Amala Earth.

FAQs on Holi Outfit Ideas 2024

How should I dress for the Holi festival?

When dressing for Holi, opt for lightweight clothing made from breathable fabrics like cotton, linen, and more. You can go for the traditional white colour or any soothing pastel shades for this occasion. Additionally, don’t forget to do Holi skincare before and after the festivities to ensure your skin remains healthy.

Do people wear new clothes on Holi?

Although there's no strict rule to wear new clothes on Holi, many people choose to wear fresh Holi attire to celebrate this special occasion. This is because wearing a new outfit symbolises the new beginnings that Holi represents.

Which colour dress is best for Holi?

Wearing white clothes on Holi is a way to stand out and appreciate the different colours and dyes. The colour white also symbolises purity and new beginnings, making it a popular choice for Holi celebrations. It is also an old tradition to wear white on the festival of Holi.

What should men wear for Holi?

Men can opt for comfortable and lightweight clothing for Holi such as cotton or linen kurtas paired with breathable bottoms like cotton trousers. Short kurtas and linen shirts are also some options for the festivities. Accessorise with wooden sunglasses and hats to protect the skin from damage while looking stylish.

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